The Lord's Empire Chapter 1170

Chapter 1170 Bronze Sword

“Arghhh!” Zhao Fu glared at the Ancient Sword Sect’s Sect Master as he furiously roared. He had been chatting with that Elder this whole time and their relationship had been quite good. However, that Elder had now died because of him, causing Zhao Fu to feel incredibly angry.


A heaven-shaking aura exploded out, sending out an intense gale. Zhao Fu did not hold anything back and unleashed his Nation Armament’s power.

The people in the surroundings looked terrified as they retreated because this power was simply too great. It was something that they could not endure, and the intense wind could cause some people to be blown away like pebbles.

The light dimmed and clouds quickly swirled as a massive aura covered the entire scene.

This was not the Nation Armament of an Empire, and seeing this, many people let out a sigh of relief. With the power of an Empire’s Nation Armament, it was possible to blast apart even the sky, and those who were here would be doomed.

Shing! Shing! Shing…

Sword hums tore through the sky as Zhao Fu spread out his hands and twelve massive bronze swords appeared around him, giving off a dazzling bronze light. They contained an incredibly dense aura of killing and conquering.


Zhao Fu pushed out with both hands, causing the twelve bronze swords to fly towards the Ancient Sword Sect’s Sect Master with terrifying power; the power they contained seemed to be able to twist space itself.

Facing the terrifying 12 bronze swords, the Ancient Sword Sect’s Sect Master condescendingly laughed and grabbed at the air, and a shining sword appeared in his hand.


The Ancient Sword Sect’s Sect Master vigorously slashed out, causing a massive white crescent to tear through the air. It contained shocking power as it blasted back the incoming bronze swords.

“You want to harm This Sect Master with a Nation Armament like that? What a joke.” After speaking, the Ancient Sword Sect’s Sect Master once again slashed out.


The sword light turned into a massive white bird that spread its wings and gave off a terrifying and sharp aura as it charged towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu quickly dodged to the side, and the massive white bird landed where he had just been. An enormous explosion blasted out, causing a sharp sword wind to spread out, and Zhao Fu was sent flying.

A gigantic crater that was 100 meters deep and 1,000 meters wide opened up in the ground, causing countless people to retreat in fear in order to not to be caught up.

Within the crater, Zhao Fu coughed up a few mouthfuls of blood and looked at the Ancient Sword Sect’s Sect Master in the air. His expression was quite unsightly; how was this person so terrifying? Even relying on his Nation Armament was not enough.

The people on the stage had all retreated to the outer boundaries. Looking at Zhao Fu within the crater, Bing Qixue shook his head and sighed; he was completely powerless, as the people from his Kingdom were not willing to help either.

From the Nation Armament that Zhao Fu had just used, it was likely that he was not the Emperor of an Empire. After all, that Nation Armament’s aura had completely fused with Zhao Fu’s aura.

This meant that Zhao Fu was only an early stage King; only an early stage King could have such perfect fusion with his Nation Armament.

Since Zhao Fu was not a true Emperor, everyone’s worries disappeared; killing Zhao Fu would just be like killing an ant. That was why the Ice Origin Kingdom did not bother acting, or else there was a chance they could have stepped in to save Zhao Fu.

Huo Yan felt quite anxious and went to where his Sect was, trying to convince them to save Zhao Fu, or else he would lose a strong opponent. Even though he knew that he was not a match for Zhao Fu at all, he could not bear to see a genius like him fall here.

However, the people from his Sect ignored him, saying, “This person will be too dangerous in the future; it’s best for us to not get involved. Whether he lives or dies, it’s unrelated to us. Even if he takes revenge in the future, he won’t take revenge against us.”

Since his Sect was not willing to help, there was nothing else that Huo Yan could do; he could only watch as Zhao Fu was going to be killed.

The King of the Nether Yin Dynasty, a cold-looking middle-aged man stared at Zhao Fu closely as he thought to himself. There was Zhao Fu’s Death Race Emperor bloodline, as well as the Six Paths Demon Images.

The Bear Mountain Kingdom’s Third Prince had returned to his father’s side and said some things, but the King did not say anything.

Yin Ruoshi also returned to where her Sect was, a look of pity in her eyes. This person could have become famous in hundreds of Domains, causing her to sigh. Facing the Ancient Sword Sect’s Sect Master’s attacks, he was dead without a doubt, and no one would be able to save him.

She had talked with her Sect Master to give her opinion, but the Heavenly Music Sect’s Sect Master did not say anything.

Bai Haoran silently stood beside his master. Even though he was not sure why his master was not doing anything, he definitely had his own reasons, so Bai Haoran could not say anything and silently watched.

At the same time, he felt quite sad that Zhao Fu was doomed to die. He had thought that perhaps his big brother could defeat Zhao Fu, but there would not be this opportunity in the future.


A massive sword hum sounded out as the Ancient Sword Sect’s Sect Master once again attacked. He raised his sword and slashed down, releasing an enormous white sword arc that was 1,000 meters tall, giving off shocking sounds.

Facing such a powerful attack, Zhao Fu could not block and could only dodge.


The terrifying white sword arc easily cut open a 10,000 meter long sword gash on the stage, and even though Zhao Fu had dodged the main attack, the sword qi released from it still sent him flying. He crashed into the side of a crater, causing it to crack, before he fell to the bottom of the crater.

The Ancient Sword Sect’s Sect Master came above the crater looked at Zhao Fu lying at the bottom. He said condescendingly, “Your future was limitless, but you’re going to die here today. You can only blame yourself for injuring This Sect Master’s disciple.”

He once again raised his sword, preparing to deal the final blow to Zhao Fu.

“Arghhhh!!” A roar shook the surroundings. Under this immense threat of death, Zhao Fu did not hold anything back anymore. No matter if it was his Nation Armament’s power, the Six Paths Demon Images’ power or his Sovereign bloodline’s power, he released all of it.

In the distance, countless traces of Fate gathered towards the Great Qin City, and an ocean of Fate poured into the Nation Armament.


Within the crater, a massive black flame shot into the sky, causing the sun and moon to dim, and a shocking energy spread out, causing everyone’s faces to fall.

The power from this Nation Armament was enough to rival an entire world’s power, and it could contend against experts of their level.

Shing! Shing! Shing…

Massive sword hums sounded out within the crater, and a powerful bronze light shone through the black flames. The twelve massive bronze swords contained terrifying power as they shot towards the Ancient Sword Sect’s Sect Master.

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