The Monstrosity Turned Queen Chapter 2

2 Sanctuary

Skylar felt that if she went anywhere with this hair colour she would be hunted down and killed. She looked around for something for something to cover her hair before leaving the forest. Then, she remembered what she was wearing.

She hadn't paid much attention to her clothes previously, as she was caught up in how different her facial features were. She was wearing a simple black dress with a long black cloak draped over her shoulders. The cloak had bell shaped sleeves and most importantly, a hood.

Seeing her all black attire, Skylar furrowed her brow. Why did it seem like she was getting ready for a funeral or joining a cult? Even worse, whoever threw her into this world, god or whatever didn't even equip her with shoes!

She gave a sigh of defeat as she pulled the hood over her eyes. There was nothing she could do about it now. So, Skylar took her first steps out of the forest...or so she should have, but she had absolutely no idea what direction was out. She wandered in circles again and again, day after day. Skylar simply had no sense of direction.

On the third day, Skylar met her first monster. With its body covered in glossy black feathers, it looked very much like a crow. What made it different from a crow had extraordinarily large wings and another leg. Its eerie red eyes bored through Skylar's soul, as if judging her.

This staring contest lasted for what seemed like hours, before the crow-like monster flew towards her, its powerful wings creating strong gusts of wind. It flew onto her shoulder and started to caw loudly in her ear. It seemed as if it wanted to tell her to follow it, as it was pointing its wing in a certain direction.

Skylar took a glance in the direction, seeing that the forest path seemed to darken even more, she decided that it was most definitely not the way out and ignored the bird. However, this bird was extremely persistent. It stayed on Skylar's shoulder, cawing day after day when she was getting lost. In fact, this bird also seemed to start mocking her about her horrible sense of direction.

After five or so days, Skylar couldn't take anymore of this incessant crow's cawing. Coupled with her tiredness and hunger from being stuck in the forest, she exploded. She struck the crow off of her shoulder, letting it crash into a tree with a loud thud. There was even a dent of no small size under the crow. However, Skylar didn't notice it in her anger.

"Can you just shut up? What do you even want? To destroy my eardrums?" the last few days in the forest had worn down her both her body and spirit. This made her slightly unstable, physically and mentally. When she saw the crow get back up in no time to start flying around her and cawing at her, she broke down. In between sobs, she shouted at the bird, "Fine! I'll follow you around. Just stop cawing already."

The crow gave out a single caw in affirmation, before shutting up. It lead her through a dark path, its eyes glowing in the darkness. The path was long and winding, in fact it was doubtful that they were even walking on a path as Skylar had to stop many a time to climb over fallen trees, or unhook her clothes off of bushes. Although she had a feeling that this bird was intentionally leading her through every single obstacle, she didn't mind it much. In fact she felt more amazed that her feet felt perfectly fine without shoes.

Skylar didn't dwell on this thought for long though, as the crow suddenly stopped. In front of her was a large, clear lake. The lake seemed to shine like a diamond, light dancing a top it. A word floated into Skylar's mind that fit with the appearance and feeling that this lake gave off, "Sanctuary."

Skylar stared at this lake, enchanted. She started to unconsciously walk towards it. She felt as if she was plunged into a dreamlike fantasy, one that she never wanted to wake from.

While she was plunged in that dreamlike fantasy, thousands of eyes poked out of the bushes, watching her. They watched as her body seemed to dissipate in to dark wisps of shadowy matter, forming what seemed to be wings.

However, Skylar was quickly woken up from her trance, her body also returning to normal. She seemed to be held back from the lake by an invisible wall. Regaining consciousness, Skylar looked around for that mystical lake, but it was nowhere in sight. Instead, the crow was there, circling around her cawing.

This time though, the cawing didn't sound annoyingly loud, instead invoking a sense of nostalgia. This odd sense of nostalgia caused her eye to curiously follow after the crow.

The crow stopped circling around her as soon as Skylar noticed it, landing on a branch in front of her. It left behind a few caws before flying back into the forest. For some reason Skylar felt as if it was saying, "Come back again when you're ready."

Skylar quickly shook that thought away. After all, birds didn't have much intelligence. But Skylar had forgotten, this was no longer Earth and that was no ordinary bird, but a monster.
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