The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 914

Chapter 914 Isnt This Line Up Too Great?

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"Of course, I would be grateful to have your help!" Lu Man did not know what she should say. She did not think that Du Lin would automatically contact her and help her.

Du Lin was totally an A-lister now. His popularity was very high!

"Then why didnt you look for me?!" One could not tell if Du Lin was really angry or that he cared about this a lot. "I thought that my relationship with you was quite good."

"Youre busy now, and youre on a lot of shows. Im scared that it would clash with your other shows," Lu Man said. "Furthermore, youre really popular now."

She had been too embarrassed to seek him out.

"In the future, I wont allow you to act like a stranger to me. Dont let there be a second time. Otherwise, Ill find Brother Han and tell on you!" Du Lin said, pretending to threaten her.

Lu Man hurriedly agreed.

"Its time for my scene, we can chat when I return to B City," Du Lin said.

"Sure, sure, go and do your own things."

After handing up, Lu Man finally solved one of the things that was troubling her and let out the breath of relief.

Hu Zhonghui hurriedly asked, "What happened? What happened?"

Lu Man smiled. "Its Du Lin. He is in the same production group as Zhang Jian, but hes just making a special appearance. He heard what Zhang Jian said, so he looked for me to tell me he wants to be my guest."

"Oh my!" Hu Zhonghui was so happy that she did not know what to do.

She covered her mouth, her eyes wide, and she paced backward.

"Thats great!" Hu Zhonghui happily said. "Du Lin has a good affinity with the audience, and most people love him. With you having him as a guest, the audience might not be surprised, but they would definitely be happy!"

The reason they might not be surprised was that Du Lin often appeared in shows, often coming as a guest on the big variety shows with very high exposure.

But the audience would definitely be happy to see him.

Lu Man finally let out a breath of relief. "Then I just need to find one more person. If I really cant, Ill ask classmates for help."

After saying that, Lu Mans WeChat notifications indicated a new message.

Lu Man opened it to take a look. It was the small group she had with Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng.

This group was created when Sun Yiwu sought her help with Ji Cheng in filmingRed Tiger.

In the end, they didnt delete it.

"Lu Man, youre participating in theClassic X Filesand the last part requires guests, right?" Ji Cheng asked.

Lu Man sent a shocked expression. "How come you know about it too?"

Was it also Zhang Jian who told him?

"Its Lao Liu who told me. He asked if I was free or not and said that if Im free, I should help you. He cant find time on his side and felt that he couldnt be of help to you. He felt very guilty and not feeling at ease at all, then he managed to think of me."

Ji Cheng said, "Youre really treating me like a stranger! This sort of thing, asking around but not knowing how to ask me? Always calling me Older Brother Ji, Older Brother Ji, but at the vital moment, you dont treat me as an older brother, eh?"

"Im wrongly accused. I really did not think of calling you because its just a variety show. If I called you to come, wouldnt the line-up be too great?" Lu Man sweatdropped.

Ji Cheng was the director of a film with 8.9 billion ticket sales. Could he randomly go attend a variety show?

"Great? What great? Its not great, its not great at all!" Ji Cheng said. "This is your first time on a variety show, so we must treat it with great importance. Theres nothing too over-the-top for it."

"Count me in." Sun Yiwu had suddenly appeared.

Ji Cheng laughed. "Hey, what does it have to do with you? Youre a director, you dont know how to act."

"Who said directors dont know how to act?" Sun Yiwu was used to insulting Ji Cheng and vice versa. "Anyway, Im not acting. Cant I arrange the show for you?"

Although it was to respect the famous shows of the past, the performance on stage and in the film was not the same, and they could not totally follow the way the movie did it.

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