The Most Op Protagonist In History Chapter 65

60 Strengthening Again

Saksham read the words on the page, again and again, to make sure he was not hallucinating. After seeing the words remain the same for the nth time, Saksham's face became really dignified. He knew that what it meant if the system told him that his EP was not enough. And we are just talking about the information about the person behind all this. Just getting the information was not possible for Saksham even if he spent all his EP, then forget about fighting that person, Saksham was pretty sure he wouldn't even be able to stand straight in front of that person. That is how strong the person behind the scenes was.

Thinking till here, Saksham despaired. He felt a strange sense of helplessness and unwillingness. Saksham could feel that something big was going to happen very soon and Saksham was sure that he wouldn't even be able to do anything when the real thing happens. Just thinking about it made Saksham grit his teeth. It took him a long while to calm down. As he calmed down, Saksham closed his notebook and went out to check his parent's room. When he saw that their room was shut close too, he came back and closed the lights of his room and lay down on his bed. As there was no door, Saksham decided to just close the lights so that no one could see him. After all, it was nighttime and no one could say anything even if he closes his lights.

As he lay down on his bed, Saksham said under his breath, "Strengthen my vest and head."

Yes, Saksham decided to not waste any more time and just strengthen his body as soon as possible. At least, that might help him when the time comes. After the world left his mouth, the familiar soul-tearing pain came back to haunt him. He once again bit a cloth in his mouth to not scream and alert his parents. After an unknown amount of time, Saksham found that the pain had disappeared and what was left was an unknown feeling of power. Although he wanted to things out, he was too exhausted to even lift his finger. Without waiting for him to think more, his eyes closed gently as he fell asleep.

He could have strengthened his legs first, but Saksham thought that it would be a waste of EP for now. As he strengthens his body, not only his offensive power grows, his overall defense also grows. It is an all-round strengthening. After he strengthened his hands and arms, he realized that his whole arms had become like steel. He even tried stabbing his hand with a pen but didn't even feel anything. Not even a dent was seen on his skin. And this is why he chose to strengthen his vest and head. This way, his upper body, which contains all his vital organs, will have great defensive strength. What he needs is strength to defend himself too because he is not the strongest person in this world. The danger was always lurking around and he can't just fight in the future with his weak body.


Next Morning

Saksham woke up with a refreshed feeling. As he stood up, all his joints issued a crackling sound. As he walked to the mirror, he realized that his body shape had changed dramatically. His originally thin body became buffed up. Although it was not to the point that he looked like Arnold Schwarzenegger, it became very streamlined with 8 abdominal muscles and v-shape body line. His muscles looked like they were carefully sculpted with great care. His body was very close to the golden ratio. Even his face became more refined and handsome. He felt that his 5 senses have become very sharp too. In a nutshell, Saksham felt as if his body has gone through rebirth.

Saksham can't help but touch his own abdominal muscles. He always dreamed to get his body in a good shape but never thought that he could realize this dream of his so soon. After looking at his body, he glanced towards the calendar hanging on the right wall. When he saw the date, his eyes widened and he quickly picked up the phone given by the system and dialed a number. After half an hour, Saksham put down his phone with a satisfied grin on his face. Yes, today was the day he had promised Anitha for a date. He had been dearly waiting for today. And now that the day has finally come, Saksham was determined to make this day the most memorable day for him and Anitha.

Saksham happily went out of his room to find his mother sitting and watching the news. As he was about to greet his mother good morning, the voice of the news anchor grabbed his attention.

".It is reported that Vatsal, the famous serial killer massacred a whole family and 2 policemen in Delhi and is on loose right now. Police have made check-posts around Delhi to search every vehicle going in and out of Delhi to search for Vatsal. Even the citizens of Delhi are warned to not go out in dark alone. Move-in groups, and stay home if it is not necessary...."

As Saksham heard this, there was a sharp glint in his eyes but shook his head and went to get freshened up. Today was his date with Anitha and he had to look his best. He won't let anyone stop him from having a great time with Anitha.

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