The Most Op Protagonist In History Chapter 50

47 Disappearing People

Rhytham's face distorted heavily when he heard Raghav's words. He never imagined that he had been raising a snake till now. If he had not met the Lord, he would have died without even knowing who killed him. All those years, he had been looking out for Raghav as he was the only friend he had got, but he never would have imagined that all that time, the only thing he had been thinking was how to kill him. This made Rhytham want to tear Raghav to pieces, but he controlled his emotions because the real trouble was on its way.

Rhytham gritted his teeth and threw Raghav back on the floor. He stood silently for a few seconds before opening his mouth, "Lord, I am really sorry. I didn't know that Raghav was like this. If I had known-"

Saksham cut him in the middle and said, "No need to mention that. I know that you didn't know about his true nature. HmmmAsk him who all will be coming here. Oh, wait. No need to ask. They are already here."

With Shadow #2, Saksham saw 4 SUVs making their way towards them. They were about 100m away and wouldn't take more than a min to reach there. Saksham looked at this and suddenly thought about possible scenarios. Right now, he was left with only 4 EP. The only thing he had right now was his outfit given by the system. The number of people coming in those SUVs is not going to be less than 20. Nowadays, every other gangster carries a gun. Now, if even 1 out of 2 people is carrying guns then that would still be 10 guns, considering that only 20 people are coming.

Saksham was very doubtful that even if he turned on his [Adrenaline Overload], he would still not be able to dodge the bullets. So, an all-in war from the front is impossible. The sneak attack was the best choice, but Saksham didn't have a single weapon. At this moment, Saksham suddenly raised his head and looked at the direction from which the SUVs were approaching. He felt a strange sensation on his skin. It felt as ifthere was a Superpower user nearby.

After a moment of pondering, Saksham remembered that there was a Power user in Akshay's gang. Now, feeling this sensation coming from the SUVs, Saksham was sure that the power user was also in one of the SUVs. This made the situation even more difficult for Saksham. He thought for a moment before turning towards Rhytham and his cousins. He said, "Take this dog and hide at a farther place. I will find you when I am done dealing with them."

Rhytham knew he could do nothing even if he stayed there. He could have given his gun to Saksham, but he left it at home thinking that he would not need it. He was regretting it now, but now was not the time to regret it. He immediately took his cousins and dragged Raghav's body to a hiding place. Seeing this, Saksham turned his head towards another direction as his eyes turned solemn.


Inside one of the SUVs, a pot-bellied man sat with a flattering smile plastered on his face. In front of him sat a man with his one leg resting over others. There was a big cigar in his mouth and his two hands were wrapped around two voluptuous women's waists who were sitting on his sides.

"Sir, I am sure that there is a power user with Rhytham. My informer told me that Rhytham had been speaking about a powerful devil a lot. He doesn't know about the power users so he might be addressing him like that. But this means that there is a power user with them. So, my request today is only to get rid of that power user." The pot-bellied man said.

"What about that person's strength? Do we know something about that?" The man said in a leisurely way.

"We don't have to be worried about that at all, sir. The strength of that person is really weak or else why would he try and join Rhytham's gang? If he was strong, he would have either directly joined IOEA (Indian Organization of Extra-Ordinary Affairs) or a big bang. So, you can rest assured about it." The pot-bellied man said disdainfully.

"Hahaha! Then, you don't have to worry about it. I will help you out this time with this affair, but in return I want these 2 women to accompany me tonight to play." The man smiled lewdly.

Hearing this, the two women immediately said coquettishly, "We are already lord's property. We will accompany you all night tonight.

Soon, all the SUVs stopped in a place and everyone slowly stepped out from the cars. As everyone came out, their number reached about 30. It turned out that all the SUVs were fully packed to the brim. Akshay brought all these people for his insurance. If that power user came out to be more powerful than the one he brought, he would just let these 30 people go and fight that person and then run.

Akshay let 10 people walk ahead and went along with the Power-user. They place told by his informer was not that far away from them. They slowly made their way towards there, but the more they walked the more anxious Akshay got. For some reason, there was a foreboding in his heart that something wrong is about to happen. He thought about it and still couldn't understand what could go wrong? He thought for a moment and then stopped suddenly.

Seeing this, the man walking beside him also stopped and looked at him with a puzzled gaze. Akshay hesitated and said, "I am having a bad feeling. Let's not go ahead. I will call my informer and ask about the situation ahead."

Hearing this, the man laughed disdainfully, "What could go wrong when I am with you? Psst! Don't be a wuss. Let's not stop now. I want to return early and enjoy myself later. So, don't worry I will protect you if something happens."

Akshay hesitated for a while but still decided to move ahead with his men. Soon, they reached the place told by Raghav but found no one there. This made the anxious Akshay tremble a little. The bad feeling that he had been suppressing forcefully, erupted like a volcano, making Akshay freeze in a place. But all this went unnoticed by the man who was walking along with Akshay. He looked around and was puzzled. This was the place where this Rhytham guy should have been. Why is there no one?

At this time, he heard a trembling voice from behind.

"B-Boss, o-our peopledisappeard."

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