The Most Op Protagonist In History Chapter 88

81 Distance: 50 Meters

As Sakshi once again asked Saksham to join their partnership program, she was expecting a clear denial from Saksham. But what she didn't expect was that Saksham went silent for a second before he opened his mouth and asked, "Can you answer a little question for me first?"

Sakshi looked at the hooded figure carefully and nodded. She said, "Of course. As long as they don't cross the line of what should be told to the outsiders, you can ask me anything."

Saksham heard this and nodded lightly. He hesitated a little before he asked, "What's on the floor beneath this one?"

As soon as Saksham's words fell, everyone in the room looked at each other. They didn't expect Saksham to ask this question. They were expecting something about the extra-ordinary world or maybe even about his own Comprehensive Combat Power. Sakshi was also a little surprised but she still answered, "It's not a big secret or anything. The floor beneath this one contains artifacts, weapons, and even various kinds of potions that can be redeemed with the Contribution Points earned by the Awakened who are in Partnership Program with IOEA. As long as the Awakened has enough contribution points, he/she can redeem anything."

Saksham sighed lightly under his hood as he heard this. He faintly expected this answer. There's no way that something that could help to upgrade his powers would be an ordinary Item. And as it was in IOEA's HQ, it has to be a property of IOEA in some way. So, Saksham was not surprised when Sakshi answered his question. He just stopped talking in started thinking about the things seriously. He couldn't just say that he wanted something that was in the floor underneath and nor could he see what's the item he needs unless he could go to the lower floor himself. And he was pretty sure he couldn't go down unless he joins the Partnership Program. The situation was really tricky for him.

After thinking for a while, Saksham finally came to a conclusion. He said, "I can join the Partnership program but can I take a look at the items that can be redeemed?"

Before any of the executives could open their mouths to say something, Sakshi immediately jumped ahead and smiled, "Of course. Let me be your guide for this little trip. Old man Sadhu, can you compile all the data and complete the procedures for the Identification Card for Mr. Asura? We will be back pretty soon."

The rest of the people in the room smiled wryly. They shook their heads and also left the room slowly. They knew about Sakshi's temper. They knew if she was determined to do something, she would only take the sigh of relief when it's done. They didn't worry about Saksham doing anything to Sakshi when they go down as that was the most guarded place in the whole IOEA HQ. The things that were there were very precious. Their value cannot be estimated in money. So, guarding them was the most important task in the whole IOEA.

Saksham also left behind Sakshi. As soon as he came out, he found out that everyone was looking at him with weird gazes. Even the examiners on different checkpoints were looking towards him meaningfully. He looked at them and once again focused on the things in front of him. He actually didn't want to join IOEA. His plan was to make his own organization. But when he thought about it, joining the IOEA was not a bad option at all. He didn't have anything right now. No resources to train anyone nor any weapons to give to his subordinates. Although he could get some with his powers just like how he got his [Dragon God's Dagger] and [Assassin's Suit], that would just be a waste of points. Right now, besides making an organization of his own, he needed to get stronger himself too.

If he joins the IOEA, he could get more information about the changes currently happening around the world, the wormholes, as well as the redeem things with his contribution points. He could also get first-hand information about when and where a wormhole opened so that he could prepare early if one really did open up near his home. And also, the reason he didn't want to join IOEA was that he didn't want them to know about his actual powers. But that doesn't mean he hates IOEA. No, instead he respected the whole Organisation as it is the only reason normal people are living their lives with peace. If he had a chance, he also wanted to contribute to his own country, so why not just join the Partnership Program with IOEA and get all these benefits at the same time? It was definitely a win-win situation for him.

Without talking along the way, Saksham and Sakshi reached the elevator. The doors of the elevator opened and both of them stepped in. At this time, Saksham suddenly opened his mouth and said, "Miss..erh.."

Sakshi smiled and said, Sakshi, it's Sakshi Juneja."

Saksham nodded and said, "Ms. Sakshi, can you tell me why were there so many people in the room when I woke?"

Saksham had been thinking about it again and again and except for the reason that he did something big enough to alarm so many people, he couldn't think of any other reason as to why there were so many people in the room. And if that's the case, then what alarmed them? It has to be his constantly growing strength, right? Other than that, he couldn't think of anything else. That is the only thing that could interest these people. But now the question was, were they somehow able to see what he did inside that Hyper Occulus? There has to be a way to see it right? He didn't think that such a high-tech sci-fi gadget didn't support that option. And Sakshi's answer confirmed his suspicions.

"We have all seen the way you fight Mr. Asura and I have to say that your powers and your fighting techniques are really exceptional. We were all left very speechless at the things that happened inside the Hyper Occulus. This is why we really whole-heartedly want to ask you to join the partnership program with IOEA. The country really needs the strength of people like you."

As soon as the words left her mouth, Sakshi's heartbeat stopped for a second before an unimaginable heavy sense of oppression filled her entire being. She couldn't breathe, couldn't think, and couldn't move at all. She could feel an icy cold gaze swiping at her neck for a second. As she felt this, her back was instantly drenched with cold sweat. Her throat moved slightly as she gulped lightly. But that couldn't calm her trembling body. At this time, Saksham's cold voice came from the side, "Is that an appropriate thing, Ms. Sakshi? And did you.."

Sakshi instantly understood what Saksham was trying to say and gritted her teeth to somehow gather her strength and speak. She said, "No, no, no! Mr. Asura, I know what you are worried about, but we didn't see the person or the thing you fought so hard for. Those things are not visible for privacy purposes. This is the rule passed down by the leader of IOEA."

As her words fell, she felt the heavy sense of oppression disappear like it never appeared. She took a deep breath to calm herself down. She looked at Saksham and smiled wryly and said, "I am really sorry, Mr. Asura but we needed to see the results ourselves too. Please don't hold a grudge against us for this. We can really compensate for that too."

After calming down, Saksham felt a little guilty too when he heard these words. He didn't want anyone to know his identity, but if they had seen whom he was trying so hard for, it would have been a disaster for him and Anitha too. But if what Sakshi said was true then he didn't have to worry about it. He didn't want to use [Asura's Hell: 1st Chapter] on Sakshi at all. It was an instinct for him to suddenly open it when he thought Anitha's identity was known to the IOEA.

Sakshi gave him a really good impression until now. He really felt her goodwill clearly for him. And he couldn't apologize too right now or that would break his character. But then he shook his head and said, "It's my fault too. I shouldn't have used my abilities all of a sudden just now. It's just, you know..."

Sakshi didn't let him complete his sentence and smiled, "I know, Mr. Asura. Don't worry, no one saw anything in the testing room earlier. You can rest assured."

Saksham was also infected a little with her smile and calmed down. He nodded and once again stood silently at the corner of the elevator. After a few seconds, the elevator stopped. As it stopped, its doors also opened slowly. As soon as the doors opened, Saksham heard a loud alarm in his head.

"Distance between you and the [???] is 50 meters."

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