The Pursuit Of Power Book 1 Chapter 65

Volume 1 Chapter 65 A Little Bit Jealous R 18

As Yuuki's lips separated from Hana's lips, she took the initiative to kiss him again.

Her hands went behind his head and she pressed her chest against his while their kiss deepened.

When Yuuki looked into her eyes, he saw l.u.s.t which he began to reflect as the hands that were around Hana's back traversed downwards until they settled upon her h.i.p.s and went under her clothes to make his hands skim the surface of her skin which sent shivers down her spine and made her body tighten all of a sudden.

Yuuki removed his hands from under her top and removed his jacket and tie and he began unbuttoning his shirt before he removed it entirely and pulled Hana's top over her head after she lifted her arms.

He had already removed his shoes so he embraced her in a princess carry and walked into her room before setting her down on her bed gently.

Yuuki's lips traveled from her mouth to her neck as he planted a trail of kisses as his hands wrapped around her b.r.e.a.s.ts which felt so soft his fingers would sink in.

Massaging her b.r.e.a.s.ts while kissing her neck in the spot she was the most sensitive to, he pulled a reaction out of her as Hana m.o.a.ned right into his ear which invigorated him.

Lightly he pulled on her erect n.i.p.p.l.es and pinched them while also twirling them occasionally to provide a mixture of sensations to Hana which caused her body to squirm underneath his and her breath heated up.

Feeling her hot breaths upon his bare skin, again, Yuuki made his way down to her collarbone from her neck and left another trail of hickeys before her erect nubs entered his mouth.

Neither was left untouched as he sucked one while flicking the tip with his tongue before switching to the other and occasionally biting extremely softly.

"Y-Yuuki~!" This was a clear indication that she was about to come which he learned from the number of times they had their bodies connected and he sped up his movements and lowered his attention to her lower body and his left hand made contact with her dripping entrance after diving underneath her shorts and silky panties.

His finger stayed at the entrance for moments and kept poking the labia folds before suddenly entering her damp tightness which seemed to contract onto his finger to prevent it from entering.

"Ngghhhhh!~" Her body shook and his finger felt the volume of love juices increase greatly as her cave flooded and her wetness spread to the outside and dampened her shorts and panties along with Yuuki's entire left hand.

He lifted it to show it in front of her face.

"I touched you a little and look at how wet you got..." He whispered into her ear and his voice tickled her but his words made her blush embarrassingly. He smiled and continued whispering words into her ears that she could not ignore and made the heat spread across her entire body.

His lower body became bare quickly before he kissed Hana again. Each time their tongues wrapped, he made eye contact. Hana's l.u.s.t-glazed eyes set him on fire.

As his fingers went under her shorts and panties, he lowered them both in one go as Hana lifted her h.i.p.s whilst her hands caressed his face and chest before one of them lowered without any apprehension nor caution and made contact with his hot, stiff rod before giving it a few pumps with her hands gliding up and down without anything impeding her movements.

Yuuki got up over her body and his crotch rested over her face and his rod emanated its heat into Hana's face as she lifted her tongue and gave licks here and there. His fingers were burying themselves deep into Hana's cave as far as they could go while his tongue provided extra stimulus from the outside and flicked the pink bean above her entrance.

Slowly, his finger moved. They made their way in with a slow rhythm that remained constant and still managed to send shocks through her body. By now, she had engulfed Yuuki's rod, it glistened with her saliva and when it touched the back of her throat which she only managed after numerous attempts, she managed to make Yuuki shake a little as pre-c.u.m dripped out of the tip before it was instantly lapped up by Hana's tongue as she sought for the thick, white spunk that had not filled her in 12 days. Her body and mind were in sync as they desired Yuuki to thrust deep into her and plant his copious, virile s.e.m.e.n all over her insides. The thought alone caused her to orgasm a little and heightened her sensitivity.

Right before both Yuuki and Hana were about to reach their peak, they stopped. Without missing a second, Yuuki lined himself up and thrust into Hana so that his thick rod could finally make contact with her w.o.m.b. Which it did.

Inside, Hana felt her insides were stirred before Yuuki resumed that gentle, slow rhythm, and her orgasm which had slightly disappeared was replaced by a spine-tingling pleasure that caused her to m.o.a.n gutturally into Yuuki's mouth as he had taken her lips.

Wrapping around his waist, Hana's legs were shaking and her toes were curled as she neared that obscene finale.

Like an explosion, Yuuki's movements managed to create a mind-blowing orgasm out of nowhere as her mind blanked out and Yuuki continued his thrusts in the same rhythm lengthening her pleasured state. She could not muster the ability to speak as her entire body felt devoid of energy.

Once she started to feel like she was recovering, Yuuki's thrusts became irregular and the pattern that made her mind blank became something that only made her even more awake than ever before as he eyes widened and her mouth was released for it to also open wide as Yuuki's p.e.n.i.s entered her deepest part before suddenly releasing his c.u.m and thrusting to pound it into her body as he finally moved wildly and made Hana's eyes roll back and her back arched e.r.o.t.i.cally, her body stopped arching and she twitched here and there but Yuuki only noticed the beautiful smile on her face as she fell unconscious.

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