The Pursuit Of Power Book 1 Chapter 67

Volume 1 Chapter 67 An International Conference? I'm Not In A Guild.

Once Yuuki and Kamish left, there was an uproar the following morning.

Christopher Reid, one of the Five National-Level Hunters was assassinated and along with that, Kamish's skeleton had disappeared. Meanwhile, Yuuki realized the presences he detected were the last of the Monarchs. They were trying to get rid of the Monarchs it seemed and Yuuki already knew why. Ever since the Giant Monarch being slain within a day, which was the event following the disappearance of the Beast and Frost Monarch.

It was when he traveled between space that he noticed them for a micro split-second, the sooner he dealt with them, the sooner he could continue his journey.

"President Go, I don't have any reason to attend. Besides, doesn't Jin-Woo have his guild? He's not that much weaker than me." Of course, that wasn't to say that he could harm Yuuki.

"I see, the thing is, the Federal Bureau of Hunters specifically invited you and it would be rude to turn down the invite." Go Gun-Hee did not mind his straightforwardness and appreciated it sometimes.

"Well, what can I do anyway? It's not like I have a guild. This is an International Guild Conference, correct?"

"Yes." Aptly he replied.

"Then could you please politely decline the invitation for me? I will do it myself, forget what I asked." Yuuki treated Go Gun-Hee with respect as he spoke these words.


There was no need for Yuuki to waste time right now. He was going to get rid of the Monarchs once he was fully finished with the Lightning Fruit. This would allow him to gain a great affinity with Lightning as he would be able to become it.

Well...that was his original plan.

Instead of waiting he just appeared in their space and locked it off so they could not escape there he was met with the Monarch of Plagues, and the Monarch of Transfiguration.

Yuuki smiled softly before sending them off with one slice of the Leviathan Dagger, its supreme sharpness lopping their heads off so quickly they retained their consciousness for a couple of seconds.

Yuuki was then met with a handsome middle-aged man who was dressed in stunning crimson armor that looked like it was going to be troublesome to deal with until the Leviathan Dagger stabbed through it easily with one thrust.

Once the dying Monarchs were gone, he heard a sound come from the System for the first time in a while.

[ For resolving the Conflicts of this world, the System will begin to update. ]

[ Activating Power Absorption ]

[ Gained Tier 10 Dragon Blood ]

"Eh? Hina?" It seemed he was cut off from Hina. (Writing this sentence made me feel retarded, but I will leave it in, anyway.)

[ 23H: 59M: 30S ]

The familiar timer had appeared within his mind's eye where the System usually was.

"Ugh!" A boiling feeling grew within his body when he arrived at home, his veins started to feel like lava was circulating within rather than blood. Sweat poured profusely from his veins as he wondered why the Dragon Blood was causing such effects within his body. Did this mean he was going to be a Dragon rather than a Human? If Hina was here she would be reminding him he was never human, to begin with.

Nevertheless, he exited quickly and opened a spatial portal to the ocean to cool himself down as he would be able to use his Ice Magic freely.

Here, he wrapped himself in the Ice that constantly melted as he made contact with it.

To combat this change, Yuuki had to dive deep into the Ocean and he traveled so fast he had no clue where he currently was which didn't matter right now.

Great pressure was forced onto his body as the deeper he went, the stronger the water pressure.

What was good was that the pressure helped with dispelling the heat for some reason. The Ice that coated his body stretched in the water until it reached a couple of kilometers in length and height.

He became the center of a gigantic iceberg that was sunken underwater and Yuuki felt a feeling of drowsiness overwhelm him.

The System Update was done by the time he was aware of his surroundings again.

{Don't worry, the update only just finished, it's been a day since you came here.} Hina's ear comforting voice resounded within his head and he felt

"You saw what happened?" Yuuki groaned as he stood on the coast of the sea. He flew up using Wind Magic and saw that he was on the coast of Africa. Specifically, he was on the west side. Yuuki had come from the Pacific Ocean and he was looking around before he teleported back to Korea as he felt tired and it was like he was dragging his body wherever he went.

When he got home, Hana was sleeping so he used Magic to clean everything before he climbed in behind her and the moment he did so, he knocked out.


Comfort spread throughout his entire body when he woke up and he stretched in bed before curling up again under the covers.

Surprisingly, Hana was already awake it seemed, he could feel the warmth of the bed from where she was moments ago and that emphasized the feeling of comfort. It would be even better if she could hug him from behind like he normally did to her.

"Food?" A smell wafted into Yuuki's nose that made him salivate slightly before he gulped as his stomach grumbled furiously.

When Hana walked in with some pancakes on a plate, he felt a wave of Deja vu.

A smile that was not a smile was on her face.

"So, where were you last night?" As though she noticed Yuuki's drool at the edge of his mouth, she sliced into the pancake and ate it herself as she sat down on the bed.

"By the way, this is mine." She said as she gestured towards the pancake.

"I was in the Pacific Ocean..." Hana looked at him weirdly as the fake smile disappeared. This was because he was not lying to her and she knew he wasn't.

"Sigh. You could at least tell me then next time, you keep disappearing and reappearing from nowhere and I get so confused." The pout on her face was cute as she spoke.

"Of course...um... could I have some?" Pointing at the pancake on the plate, he gulped yet again.

Hana laughed as she had seen him staring at the pancake so fervently.

"Here." Cutting a slice and feeding Yuuki, she felt happy when he enjoyed the pancake. Truth be told, she had tried to make a pancake many times before but her inability to do it right ended up in failure many times, seeing her success being enjoyed by the one she loved made her feel giddy and lightheaded. Was this how he felt whenever she ate his food?

Nonetheless, Yuuki and Hana shared the rest of the pancake before Yuuki pulled Hana under the covers.

She yelped in surprise as his touches caused her to instantly feel more sensitive. His breath prickling against her skin caused delight to envelop that patch of skin. His fingers different and turned everywhere he touched into an erogenous zone and she came from just a cuddle and kiss.

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