The Pursuit Of Power Book 1 Chapter 66

Volume 1 Chapter 66 National Ranks Are Rulers

After satisfying Hana's lower body itches, they laid in bed and cuddled due to a brain chemical called Oxytocin forming within their minds.

Nevertheless, Yuuki enjoyed holding her body as it was softer than the softest pillows which gave him the best body pillow on earth. The smile on her face as she closed her eyes signaled the joy she derived from treating him the same way.

Every time that she looked into his eyes, he felt Hana's feelings within her gaze. Words were not necessary for her to make him understand. With his high perception, he could almost hear her thoughts.

Many times, he had a feeling of wanting to pinch himself to make sure he was not dreaming. That was because the way his life had turned upside down, for the better, was unbelievable. Though he knew he should stop questioning the way things are, it was an unstoppable thought for Yuuki. The feelings he had were indescribable and it was impossible to stop them as his emotions were what made him unique. This was the effect of post-nut clarity...

After this, his thoughts completely disappeared and he stared blankly towards Hana without anything crossing his mind.

Feeling his stare on her face, she looked at him and saw his blank expression and wondered what he was thinking about, a little jealousy grew within her mind as she thought of that blonde female Hunter, Cha Hae In who would be able to publicly show her relationship with Yuuki as much as she wanted without having to fear for a backlash of the public.

After Yuuki became famous, all the facts related to him were out there for a day before he filed a privacy form with the Hunter's Association who started suing all those who were displaying all the information about Yuuki. Naturally, as his last family member, she received pity at School and was easily recognized from her outstanding features which she thought were quite a pain to have.

She could not help but feel jealous of the couples who could freely show their relationship and thus, their privacy was the thing that Hana desired most. If she was not known as his sister in public then she would be able to do whatever she wanted wherever the restrictions placed upon her by reality were the worst thing ever, however, she did not regret a thing.

"What are you thinking about?" She whispered with her small pink lips.

"Hmm? Nothing." Yuuki was brought out of his Zen state and back to reality from the depths of his mind.

"Fine, don't tell me." Huffing, she turned away from him which caused Yuuki to smile wryly.

"Seriously, I was not thinking about anything. Guys' brains just do that sometimes, we just zone out and you overthink about it, my mind was completely blank." Honestly speaking, he turned Hana around to face him.

"Are you hungry?" As she inquired, her stomach produced rumbling sounds that amused Yuuki and embarrassed Hana.

"No, but you are." Smirking, he made Hana pout as she playfully kicked his leg under the covers of her bed.


Jin-Woo, or his predecessors, name, Ashborn was the Shadow Monarch. Before that, however, he was a Ruler who defected from his side when his fellow Rulers killed his lord, the one he saw as the greatest, thus fighting them in the war on earth.

It was a war which lasted for a long time, currently, there was a common skill possessed by the National-Level Hunters, the ability to freely manipulate the Mana in the atmosphere, this granted an ability similar to that of psychokinesis as it required no Mana in its usage which was an ability Yuuki knew that Jin-Woo had, purely because he knew the previous identity of the Shadow Monarch.

Yuuki judged that the National-Level Hunters were the rulers which made lots of sense as they surpassed all the typical powers of S-Rank Hunters.

Anyhow, from his talk with his yet-to-be-tamed-dragon, Kamish, Yuuki knew the Monarchs that were alive and a threat. Antares, the original creator of Kamish who could take the magnificent form of a Dragon was the most powerful of the foes he would face which caused Yuuki to feel excitement flood his veins when he anticipated the upcoming battle. This trait was from one of the lives of [ Samsara ] that he had turned into a Runestone, it had somehow become latched into his subconscious mind.

"Jin-Woo is not an enemy which leaves, Antares - the Monarch of Destruction, Quaresha - the Monarch of Plagues, and Yogomunt - The Monarch of Transfiguration. I guess I could just go and kill them now. Right, I guess first things first, I should get my tamed Beast finally."

With that, Yuuki put himself in his room and waited until midnight when the least amount of people would be in the Federal Bureau of Hunters building.

Once he formed his signature ashy-grey portal, he walked through after preparing a simple spell that he received the ability to cast after killing the Frost Monarch and absorbing his abilities.


The sound of Yuuki's fingers clicking against one another reverberated inside the minds of all the people nearby and without a single bit of resistance, they fell asleep right where they stood/sat.

Leisurely, he made his way towards the room where the skeleton of Kamish laid.

His giant body was quite cool looking so Yuuki just did what felt natural and pressed his palm against the skull for a few seconds before the Beast Dimension Magic Circle blinked several times in a row and a glow extended from the back of his palm to the front and from the front of his palm into the skull.

Emitting the same light, Kamish's Skeleton suddenly shook as muscle fibers formed out of nowhere and stretched out and wriggled in a manner so grotesque that anyone would vomit their stomach out of their bodies. Like bacteria, the muscle fibers kept forming and multiplying before a structure was formed around the bones.

Before he knew it, Kamish's entire body was reconstructed right there in its entirety.

Once Kamish's eyes started moving, Yuuki sensed something and quickly placed a noise-canceling barrier around the room as Kamish opened its mouth and roared so loud that Yuuki blocked his hearing from working.

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