The Most Op Protagonist In History Chapter 79

72 Test Of Strength

As Saksham heard this, he knew that things were going to get messy. He had to hasten his plans too. Maybe he can survive if a wormhole suddenly opened up near his home, but his parents couldn't. He is still not strong enough to protect his loved ones yet. Especially, from those extra-terrestrial creatures. He unconsciously tightened his fists. Things were becoming worse by the day. Suddenly, Saksham paused for a second.

'Is this what my modified sixth sense trying to warm me from? If that is true then he had to ungently increase his strength somehow. Not just his own strength, but the strength of the people working under him.' Saksham thought.

Seeing him not speak for a while, the woman leaned back in her chair and asked, "Is this all you want to ask? If yes, then you can go back and get your strength tested on the floor below. After you are done testing, you can get your ID right there. Though I would once again like to invite you to join the Partnership Program with IOEA."

Saksham came out of his thoughts as he heard this. He shook his head gently and stood up. As he was leaving, he was stopped by the woman who handed him a card which she told him to give to the examiner.0 He thanked her for telling the information and left the room. The woman also kept looking at his back and shook her head regretfully. She had a feeling that this person was not simple from any way. She wanted him to join the partnership program with IOEA. But it looked like he was not interested at all.

Saksham walked out from the room and headed straight towards the elevator. As he pressed the button to go a floor below, his body shuddered suddenly. Under the hood, his eyes widened as he muttered in disbelief.

"What?! How?!"

The reason for this shock is a reminder of his friendly system. As the elevator moved downwards, a window suddenly popped up. The contents of the window were as follow-


"Task: Get the [?????]"

"Location: 50 Meter Below"

"Reward: Major Upgrade"

Saksham was dumbfounded as soon as he heard this. He couldn't think straight for a minute. He didn't understand what this [?????] was nor did he understand why was it necessary to upgrade his powers. All he knew was that this thing was inside the building of IOEA and below him. Saksham was having a headache now. He rubbed his aching temple and stepped out of the stopped elevator. He once again looked at the window that refused to go away from the corner of his field of vision. He found that there was still 20 meters below him right now. So, Saksham was sure that whatever it was, it was on the floor underneath the one he was currently standing on.

While thinking all this, Saksham started walking towards the group of people standing to get tested. The whole floor looked so wide and big. Saksham looked above and saw the ceiling was very high up. The whole floor was at least about 100-200 meters big. Saksham was very surprised at the size of the whole floor. But when he thought about how there were superpowers in the world, he wasn't that surprised anymore. There were 5 checkpoints where people lined up to get tested. 2 of those checkpoints were for [Physical Power Users], 2 were for [Elemental Power User] and 1 was for [Spirit Power User]. As Saksham was a kind of Unusual who fought with his bodily strength like [Physical Power User], he reported to one the checkpoints for [Physical Power Users]. He gave the card handed by the woman on the floor above. After registering his name on the logbook, Saksham was allowed to get tested.

Saksham looked ahead and saw there a punching machine of some sort. People were punching it with their full strength and then the machine was displaying a set of numbers that were then being recorded by the person standing in front of the machine. After the punching machine came the running part. There was a big track in which people were running with their full speed. And then the last was a spar with an instructor from the Academy For Awakened. After all this, the overall strength of a person will be analyzed and then given an official rank according to their nature of abilities. For ex- if someone is a [Physical Power User], then his final rank will be [Physical Trainee] or [Physical General], etc.

Saksham was also curious about his current strength. Currently, he had strengthened both of his hands as well as the torso and head. Although he wasn't able to strengthen his legs, his current strength was a lot stronger than before. Saksham waited patiently for his turn. He didn't have to wait for a long time before his name was called.

"Is Mr. Asura here?" The examiner called out.

Saksham went ahead and stood in front of the man. As he stood beside the examiner, he said, "Here."

The examiner jumped in fright and patted his wildly beating heart when he saw a person standing beside him. He said, "Man, don't scare me like this. I have a heart ailment, you know. It will be a problem if I suddenly were to have a heart attack."

Saksham smiled wryly under his hood and nodded. After saying that, the man led Saksham towards the punching machine. Saksham stood in front of the machine and observed it a little.

As Saksham stood in front of the machine, the people still waiting in the line looked at Saksham with a mocking smile. Looking at the thin figure, they won't believe that his punch could even generate a 1oo Kg force. Everyone knew that the [Physical Power Users] all had a buffed up physique. Almost everyone had arms as thick as an average person's thighs and waist as thick as a bull. This was all common knowledge. One 6ft tall hunk sneered and said, "Hey, let's bet how much the score that shrimp will have. I bet 50 kg."

A short, but well0 build man in front of him laughed with disdain and said, "Don't make me laugh. Those arms look so thin that even the force of 5o kg is not something he can pull off. My bet is 4o kg."

Hearing this, the rest of the people laughed. Saksham heard this with his heightened senses and shook his head. Although he didn't know how strong he was, he knew that he could easily take out every single of the person standing in the line.

While thinking all this, the examiner said "Punch!". Hearing the command, Saksham lifted his left hand and punched straight towards the punching machine. As soon as the fist connected with the cushioned part of the punching machine, it felt as if a bomb exploded as the punching machine was pushed back 3 meters before it stopped. Everyone suddenly paused for a moment before they looked at Saksham's figure in horror.

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