The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1299

Chapter 1299: Wolf And Dog Ii

Chapter 1299: Wolf and Dog! (II)

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

A small beginning would indicate how things would develop. If a teenager already had such ability to scheme against Yao Guangyi, then Wang Chong's achievements now were nothing strange at all.

"Not just my Feng-er, no one in this generation of our Yao Clan, not even me, can compare to this child!"

At this moment, Yao Guangyi's eyes turned incredibly dim.

The Yao Clan and Wang Clan had battled for a lifetime now. When both Old Masters had still held their posts, they had essentially exchanged blow for blow, and there were even occasions when the Old Master of his clan had the slight upper hand. But in his generation, and in his son Feng-er's generation, the Yao Clan had fallen completely behind.

It didn't even have the right to compete with the Wang Clan anymore. How could this thought not leave Yao Guangyi anguished?

Meanwhile, a horseman had galloped off the moment the shroud had been lifted, riding in a trail of dust toward the Imperial Palace.

"What? A dog?

"Hahaha, interesting, interesting! This matter is truly getting more and more interesting!"

Upon the towering golden walls of the Imperial Palace, the First Prince received the report from his guard. At first, he was shocked, but then, he couldn't help but laugh. As for the unfathomable old eunuch with pitch-black hands, Hu Dequan, he was also somewhat taken aback at first, but then he began to chuckle along with the First Prince.

Regardless of the occasion, anything that could make the First Prince happy made him happy as well.

"Wang Chong, let this prince see what exactly you're trying to sell."

After a long while, the First Prince retracted his smile, leaving only an amused look in his eyes.


The confusion of the crowd did not last for too long. A few moments later, another pair of armored guards carried a massive cage onto the stage. Boom! The cage hit the stage, and something hit the iron bars from the inside, causing them to clang and rattle.

Whoosh! A Wang Clan guard gripped the shroud and pulled. The crowd called out in alarm as a massive gray wolf with bared teeth and a savage face was revealed, staring hostilely at the guard outside the cage.


On the street, a child being held by an adult cried out in fear and burst into tears. But before the crowd could come back to its senses, an arm encased in armor reached into the cage, heedless of the wolf's teeth, then seized the wolf's neck and took it out of the cage.

Clang! At the same time, the other guard cooperated by opening the cage holding the dog. Thump! In the blink of an eye, the savage wolf had been thrown into the same cage as the small dog. In this entire process, the two guards were emotionless and straightforward.

But down below, their actions caused shock and dismay.


Everyone was frightened out of their wits, and some people even turned their heads away, not daring to see what would happen next. Given the ferocity of the wolf, one could already imagine what would happen to the dog. The people of the capital already found this scene far too gory to watch.

"Child, don't look."

Some parents rushed to cover the eyes of their children or turn their heads elsewhere.

But the gory scene of wolf devouring dog did not take place. On the contrary, the barking dog became abnormally friendly. It ran around the wolf, constantly barking and appearing incredible affectionate. The gray wolf immediately shed its savage appearance and became incredibly docile. It even extended a tongue and affectionately licked the small dog.

If one examined only its behavior, one would have mistaken it for a dog.


The crowd was startled by this scene.

"What's going on? That wolf didn't eat the dog!"

"How could this be? Is it really a wolf?"

All the people in the crowd were stunned. Wolves were savage, and if one encountered a wolf out in the wild, there was a ninety percent chance that one would end up dead in its maw.

The scene before them was completely different from what they had imagined.

"Haha, King of Foreign Lands, weren't you all about the 'law of the jungle' and 'the strong eat the weak'?" At this moment, a loud voice came out of the crowd, and a Confucian twenty-some paces from the stage pointed a finger at the cage, his expression agitated and his voice particularly resounding.

"Now, the wolf doesn't eat the dog, and the wolf and dog live in harmony. Is this not just hitting your own face?! Even beasts know what affection is. King of Foreign Lands, I'd like to see what you have to say now!"

Wang Chong's stage on Azure Dragon Street had not only attracted the common people, but also the illustrious and learned Confucians. Their original plan was that once Wang Chong tried anything, they would completely disregard whatever he was up to and directly criticize him. But they had not expected the plans of the heavens to be superior to their own. Although Wang Chong was the noble King of Foreign Lands, he had still made such a major mistake.

Wolves were savage, but they did not eat dogs. Was this not exactly in line with the Confucian school's benevolence and righteousness?

Another Confucian immediately turned around and called out to the crowd, "Everyone, if even beasts can be like this, why not men? What 'might makes right'? It is all nonsense. Everyone, burn those heretical books. They're misleading the younger generation!"


The crowd immediately began to quietly chatter amongst themselves. There were also ten-some spies from Ü-Tsang, Goguryeo, Mengshe Zhao, and the Eastern and Western Turks in the crowd. When they saw this scene, they smiled and sighed in relief. This incident had drawn many spies the various countries had placed in the Great Tang's capital.

Countless spies had been drawn to the stage in Azure Dragon Street, all of them silently watching to see what would happen.

"Hurry and send a letter to the Imperial Minister! There's no need to worry about the King of Foreign Lands for now. Wolves eat meat and can't possibly be this obedient. There must be a problem with the person he uses to tame beasts. He must have fed the wolf too much, and if the wolf is full, it naturally wouldn't eat the dog. This is a mistake from the King of Foreign Lands, but we can get some use out of it!"

Underneath the eaves of a pharmacy, a Tibetan spy slightly lowered his head, concealing it beneath a bamboo hat. Bamboo hats were commonplace in the Great Tang, and they were excellent for hiding the faces of Tibetans.


Behind him, another Tibetan spy whispered back, and then turned around and left. At the same moment, other figures elsewhere also turned to leave, and afterward, countless birds took off into the air and scattered in all directions.


"Young Master, the King of Foreign Lands has made a major mistake this time!"

In the restaurant across from the stage, a Confucian Sect expert standing behind Li Junxian couldn't help but chuckle as he watched in glee.

"Haha, what King of Foreign Lands? We've probably been overestimating him this entire time. He clearly miscalculated this time!"

Another Confucian Sect disciple loudly laughed. Even a fool could see that Wang Chong had miscalculated this time. This wolf and dog coexisting went completely against the theories of his 'Might Makes Right' and even served to refute them.

"No, something's not right!"

As everyone else was laughing, a voice interrupted. Li Junxian, holding the tea cup and wearing his white robe, appeared like a scholar in a painting, but those straight and handsome brows of his were deeply creased.

"Wang Chong isn't some nobody. He would never make a mistake like this. There's something else going on here!"

The scene before him was incredibly advantageous to the Confucian Sect, but Li Junxian had interacted with Wang Chong before. Someone who could find his trail after spending only three days in the capital and then meet him in Drunken Moon Pavilion would never commit such a low-class mistake like this.

But this scene… Not even Li Junxian could give an explanation as to why Wang Chong had made such a childish mistake. There was no question that this was a complete refutation of the theories he espoused.

Even Li Junxian was still trying to understand what Wang Chong was trying to do.


A strange feeling suddenly welled up in his mind. Li Junxian immediately turned in the direction of the energy he had sensed, and a moment later, his pupils constricted and his face paled.

"Wang Chong!"

"The King of Foreign Lands!"

These voices did not belong to Li Junxian, but to two Confucian Sect disciples who had followed Li Junxian's gaze. Although they had only had a glance before that person had vanished within a restaurant, this was already enough for the people of the Confucian Sect to recognize that person!

"To think it would be him!" an elderly voice sounded out. The heavily wrinkled Elder Song, wearing an azure robe, had at some point appeared at Li Junxian's side. He gazed at the restaurant, his eyes twinkling with a dangerous light. The relationship between the Confucian Sect and Wang Chong was currently like fire and water. There was no more need to keep this person around.

"Don't be rash! Everyone, only watch! You can't touch him!" Li Junxian softly said.

The moment Elder Song had spoken, Li Junxian had known what he wanted to do. Countless experts had gathered in Azure Dragon Street at this time, and even Great Tang War God Wang Zhongsi had surreptitiously made his way to a nearby restaurant. To strike the King of Foreign Lands at this time would be a most unwise decision.

Moreover, a person who could kill Arab War God Qutaybah was truly not easy to deal with.


Li Junxian's eyes had not been wrong. As everyone else was focused on the stage, Wang Chong, dressed in civilian clothes, had entered a nearby restaurant. He had chosen the place for this activity, so he had naturally already reserved this restaurant.

"Is it ready?"

At the top floor of Roaring Vault Pavilion, Wang Chong seated himself on a wide armchair. From this spot, he could clearly make out everything down below, including the thronging crowds and those agitated Confucians.

Even though the Confucians were venomously criticizing him, Wang Chong did not care at all.
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