The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1117

Chapter 1117 Accepting Whatever Comes In The Way

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Hardly anything could be seen from the exterior of the cruiser.

It was only when they boarded that they realized the interior was luxurious like a palace.

The interior design made it into a portable mansion with great privacy and comfort.

Yu Yuehan glanced upon the bodyguards that were everywhere.

He pulled Nian Xiaomu closer to him.

He reminded softly, King of Hell is not an ordinary person, the way the guards are stationed in the most precise manner ensures that no matter what happens, the person causing trouble would be subdued in the shortest time.


Nian Xiaomu nodded her head obediently and indicated that she would not try anything funny.

But, she couldnt help but look around when she saw so many people on the deck.

She wanted to see if she could catch a glimpse of the woman that had been bullied and was hated by King of Hell.

She looked around for a while and realized that everyone on the cruiser was male.

Young Master Han, this way please. King of Hells men appeared when they arrived and led the way.

Yu Yuehan took Nian Xiaomu and entered the guest room on the cruiser.

Please wait a moment, our master will be out shortly! The person who led them in bowed and left.

There was only Yu Yuehan and Nian Xiaomu left in the room. Executive Assistant Yang was the only other person that had been allowed in.

According to the size of the cruiser, there has to be at least a dozen rooms onboard. Which room do you think is King of Hells room?

Nian Xiaomu said jokingly.

They would accept whatever comes their way.

Although they had been left alone, according to the rules of negotiation the upper hand was always with the side that had more stakes.

Although they had caught Feng Ling, according to the current situation, the person in critical condition was Tang Yuansi.

So, no matter what, they were the ones in a hurry.

King of Hell could afford to take his time.

It was normal to be ignored.

Nian Xiaomu and Yu Yuehan knew his motive, hence naturally, they didnt panic.

They started to observe the cruiser they were on.

There were two cups of hot tea in front of them. It was very fragrant and seemed different from the tea they drank normally.

Nian Xiaomu looked at the decorations in the room, then she picked up the tea and smelled it.

This fragrance is unique. I cannot tell what tea is it.

Yu Yuehan took the tea from her and smelled it. He frowned.

It was a unique tea.

Even he had not seen it before.

You only like to drink red wine, it would be weird if you knew what tea it was. If only Bengbeng was here, she loved to drink tea. She would know what tea it is.

Nian Xiaomu took the tea from Yu Yuehan and wanted to try it. Yu Yuehan stopped her.

Are you not afraid of dying?

Afraid, very afraid.

Nian Xiaomu thought about it and placed the tea down.

The fragrant lingered around and it was alluring.

She wondered if King of Hell did it purposely. He had placed such a fragrant tea in front of them but did not specify if it was for them.

She heard that King of Hell had his personal island. Maybe the tea was planted on the island, that was why they had not seen it before.

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