The Most Op Protagonist In History Chapter 89

82 Weapons And Monsters

As soon as the doors of the elevator opened, Saksham heard a loud alarm in his head.

"Distance between you and the [???] is 50 meters."

Saksham heard this and was confused. 50 meters down? 50 meters up? Left? Right? Which direction is he supposed to go? He smiled wryly and shook his head. He could only search here and then think about the other places if he doesn't find the thing here. After coming to a conclusion, Saksham followed behind Sakshi. Sakshi stepped out of the elevator and walked ahead in the silent corridor.

At the end of the corridor, there was a glass door. As Sakshi stopped in front of it, there was a "Beep" and came a robotic sound from the door.

"Show your identification card!"

Sakshi took out a card and showed it towards the glass door. From the right side of the door, a laser fell on the card as it scanned it. After a few seconds, a clear melody rang in the silent corridor as the glass door slid open. The robotic voice once again sounded.

"Welcome, Ms. Sakshi. Hope your day goes well!"

Sakshi smiled and said, "Hope your day goes fine as well."

As Saksham heard this, he smiled a little, thinking she was talking to an automated voice. But what he didn't expect was that the robotic voice replied back to Sakshi's words.

"No one has been to this place for many days. I have been getting really bored here alone. Can you send someone to chat with me? It has been becoming really unbearable these days Ms. Sakshi. Can you believe that I have already read all the novels on the internet by now? That's how bored I have been these days. I have als-"

Before the voice could continue, Sakshi suddenly interrupted and said, "Ok, Ok! Stop! I am here with a visitor, Deepak! He might just visit you frequently in the future. Can we talk about this later?"

Deepak, the AI, suddenly became very enthusiastic. It said, "Oh? Is it someone new? What's his name? Wait, don't tell me. I know his name. It's Asura, right? But why would you take this name? Are you a believer of an evil god or something? Even tho-"


"Y-yes, Ms. Sakshi! Forgive me! I haven't talked to anyone in days"

Sakshi sighed lightly and said, "Ok, I won't blame you. We don't have much time to waste so we will be going ahead. I will mention your problem to someone in the technical department though. They might just send someone to talk with you."

Deepak immediately said in a crying voice, "Thank you, Ms. Sakshi. You are really an angel who accidentally fell to this mortal world. Your holiness is s-"

"Ok, enough! Do you want me to tell the technical department to change voice settings to mute?" Sakshi suppressed her anger.

"No! NO! Go ahead! Go ahead, please. I won't disturb you two now." Deepak said flatteringly.

Sakshi stepped inside the room, or you can say a big auditorium. The whole place was so big that Saksham was having doubts if he had entered some other building above the ground. As if knowing the surprise of Saksham, Sakshi turned around and said, "If you are surprised about how such a large space was made under the ground, then I can only tell you that this place is made using space element."

As Saksham heard this, he understood how such a large space was made. Even if he didn't know how other powers worked, but after reading dozen or so novels and mangas, he had a vague idea about what the people with the power of space could do. Creating space like these is just one of the things they can do. So, after he heard that someone with the power of space helped make this place, Saksham didn't pay attention to this issue.

Instead, he was now thinking about that AI, Deepak. The way it could reply, it was evident that it had independent thinking of its own. Hearing it flatter Sakshi, Saksham felt as if he was watching some sci-fi movie with VR glasses on. IT was all unbelievable to him some times. But when he thought about how the Hyper Occulus could even create that incredible of things inside his own head, he had to accept that the technology of this world was much more advanced than what is shown to the ordinary people.

Saksham shook his head and stopped thinking about all these. His goal to come down here was to find the thing that the system wanted to upgrade his powers. He looked at the pop-up window at the corner of his vision and found that the distance between the 2 has been shortened slightly. It was now 45 meters.

'So, I am in the right place?' Saksham thought.

At this time, Sakshi stood in front of a huge glass capsule suspended in the air. She turned around and said, "This is the [DawnBlade of Raktros]. This is a blade forged with a very strong metal that is not found on earth. It can easily slice through metals like butter. It is a Tier I weapon. If you want to redeem this weapon, you need 1000 Contribution Point."

"Tier I? Are there some sort of Tiers for weapons? Saksham asked.

"Ah yes. The weapons around the world can be divided into 4 Tiers. Tier I, Tier II, Tier III, and at last Tier IV. The one you are seeing right now is a Tier I weapon. This is a strong weapon which can cut the hard carapaces of the low-level monsters from the wormhole." Sakshi explained.

"What about Tier II? What can they do? How much contribution points do you need to redeem them?" Saksham asked.

"Tier II weapons are rare commodities around the world. The resources needed to make them are really rare. And even if there are enough resources, the people who can make them are not. Not every country has qualified enough blacksmith to create a Tier II weapon. Fortunately, India has a few talented blacksmiths who can make these Tier II weapons. But they can't make them in bulk. It takes a very long time to extract impurities and perfect the weapon even with our current technology. The country can't mass produce these weapons either because of that. And that's why only Unusuals with talent in blacksmithing can make these weapons. It even consumes a lot of their vitality every time they make a Tier II weapon. This is why they usually make Tier I weapons for the [Physical Power] users."

"And this is one of the main reasons why [Physical Power] users are not effective against fighting mid-level or high-level alien monsters from the wormhole as their carapaces are even thicker than city walls. Tier I weapons can only work to scratch their bodies without even leaving a mark. Tier II weapons can cause some harm to the mid-level monsters but fighting a high-level monster with Tier II weapons is like asking for death."

"Only Tier III weapons can penetrate the high defenses of those monsters. But if you count the Tier III weapons around the world, then they can be counted in just 1 hand. That's how low the number of Tier III weapons are. As for the Tier IV weapon, they are just some legends in the text-books. No one has seen or heard about it. But it is said that there has been a Tier IV weapon in the history of mankind but where it is right now is a mystery."

Saksham nodded thoughtfully. So, [Physical Power] department is not well received because of their lack of output against the monsters in the battle. They can't do much damage until they have a strong weapon to penetrate their defenses. But these weapons are something they can't buy easily. They are only made by the blacksmiths in IOEA. Even if they are sold in cash, it would be very expensive due to the difficulty and the resources used in making them. Not every [Physical Power] user could buy them. But as he thought about this, Saksham had another question in his head.

"You mean, [Physical Power] users can't deal damage to the alien monsters if they don't have these Tier I or Tier II weapons?" Saksham asked.

"Technically, that's the case." Sakshi nodded.

"Then what about the [Elemental Power] User? Do they also have some sort of weapons for fighting the monsters?"

"No, they don't need any weapon to fight against the monsters. For some reason, most of the monsters that are recorded in the annals of history, are weak against elemental powers. Although their carapaces are thick, they still take more damage from a [Elemental General] than an [Physical General] even though both of them should have almost the same level of destructive powers."

"Though, it's not like there has not been any monster with resistance to [Elemental Powers]. But as you know, [Elemental Powers] is not the same for every person. Someone might have the power of flames, while someone has the power of water. Someone might have the power of thunder and lightning while the other person might have the power of the earth. The resistance that the monsters have is against only 1 or elements of nature till now. For example- a monster with the resistance against the fire element with still be weak against the other Elements."

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