The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 915

Chapter 915 Brought Onto A Variety Show By Lu Man Somehow

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There were scene changes in movies, but there was no such thing on stage.

Just like in the Chinese Arts Championships finals, didnt she need Teacher Wan to help her arrange the show too?

Ji Cheng instantly said, Of course that would be for the best! Hurry over! I dont believe that she cant win in a variety show if youre the one who arranged the performance. If Lu Man doesnt win, its your fault.

Sun Yiwu: Hey, hey, theres no problem if Im the director and arrange the show for you two. But you are also a director, a big director with 8.9 billion ticket sales. Dont you feel the urge to arrange the show too?

I dont feel the urge, Im purely being an actor this time, a part of the scenery, Ji Cheng said.

1Lu Man had yet to find the time to cut in when Ji Cheng and Sun Yiwu already decided to come and help her to be her guest.

Cough, Older Brother Ji, Uncle Sun. The two of them were extremely good to her, and naturally, Lu Man cannot act like a stranger to them, so she called out, Just now, Du Lin also looked for me, telling me he wants to be my guest actor. Counting Older Brother Ji and me, thats three actors.

Oh, Du Lin came to look for you of his own volition? Sun Yiwu was surprised. This boy is quite good, very upright.

Before this, Lu Man had managed to make Du Lin popular, and both Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng knew about it.

They did not think that at this kind of vital moment, Du Lin would automatically come and help Lu Man.

Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng had always had good feelings towards these kinds of people who remembered to pay back the people who helped them.

Otherwise, they would not be so nice to Lu Man just because Lu Man had once immediately agreed to help Ji Cheng.

Lu Man felt that people like Ji Cheng and Sun Yiwu was really rare in the entertainment industry.

They could practically be described as a breath of fresh air!

Those two did not have any bit of arrogance at all.

And they were even rushing to help.

Even appearing when she called in the group, they were easier to call up than a C-lister or a D-lister.

She discussed the rehearsal with Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng.

After all, the two of them were busy, and Du Lin was also not very free, so they set a practice time on Thursday.

Everything was finally settled. Without even asking Han Zhuoli for help, she herself managed to solve the problem. Lu Mans mood was not bad.

Hu Zhonghui was still in shock. Oh my gosh, Director Ji is your guest actor and Director Sun is helping you arrange your show. This line-upforget about a variety show, if you were filming a movie, its good enough.

The more Lu Man thought about it, the more she found that this line-up seemed a bit too much.

She was also a bit stunned. Yeah.

Hu Zhonghui swallowed her saliva with much difficulty. Oh my! Thinking about it makes me worked up. Director Sun and Director Ji working together strongly! Even in a big production and movie, there is no such line-up!

To big bulls, theyre both not easy to bring onto shows.

Dont even mention variety shows, its rare even to see them in whatever activities.

In the end, they were brought onto a variety show by Lu Man somehow.

Using a knife used to kill cows on a chickenthis was exactly that kind of situation.

Adding on Du Lin, who was very well-liked by the audience, Lu Man was really going to sweep everything!

Hu Zhonghui pressed on her chest. Let me take a while to calm down. This image is too touching. When I think about it, I cant control my worked-up feelings.

Lu Man looked at Hu Zhonghui helplessly, waiting for her emotions to calm down.

After a very long while, Hu Zhonghui told Lu Man, I feel a bit of heartache for the celebrities going on the show the same time as you. The whole camera focus will be latched on to you!

Before this, they were troubled by who to ask to be a special guest. In a moment, she managed to bag such very important people!

Hu Zhonghui suspected that theClassic X Filesshow might not be able to deal with it.

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