The Most Op Protagonist In History Chapter 90

83 Tears Of ????

"Though, it's not like there has not been any monster with resistance to [Elemental Powers]. But as you know, [Elemental Powers] is not the same for every person. Someone might have the power of flames, while someone has the power of water. Someone might have the power of thunder and lightning while the other person might have the power of the earth. The resistance that the monsters have is against only 1 or 2 of the elements of nature till now. For example- a monster with the resistance against the fire element will still be weak against the other Elements."

"This is also the reason why [Elemental Power] users are very valued after the Unusuals with fighting abilities. Except for the [Aura Stones] which helps to increase their power, and Armour, as well some other little stuff, [Elemental Power] users don't have to spend as much to fight against those monsters. On the other hand, [Physical Power] users have to spend a lot more in [Aura Stones], Martial Arts Books, Armour, as well as their weapons and other little stuff. You can say that financial problem is what puts [Physical Power] user behind the [Elemental Power] users." Sakshi explained in one breath.

Saksham suddenly asked, "Why doesn't IOEA help out the Awakened in this respect?"

Sakshi shook her head and said, "IOEA is trying its best to support the Awakened. For those who are officially registered, IOEA can sell them a variety of things such as low-level martial arts books, some low-grade armor, low-grade weapon, etc. Even [Aura Stones] can be sold but only a very little amount every month per person. As for those who are currently studying in the School of Awakened, as well as the people who have joined the Partnership Program, they are given subsidies every month. 2 [Aura Stones] are given to [Physical Trainee], [Elemental Trainee]. 3 [Aura Stones] to [Physical Soldier] and [Elemental Soldier] and likewise the higher your level is, the more [Aura Stones] you can get from the IOEA."

"As well as, the other resources are also cheaper for the ones who are in the PTP (Partnership Program). They can redeem it from their contribution points. We are doing all this just to have more chances against what comes from the other side of the wormhole. Only those who choose to stand with us will be given resources to grow stronger. Others can only practice and grow with their own efforts."

Saksham heard this and nodded. He also agreed with the methods of IOEA. Even though they want as much as help as possible, raising a snake for themselves is not what IOEA wanted to do. That's why, only if someone contributes their efforts, only then will they be eligible for the resources from IOEA. Saksham also sighed a little at the people who refused to join IOEA's PTP. He doesn't believe that they have not been told about the monsters that are invading and the threat to all humanity if nothing is done. They still refused to contribute to the country and its people. Though IOEA and Saksham also never expected everyone to join the PTP, the number who joined is also not big.

Saksham sighed and asked the final question that had been plaguing his mind. He asked, "What about the [Spirit Power] users? Don't they get some sort of subsidies?"

Sakshi smiled and said, "No, no. They also get subsidies but due to the uniqueness of the class, they don't require [Aura Stones] to practice and grow stronger. Instead, they require another type of material called [Soul Crystal]. These are really mysterious crystal which are even rarer than the [Aura Stones]. This is why [Spirit Power] users are the slowest to advance in strength. They don't have enough [Soul Crystal] to practice. Even IOEA is helpless in this regard. We also get these [Soul Crystals] from outside. That's why we can only provide a very low amount of these in subsidies. Fortunately, very little people awaken into [Spirit Power] user or Unusuals who also deal with damage with their soul powers. Their chances of awakening are only 1 in a 1,000,000."

Saksham nodded again. He now had a faint idea about how the 3 different power systems worked. It's not like a power system was weaker than the other. It depended upon the person and his/her luck as well as talents in their respective fields. At this time, Sakshi said, "Let me introduce to some other items here."

Saksham also snapped out of his daze and nodded. Then, he followed behind Sakshi to the somewhere else. Sakshi stopped in front of a wall and pressed it lightly 2 times. Suddenly, the sound of gears turning came from inside the wall as a big part of the wall slowly came out. Saksham saw various bottles with small pills inside it. There were many of such things all placed neatly inside the wall. Sakshi also introduced and said, "These are called [Primary Healing Pills]. You can understand what they do just from their names. They heal light injuries. They are worth 70 contribution points each pill."

Saksham nodded and looked thoughtfully at the pills. While Saksham was thinking the pills, Sakshi once again tapped twice on the wall and everything returned back to normal. She once again started walking in another direction. She stopped near a place which looked like a mini-library. She pointed at the big shelves and the books and said, "These are all the Martial arts Books. You can redeem them depending on their grades as well as their use. There are no fixed points for all of them. You can check them out sometime if you have any interest in them."

Then, Sakshi walked off towards another direction and introduced some other things one by one. After half an hour, Saksham suddenly heard a loud alarm in his head. He looked at the corner of his vision to find that unconsciously, the distance between him and his target had reduced to only 3 meters. He suddenly turned his head and looked at his right. He saw on a raised platform; a weird rock was placed. As soon as he saw the rock, it felt as if it was calling out to him. Unconsciously, Saksham started walking towards the rock, leaving behind Sakshi who was too lost in introducing a saber to Saksham.

As Saksham stood in front of the rock, Saksham couldn't help but want to touch it. He slowly raised his hand and put it on the rock. Along with a harsh noise from the surroundings, a small alarm also went off in his head. At the same time, the small window at the corner of the screen updated its content.

"[Tears of ???]

Distance- 0 Meters

Note- The tears of the ??? is required for the powers to upgrade to the next level. Get it as soon as possible."

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