The Prodigious Princess Qin Zetian Ahce Torres Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Chapter 33: A Journey into the Unknown (6)


Date Published: March 20, 2020

Chapter Title: A Journey into the Unknown (6)

Chapter no. 33

(Second Prince Wang Haoran's POV)

For this past few days I can't help myself but think of Qin clan's third miss. I don't know if it is because of her enigmatic personality or just the fact the she differs from the rest of the girls around her age. I listened attentively to the shadow guard who delivered his untimely report to me. The arrival of the trinity princes was unexpected, and the reason for their visit is still unknown. I only knew that the three of them are biologically brothers whose mother was killed under the law of the previous Sky emperor. It could have been said that each of them became unimaginably talented after their mother was executed in public. And the fact that the new Sky emperor is their uncle who got the throne under the orders of the trinity princes.

"Brother, do you think they have a motive to dominate the kingdom?" my fourth brother asked

"No, I don't think it'll be that simple" I answered, this small land is nothing in comparison with their kingdom.

"It really won't be the answer, because according to my sources Prince Wu Minfeng was engaged to the Obsidian kingdom's thirteenth princess but she had gone missing for the past twelve years. And now that there are only three years left for the coronation they intend to search for her. The marriage alliance between the two ensured the people from Sky kingdom that no harm will befall on them."

"But the Obsidian kingdom has long declared a close down since the princess went missing, it's impossible for them to enter and leave as they please" fifth brother answered

"You're right that's why they are expending too much effort to look for her. As they travel they collect objects or widen their network" I answered

"Where's mom by the way? And why don't I see her in the palace with Roushi?"

"She went to Qin clan's manor, I think something is amiss, why would she go there without a reason. And even father permitted it" my fifth brother asked all of a sudden

"Shu what happened?"

"Master the madame was badly poisoned by one of the concubines and someone is plotting against her, the third miss came to visit earlier and discovered the poison so she proposed that the empress should go with her. I think the third miss will find ways to cure the empress. I do believe even the imperial doctors lacked the capability to recognize the poison."

"Mother was poisoned? Why haven't we noticed?" Wuxiaworld for visiting.

"Is it the pond?" I asked

"Probably, the princess ordered for the pond to be emptied. She also said that she wanted to give the empress a surprise, she even asked the concubines to lend their gardeners in case some died because of exposure to the poison. I've eavesdropped from the empress and the miss, she even let the third miss take care of princess Roushi. I think even the visit is well orchestrated."

"What did mother said?"

"The empress wanted to let the third young miss handle the upbringing of the princess while she securely said that the young masters are all sent to sects. The throne will be bloody and the empress never wanted the rest of the princes to get involved. She specifically said it is master who will battle with the crown prince--"

"Master! The third young miss got in a fight with the crown prince" Jiu came in late


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