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  • The Path Of The Lustful Demon

  • Genres : Fantasy
  • Status : Ongoing
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The Path Of The Lustful Demon summary:

Feng Hao is the young master of Feng clan, he lived the life of luxury and happiness. but that was changed when his clan antagonised a expert .the expert exterminate the clan leaving only Feng Hao .Then he was sold by the expert to the purple mist sect to be a cauldron. [caution : this novel contains large amount of sex ](this novel was inspired by grasping evil...

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The Path Of The Lustful Demon Chapters

Time uploaded
267 The Deal.3 weeks ago
263 I Am Sorry.3 weeks ago
262 Lu Han3 weeks ago
251 Favour.3 weeks ago
244 Phoenix.3 weeks ago
243 A Mark.3 weeks ago
237 Pervert Man3 weeks ago
236 A Dream.3 weeks ago
216 God Baptism3 weeks ago
206 Protect Him3 weeks ago
199 Monarch3 weeks ago
193 Teach Me3 weeks ago
191 A Karma Deb3 weeks ago
179 An Lin3 weeks ago
166 Xu Feifei3 weeks ago
165 Xia Louqing3 weeks ago
162 Revenge3 weeks ago
161 Punishmen3 weeks ago
159 I Want You3 weeks ago
157 Di Ya La3 weeks ago
152 A Weird Job3 weeks ago
145 I Am Sorry3 weeks ago
133 Ambush3 weeks ago
131 Frustration3 weeks ago
127 Her Name3 weeks ago
116 Death3 weeks ago
115 Enraged3 weeks ago
109 Karma3 weeks ago
101 Slaps3 weeks ago
97 Harassmen3 weeks ago
96 Clever Guy3 weeks ago
94 Test Subjec3 weeks ago
89 Blood Sword3 weeks ago
85 A Far Place3 weeks ago
84 The Pas3 weeks ago
82 Be Careful3 weeks ago
80 Heaven Wrath3 weeks ago
77 Dragon Pearl3 weeks ago
75 Torture3 weeks ago
72 Zhi Ruo3 weeks ago
71 Deal3 weeks ago
68 Punching Bag3 weeks ago
67 Scared3 weeks ago
62 I Accep3 weeks ago
55 Long Journey3 weeks ago
54 The Chase3 weeks ago
52 Yes3 weeks ago
49 Fooled3 weeks ago
42 Regre3 weeks ago
41 Massacre3 weeks ago
36 Ye Mengde3 weeks ago
29 Come Ou3 weeks ago
23 Competition3 weeks ago
22 Yes I Dare3 weeks ago
21 Who Are You?3 weeks ago
18 Spear3 weeks ago
16 Breakthrough3 weeks ago
13 The Bai3 weeks ago
9 New Technique3 weeks ago
8 Generous Clan3 weeks ago
7 5th Stage3 weeks ago
4 Xue Jiao3 weeks ago
3 Wang Wei3 weeks ago
1 Feng Hao3 weeks ago
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