The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 874

Chapter 874 Shocking


Although Xi Liang saw Director Chens call, he didnt pick it up because the moment he had left the hospital, hed made up his mind. Instead of whiling away the time at the hospital, he might as well try his luck at Mt. One Finger. He didnt pick up Director Chens call because he believed that Director Chen was trying to keep him from quitting. Unbeknown to him, it was Director Chen who was the one turning anxious now. He drove straight to Xi Liangs house after failing to get through to him on the phone.

As for Xi Liang, he was so pumped that he didnt return home but drove straight to Mt. One Finger.

Meanwhile, Fangzheng had gone viral on the Internet.

After the reporters dispersed, various news channels reported about him. Although the reporters which came to interview Fangzheng were mainly from local media outlets, the news still caused a stir in a seemingly unrelated industry when the interviews video was released.

Director Chen felt a little regretful having failed to find Xi Liang. After returning to the hospital, he looked at the notes and found it impossible to calm down. Hence he made a phone call and logged into Gulin Citys largest medical discussion forum. Just as he was planning to post these insightful views there and share them with everyone, he suddenly realized that here was a new stickied post on the forum. Furthermore, the post was highlighted in red!

"Mt. One Fingers One Finger Monastery Abbot Fangzhengs Explanation Video Combining Western and Traditional Chinese medicine (Complete)"

Upon seeing this, Director Chen frowned. A monks explanation of Western and Traditional Chinese medicine? Director Chens first thought was that it was ridiculous! He had seen many monks, and he agreed that certain monks did know TCM and that they were even quite well-versed at it, in no way inferior to some doctors in big hospitals. However, due to the cultural environment, monks basically only knew TCM and had little accomplishments in Western medicine.

To have a monk appear to talk about both was amusing to him. He shook his head and said, "In this day and age, people can really forgo their dignity just to become famous. To play to the gallery in medicine, isnt he afraid of suffering retribution? The country should really take down such people."

There wasnt much content to the thread other than the video. The videos cover page was a line of text written in red: "Completely unheard of and unseen previously, this will go down as a revolution in the history of medicine! Regardless if you are a TCM doctor or a Western doctor, or a doctor of another school of thought, dont be in a rush to criticize. Finish watching it first. Count it my lost bet if it isnt good!"

Upon seeing this, Director Chen wasnt happy. He mumbled. "What a bold statement. I want to see what kind of revolution or farce this is! If its a farce, Im going to give the website a piece of my mind"

Director Chens eyes shimmered with a cold glint as he clicked the video in passing. However, there was an advertisement lasting more than a minute at the top right corner, making Director Chen even more unhappy.

Since he couldnt watch the content, he scrolled down and decided to look at the comments while the advertisement was playing.

But this only served to dumbfound him.

There were no comments!

Thats right. This most popular thread which had tens of thousands of clicks didnt have a single comment!

Director Chen frowned. He was a senior member of the Kindred Hearts Forum and went on the forums almost every day to discuss with his colleagues and explain things to new doctors. He was very confident that he had read 80% of all the threads in the forum. However, he had never seen such a situation in all the years since Kindred Hearts Forums establishment!

How could there not be a comment on such a popular thread? Could it be that someone faked clicks to artificially raise the popularity of the thread? Were the numbers fake?

But there is no need to do so in such a forum, right?

Could it be that the person in this video artificially boosted the numbers to become famous?

Director Chen suddenly had such a judgment and turned even angrier. Just as he was about to call the forums moderator to ask about the situation, the advertisement came to an end, and the video played. Director Chen nearly subconsciously stopped himself from calling the number just yet and watched the video.

Under blue skies and white clouds, in a spartan but majestic monastery with red walls and snow-top roofs, with the reflection of the pond and the bell and drum tower in the background, a monk was leisurely sitting on a stone bridge. The scene was extremely harmonious and beautiful. More importantly, Director Chen knew this scene. He had seen it on the live stream Xi Liang showed him!

Thinking back to Xi Liangs reaction and notes, Director Chen suddenly had a thought, "Could it be that this is the recording of that livestream?"

With this in mind, Director Chen wasnt in a rush to make the call, and instead he began to silently watch the video.

The moment Fangzheng spoke, he began explaining all sorts of knowledge concerning both Western and Traditional Chinese medicine with his unique point of view. Both schools of thought were combined in a most perfect manner, such as how dead cells could be revived and how nerves could be stimulated for regrowth, etc. All of these topics were thoroughly explained by the monk as he made a solid case for all of his claims.

Director Chen was instantly stunned. He wasnt Xi Liang who wasnt as skilled and experienced as he was. He could understand about 80% of what Fangzheng said! The remaining 20% was profound knowledge from both schools of thought that he didnt have experience with. He knew a little about those parts, but not much. Therefore, to be careful, he wasnt quick to make a judgment.

However, Director Chen was pretty certain that the parts he understood absolutely had to be based on logic! Since the 80% he understood was real, could the remaining 20% be fake?

Although he didnt say it out loud, he had already made up his mind. What the monk said could very well be real. And the viewpoint he espoused would indeed overturn many established medical theories. If this was spread, it would definitely quake the entire medical world! It might even shock many elderly, distinguished doctors.

Just as Director Chen was listening in relish, the scene suddenly changed. The scene that followed was something he was familiar withthe scene which Xi Liang had shown him, which was also the end.

Back then, Director Chen hadnt had much of an opinion about it, but now, he couldnt help but curse. "F**k, these reporters are causing trouble! Let him continue! This is a priceless treasure trove!"

Unfortunately, his cries were useless. The reporters just couldnt stand the cold, nor could they understand what Fangzheng was saying. All they wanted was for it to end early. Hence, the interview came to a hasty conclusion.

Upon seeing this, Director Chen nearly smashed his computer. At the same time, he understood how Xi Liang must have felt. He had indeed maligned Xi Liang. Xi Liangs willingness to share such good stuff was not a sin, but something to be grateful for!

With this in mind, Director Chen couldnt sit still any further. The video had mentioned Mt. One Fingers One Finger Monasterys Abbot Fangzheng, so he immediately opened his web browser to search for Mt. One Fingers location. At the same time, he called his wife. "Dear, I have something to attend to somewhere a bit away. If there is anything, call me."

Then Director Chen ignored the computer and ran off! He had the feeling that if he was to make any further progress in life, it would depend on Fangzheng. At the same time, he understood very well what Fangzhengs contributions to Chinese medicine were. His knowledge was definitely a national treasure!

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