The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife Chapter 989

Chapter 989 Incident 1

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As Mu Yuchens calm voice was heard, Zhou Zimo was stunned. He looked in disbelief at Mu Yuchen.Youre crazy!

Im not doing it for nothing. Its a 40-60 divide, so its not a loss, Mu Yuchen answered nonchalantly.

Zhou Zimo picked up the water from the side and drank a few gulps before he said,Ive got nothing to say to you. I really want to pry open your head and see whats inside! Forget it. I dont have many comments since things have progressed as such. You just do whatever you want. Ill discuss it with Su Chen later on. Hey, can you be sure that Qi Lei wont turn on you?

I dont know, Mu Yuchen responded calmly.

Pfft! Then, why are you so calm?! You make me look like the bad guy now. Alright, dont just give me that face. Ive given him my people since you asked. Of course, Id do it, you

Youd better talk seriously now. If you glance over with that look again, Ill dig your eyes out!

Mu Yuchen could not stand Zhou Zimos evil gaze, yet he liked to pull those sorts of tricks. Because of this, he always got beaten up by Su Chen, yet he just would not stop. He had held back before, but now probably because he was lonely and bored, all his old habits were out again.

Zhou Zimo just laughed out loud. I always think about the times that we brothers have gone through together. In the blink of an eye, thirty years have passed. Sometimes I feel like

Dont continue. You and Su Chenno one can replace you. Apart from being brothers, we are more like confidantes. Dont be jealous of Qi Lei. Its not a bad thing to gain another friend. You should just find yourself a woman.

Mu Yuchen did not understand what Zhou Zimo meant.

Do I look like someone petty? This fellow just gives me the feeling of a younger person surpassing the master, and I dont feel too good about that. Im worried youll be taken advantage of! Zhou Zimo did not hide his disgruntled expression as he continued, But youre right. While I can only have one woman, having a buddy or two more is a fortunate thing. Alright, lets not talk about this anymore. Lets talk about Lingshi instead. I heard from Ah Mo that Lingshis pregnant!


Then, Gu Qiwu

Lingshi knows everything. I think Gu Qiwu probably knows about it too. The two of them will have to meet sooner or later. Just let them be. Whatever will be, will be.

Thats true

Xi Xiaye was discharged that morning after the bandages were changed. They handled the procedures for the discharge and returned to Maple Residence.

The wound healed rather quickly. As the wounded part was twisted on her palm, the wounds on her face had faded. It was just that one on her forehead which might leave a scar.

Aunt Fang had already coaxed Mu Xiaocheng to sleep. Xi Xiaye sat before the study desk and carefully flipped through the documents on the table.

They were all documents that Mu Yuchen had not had the time to browse through. Even though Xi Xiaye had left Glory World, the husband and wife would usually work together, so Xi Xiaye more or less knew about Glory Worlds situation. The news flowed between the two enterprises. Sometimes, she thought of combining the two companies into one in the future but now was not the time because Glory Worlds focus was not on real estate. She still needed to consider the compatibility of both companies.

She took the document and carefully flipped it open. She was about to pick up a pen when she felt a pang of pain from her palm. Her fingers could not quite curl naturally. When the pain came, she could not even hold a pen properly.

She looked helplessly at her tightly bandaged palm, then she sighed to herself and set the pen aside. She closed the document and turned to look out the window. The sun that had hung high in the sky was now setting.

At this time of the day, she felt like going to take a look in the backyard. Mu Yuchen had previously asked someone to bring some precious flower seeds from Holland. They had been scattered for quite a while now, and she wondered if they had grown.

She was about to get up when the phone on the table suddenly vibrated. Xi Xiaye took a look at the screen. It was unexpectedly a call from Mu Ziruis class teacher.

Subconsciously, she frowned and answered the call.

Hello? Is this Mu Ziruis mother, Madam Xi? A womans voice came through very quickly.

Xi Xiaye instantly responded, Hi, Im Xi Xiaye, Mu Ziruis mother, and you

Hi, Madam Xi, Im Mu Ziruis class teacher, Chen Ting, Teacher Chen answered.

Hello, Teacher Chen. Do you need anything? Xiao Rui Xi Xiaye started to worry, so she hurriedly asked softly.

Madam Xi, Mu Zirui was stung by a hornet and is having an allergic reaction. Hes at our school infirmary right now. The doctors given him an injection to decrease the swelling, but he might need to rest a day or two, so

What did you say? Xiao Rui was stung by a hornet? What happened? How is he now? When Xi Xiaye heard that, she immediately got up with a pale expression. Her twinkling eyes were colored with a hint of worry.

The doctor says its fine after the injection. Hes still unconscious right now, but dont worry. The doctor says hell wake up soon.

He still hasnt woken up yet? Why wont you send him to the hospital immediately then? What if something happens to him?

Xi Xiaye had heard that it was hard to endure a hornets sting, and if it was severe, it could even lead to being shocked to death. Panicked, she spoke worriedly as she rushed out of the study room in huge strides.

Dont worry, Madam Xi. The doctors checked on him. He said that hell be fine, but are you free to come over now to bring him home to rest? Teacher Chen asked.

Got it. Ill be there right away! Xi Xiaye frowned and hastily answered before hanging up and rushing downstairsas she shouted for Sis Wang, Sis Wang! Sis Wang!

Sis Wang quickly came over. When she saw Xi Xiaye so panicked, she quickly asked,Missus, whats wrong? Why are you flustered?

Quick, send me to Xiao Ruis school. Hes been stung by a hornet and hes still unconscious now. Hurry!

When she heard that, Sis Wang dared not delay further. She quickly went to get the car keys.

Aunt Fang, let Grandfather and Grandmother know later. Just say that Ill be back right away!

Wang Hui and Mu Yinan had gone to the nearby supermarket to get some groceries because they wanted to cook a feast for Xi Xiaye that night, and they should be getting home soon.

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