The Overnight Chosen Wife: Darling Kiss Me Deeper Book 2 Chapter 282

Volume 2: Volume 2: Female Lead No. 2 Chapter 282 Who Are You?

Lanni and Xiehan both glared at Lin Jian.

The man shivered from their fierce glares. "What is it? Why do the both of you look like you want to strangle me? My idea is super brilliant, okay? With Lanni's beauty, she won't even have to do much before CEO Xing is charmed silly by her. It will be several times easier than trying to get into the company." He vehemently defended his suggestion.

Lanni raised an eyebrow as she glanced at him meaningfully. "It is indeed a good idea."

"See? I knew it was awesome! Isn't my excellence off the charts?" Lin Jian was about to do a happy dance.

"Yeah how about I give you to CEO Xing instead?" Lanni glared at him threateningly.

"No no no! It's a dumb idea." Lin Jian laughed and dismissed the suggestion.

Now that he thought about it, Lanni already had a boyfriend. How could she pretend to be in a relationship with another man? Even if she agreed, Xiehan would never let it happen.

Xiehan ignored his friend and focused on Lanni. "Xing Han owes me a favor from many years ago. I helped him out before, and it was a matter of life and death. I can use this fact to ask him for help."

"How will that work?" Lin Jian was the first to ask.

Xiehan ignored Lin Jian and continued,"I will have him take you in as Xing Real Estate's employee. Once you enter the company, you will only have to be careful and make sure you don't get fired before getting to the bottom of things."

Lanni felt as though a huge load had been lifted off her shoulders. "Thank you my love. As long as I can get into the company, finding evidence will be a walk in the park."

"Hey! Are you guys listening to me? Why would anyone let a new employee come into contact with illicit goods any time soon? It will take ages for him to trust her and let her know what he does in secret." Lin Jian prattled.

Xiehan frowned at him. "Did you leave your brain at home?"

Lanni scoffed as she looked at Lin Jian. "It is even harder to trust a "girlfriend". It may take several lifetimes for him to let me get into contact with his secret deals. However, for such a company, employees must sign a contract of confidentiality. There is no need for trust."

"So you are planning to breach your contract as an employee? Wouldn't that evoke the anger of Xing Han and his lackeys? They might seek you and besides, other companies will be afraid of you and you will never get a job anywhere in B City." Lin Jian speculated.

"So what? The job is a cover and naturally, I'm going to use an Alias. I will be an idiot to use my true identity while poking a beehive." Lanni rolled her eyes at him.

Lin Jian nodded his head in approval. "See? That was what I was trying to say. Being an employee is definitely a hundred times better."

Lanni's lips twitched. Could this man be any more shameless?


Xiehan asked Xing Han out for a meal as soon as possible and brought up the matter with him.

As expected, the man was unsatisfied with Xiehan's recommendation since she had no experience in the business field. Nonetheless, he had already promised to do anything that Xiehan had asked of him so he could only grit his teeth and allow her into the company. He even let her occupy the position of his personal assistant, which just happened to be vacant.

Hence, Lanni signed the contract and was officially an employee of Xing Real Estate. She was asked to start working on Monday, which was just in line with what she wanted.

Monday, in the morning.

Lanni finished dressing up and doing her makeup then donned the wavy, ashen blonde wig they had bought the day before.

It was only when she finished getting ready that she realized just how good she was at disguising herself. When she wore the rectangular spectacles and took a look in the mirror, she almost couldn't recognize the woman staring back at her!

She was wearing a high waist, purple pencil skirt and a chiffon blouse, with a pair of matching high heels. Even she almost thought that she was really a secretary.

She made her way downstairs to have breakfast before heading to the office.

Li Yuming was already at the table, waiting for Lanni. When she heard footsteps, she knew that the latter had arrived. "You are awake. Come, tell me the progress of who are you?"

Li Yuming was startled when she turned and saw the unfamiliar girl in her house.

Lanni smiled gently. Great. She could fully believe that the disguise was flawless. Even her own mother did not recognize her!

She sat down in her usual spot next to Li Yuming before explaining, "We decided that I will go to the company under an alias. Xiehan has already secured a job for me so all I need to do is scout for information."

Li Yuming's eyes darkened when she heard ber explanation. She scanned her daughter who now looked like a total stranger and was flawlessly acting like a secretary even before getting to her office. "All this just to save a murderer?"

Lanni's eyes glinted slightly. "Mom, it's not that I don't trust you but it's just too unbelievable. How about this, when dad is released, I will investigate the matter. I have a feeling it's a giant misunderstanding."

"Let's just eat." Li Yuming knew that if they continued dwelling on this topic, it would not do them any good. Unless she had irrefutable proof, trying to convince Lanni that Xia Hanchen was a dangerous man would only produce the opposite of the desired result.

The two of them were about to finish their breakfast when Xiehan arrived.

"Hello aunty." He greeted Li Yuming cheerfully.

"Xiehan, have you had your breakfast yet? Come on, join us!" Li Yuming's mood improved tremendously following Xiehan's arrival.

Xiehan thought about it and smiled. "I have already had breakfast but since it is food prepared by a goddess, I will have a bite." As he said that, he was eyeing Lanni's hand which was holding a fork with a piece of cheescake. In the next second, he grabbed her hand and led the cheesecake to his mouth under Lanni's dumfounded gaze.

Li Yuming, on the other hand, felt flattered. "What a sweet tongue." She chuckled. No wonder he had charmed her daughter out of her mind.

"You're such a nice young man. I still find it a pity that you are not my son." Li Yuming half-joked.

Xiehan slotted himself next to Lanni. He knew that Li Yuming meant what she was saying. She had loved him like she would love her own son, after all. He peeked at her from beside Lanni. "Aunty, what are you saying? If I were your son, I would never be able to date Lanni. It's a good thing that we are not related."

Li Yuming laughed. "You are right. On second thought, it's even better for you to become my son-in-law."

"Yeah." Xiehan nodded then peeked at Lanni mischeviously while continuing his conversation with Li Yuming. "Besides, sons are no good. How about I give you a grandson instead? He will be cute and loveable."

"Xiehan!" Lanni smacked his hand. Not even the thick layer of foundation could conceal her flushed cheeks. What kind of topic was this?

After being smacked by the beauty, Xiehan stopped messing around and handed a file to Lanni. "Your alias is ready now."

Lanni opened the file with slightly trembling hands. It was not every day that she got to pretend to be someone else.

The alias Xiehan had created was extremely detailed. It even included a new address, which was essential in case someone followed her.

There were a few certificates and fake identification doc.u.ments, which were a result of Luna and Xiehan's combined hard work.

Her identity would be Jiang Xiaomu, the younger sister of Jiang Xingyu. She had studied overseas for many years so no one knew about her. This was the most convenient identity since it would save them the trouble of having to find a fake family.

Lanni finished reading through the files of her alias and peeked at a strand of her ashen wig. "Although my surname is Jiang, why do I think I look more like your sister than Jiang Xingyu's?"

Xiehan glanced at her wig and frowned slightly. It was almost the same color as his own hair. "It's just a hair color. So what if your hair is not similar to your parents'? You could have just dyed it to what you like. I don't have the same hair color as my parents either."

Lanni glanced at his hair then thought back to his family. Indeed, it was so different that she had once assumed that his hair was dyed.

There was nothing to worry about and if anyone suspected a thing, she could just claim to have dyed it.

"Let's go or you will be late." Xiehan urged when Lanni finished eating.

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