The Lord's Empire Chapter 1169

Chapter 1169 Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group Elder

If this person was not killed, he would definitely become a great danger in the future. Thinking about that, the Ancient Sword Sect’s Sect Master’s eyes danced with a trace of killing intent. However, he was wary of Zhao Fu’s Sovereign bloodline; if he killed Zhao Fu, that Empire would definitely destroy the Ancient Sword Sect.

Even though Zhao Fu only had a Sovereign bloodline, what if he really was the Emperor of an Empire? If it wasn’t for his Sovereign bloodline, the Ancient Sword Sect’s Sect Master would not have held back just then and would have immediately killed Zhao Fu without any hesitation.

After seeing this scene, the ordinary people did not even dare to breathe loudly, and of course, they could not stand up for Zhao Fu. Even though there were often injuries or deaths in fights, for Zhao Fu to injure Gu Jian like that, the Ancient Sword Sect’s Sect Master teaching him a lesson was understandable.

However, the Ancient Sword Sect’s Sect Master relying on his powerful cultivation to bully Zhao Fu, someone from the younger generation, was quite shameless.

Regardless, the Ancient Sword Sect was the number two Sect in the Ancient Stem Domain and was the number three faction; with such strength, who dared to say anything?

The major figures on the viewing platforms merely frowned and did not plan to do anything. After all, Zhao Fu was not one of them, so why would they interfere?

This was the disadvantage of not having a faction to rely on; no matter how talented someone was, without a faction supporting them, anyone could bully them as they wished.

The expression of the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group’s Elder was quite unsightly. Zhao Fu was extremely important to their Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group, yet he was being treated like this. The situation was quite bad, and he immediately sent people back to report.

He then smiled and walked over and cupped his hands as he said, “The Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group will give its all to help Gu Jian recover; please cease your anger, Sect Master. This is the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group’s VIP, so we hope that Sect Master will not pursue this matter.”

The Ancient Sword Sect’s Sect Master’s expression was cold as he directly ignored the Elder and considered whether or not he should kill Zhao Fu.

“Arghhh!” An extremely pained and wretched howl sounded out as Gu Jian violently twisted on the ground and blood poured out of his seven orifices.

The Ancient Sword Sect’s Sect Master hardened his heart and pointed towards Zhao Fu.


A massive sword light tore through the sky, bringing with it a massive sword wind as it flew towards Zhao Fu.

Seeing that the Ancient Sword Sect had decided to kill Zhao Fu, the people in the surroundings hurriedly retreated to get away from Zhao Fu in order to avoid being caught up.

Zhao Fu roared; because of his fights with the various geniuses, he had used up a lot of his strength. He could barely use the Six Paths Demon Images’ power right now.


Six massive gray orbs of ghostly qi appeared around Zhao Fu as the Six Paths Demon Images appeared. They each stretched out a hand, and the Six Paths Defensive Barrier appeared.


A massive sound exploded out as the sword light smashed against the Six Paths Defensive Barrier like a bolt of lightning. The Six Paths Defensive Barrier instantly shattered, and Zhao Fu used the Six paths Demon Images to block in front of him. However, he was still unable to fully stop the sword light.

Zhao Fu was once again blasted flying and rolled a few times on the ground before stopping. His clothes had been torn to shreds by the sword qi, and there were long and thin gashes on his body, from which red blood flowed out.

Now, everyone saw Zhao Fu’s appearance; that handsome face, noble and overbearing aura, and those strange eyes.

“Who would have thought that this Emperor would be so handsome; I like,” Jiu Xiaoyun said in a daze as she stared at Zhao Fu.

Next to her, Qing Murou lightly harrumphed, “You vixen, he’s going to be killed and yet you’re saying such things; are you going into heat again? If you want him to live, you can ask your Kingdom to act.”

Jiu Xiaoyun rolled her eyes and said somewhat condescendingly “Little girl, you haven’t matured yet, so it’s only natural that you don’t have good taste in men. However, it’s impossible for me to save him because there’s no reason to offend the Ancient Sword Sect just for him.”

Bai Haoran could not help but look to his master on the viewing platform. The Ancient Sword Sect’s Sect Master was going to kill the number one genius on the Ancient Stem Rankings, and this would not look too good.

If that happened, who would still dare to participate in the Ancient Stem Banquet? If the number one placed person was killed, the Ancient Stem Domain’s reputation would take a big blow, and it would become a laughingstock to the other Domains.

However, now that the Ancient Sword Sect’s Sect Master had acted and Zhao Fu could barely resist, Bai Haoran naturally could do nothing and could only look to his master.

Only the Sect Master of the Dao Cultivation Sect could suppress an expert like the Ancient Sword Sect’s Sect Master; no ordinary person would be able to do such a thing.

However, the Dao Cultivation Sect’s Sect Master did not show any intention of getting involved. He had seen the sword qi shot out from Zhao Fu’s eyes, as well as the blood-red light shining from Gu Jian’s body. He had fallen into his thoughts as if he was waiting for something.

Seeing this, the major figures on the viewing platforms did not show any intention of getting involved. In fact, some people hoped that the Ancient Sword Sect’s Sect Master would kill Zhao Fu as soon as possible because Zhao Fu’s potential was simply too great and he was not one of them. It was best to get rid of such a person as soon as possible, or else he might become a threat to them.

Some people felt that this was quite a pity, as Zhao Fu was an exceptional genius, yet he was going to fall in such a place.

Blood continuously leaked out of Zhao Fu’s lips, and he struggled to get up from the ground.

The Ancient Sword Sect’s Sect Master coldly harrumphed; Zhao Fu’s potential was immense and Zhao Fu might surpass him in the future. However, before he had developed, he was just like livestock that he could kill at any moment.


The Ancient Sword Sect’s Sect Master swiped out with his finger, and a sharp sword flew out, shining with an incredibly sharp sword light as it circled around him. An immense sword intent spread out, causing everyone to feel as if they had fallen into an abyss, and their bodies instinctively trembled.

The Ancient Sword Sect’s Sect Master was preparing a fatal blow, wanting to kill Zhao Fu right here. Under this blow, Zhao Fu barely had any chances of surviving.

However, just as the Ancient Sword Sect’s Sect Master was about to attack, a massive saber image containing ferocious saber qi chopped towards him. It was an attack from the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group’s Elder.

Zhao Fu was someone that the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group greatly valued, and it was them who had invited him to the Ancient Stem Banquet. Moreover, Zhao Fu was an Elder in the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group and was one of them. Seeing that the Ancient Sword Sect’s Sect Master had decided to kill Zhao Fu, the Elder had to act.

Facing the incoming saber image, the Ancient Sword Sect’s Sect Master was quite disdainful and waved his finger towards that Elder. The sword floating around him spun and shot towards that Elder.


A sharp sword light flashed out soundlessly and incredibly quickly. The saber image was instantly crushed, and the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group’s Elder’s body froze before collapsing into countless bits of flesh.

Even though this Elder had Saint Realm Cultivation, in front of the Ancient Sword Sect’s Sect Master, he was nothing. The Earth Realm was on a completely different level to the Saint Realm.

Firstly, the difficulty of reaching the Earth Realm was dozens of times more difficult than reaching the Saint Realm, and it took much more time; some people would not reach that stage in their entire life. This was a gap in strength that could not be made up for, and it was like comparing a lion to a rabbit.

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