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  • The Overnight Chosen Wife: Darling Kiss Me Deeper

  • Genres : Female Protagonist -  Revenge -  the overnight chosen wife -  darling -  kiss me deeper -  two female leads
  • Status : Ongoing
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The Overnight Chosen Wife: Darling Kiss Me Deeper summary:

Whirlwind engagement:To escape the elders' marriage contract, Li Lanni and Ji Xiehan form a super strong alliance.How long will their alliance last?Will they find love in the long run?Will they really cancel the engagement, and if they do, will they remain friends?Time to find out!**Note, this story has two female leads. Prepare for two very interesting love stories.Author's thought:***The cover picture does not belong to me. All credits to ownerCan't get enough of Avalorian's books? Here's one more.Brace yourselves for a super romantic story with a pinch of twists and turns.No roller coaster romance here.I hope you enjoy it!

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The Overnight Chosen Wife: Darling Kiss Me Deeper Chapters

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