The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 539

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She had originally assumed that Yu Yuehan would know that she wasn’t kidding and that she was not she simply reacting in a quick-witted manner when he heard that declaration of hers just now. Instead, she was expressing the truth during a desperate situation.

However, he didn’t say anything even after she had waited for a while.

She lost her cool and opened her eyes to look at him.

When she caught the loving smile beneath his eyes, she was instantly stunned!

Could he have gone dumb because of all the anger?

He knew that she was the woman who had covertly given birth to his daughter, but he actually wasn’t angry and didn’t fly into a rage. Instead, he smiled…

He was smiling in such a handsome and charming manner.

Nian Xiaomu released the grip on his hand and was so afraid that she wanted to retreat backward. The next thing she knew, he opened his mouth slowly and said, “Yeah, you are right, you are Xiao Liuliu’s mother.”


“A stepmother is considered a mother as well. Furthermore, you are Xiao Liuliu’s favorite stepmother.”

Nian Xiaomu: “…”

He might have some misunderstandings about her!

Nian Xiaomu was agitated by his mocking tone; she instantly placed her hands on her hips and bellowed at him with a hundred percent effort while yelling, “You are the stepmother instead! I am talking about biological mother! I am Xiao Liuliu’s biological mother! Biological mother, do you understand that?!”

Not only did Yu Yuehan not appease her when he saw that she was hopping mad, he carried Xiao Liuliu away instead.

He adopted a posture that indicated that he wouldn’t want Nian Xiaomu to hurt his daughter if Nian Xiaomu had gone crazy.

Nian Xiaomu was so pissed that she nearly fainted…

“Yu Yuehan, what do you mean by this? Are you doubting my character and implying that I look like a stepmother? Or are you trying to say that I have treated Xiao Liuliu like how a stepmother would treat her stepchildren? You better make it clear now!” Nian Xiaomu jumped up from the sofa and lunged toward him.

With Xiao Liuliu in his arms, Yu Yuehan swerved out of the way and easily avoided her.

Then, he hugged Xiao Liuliu tightly and walked upstairs.

“Xiao Liuliu, did you see that? This is called flying into a rage out of humiliation. Let daddy tell you this, you need to stay further away from her when something like this happens in the future.”

“Yu Yuehan…”

Nian Xiaomu was about to explode in fury!

Did he think that it was easy for her to say the truth out loud?


He actually did not believe her.

It was fine if he didn’t, but what did he mean by sending a contemptuous glance at her?

He didn’t believe that she could give birth to such an adorable daughter?

He didn’t even think of this: If it were not for her good genes, would this iceberg have managed to produce such a gentle and obedient daughter?

He could only produce icebergs if not for her!

She was so pissed! She was so pissed!

Nian Xiaomu had imagined all the possible scenarios after her confession, but she absolutely had not thought that it would turn out like this…

She stomped her feet and howled at Yu Yuehan’s back, which was about to disappear at the corner of the staircase.

“Watch out, Yu Yuehan! You will regret this one day!”

Nian Xiaomu paced back and forth around the living room. The more she thought about it, the more angry she felt.

In the end, she couldn’t battle her anger and ran upstairs.

Just when she was about charge in and give Yu Yuehan a beating to release her anger, she saw the deeply sleeping Xiao Liuliu lying in his arms when she reached the bedroom.

Nian Xiaomu held back her erupting rage instantly.

As she walked to him silently, she made a slight gesture and took Xiao Liuliu from him gently. Then, she placed Xiao Liuliu’s soft and squishy body onto the bed.

Xiao Liuliu flipped her body over the moment she came into contact with the big and comfortable bed.

She looked just like a furry little hamster from the way her tiny face was pasted against the pillow and the way her little butt was sticking out.

She fell asleep in less than a minute while maintaining this exact type of posture.

I don’t think my sleeping posture is as bad…

All of a sudden, Nian Xiaomu started to submerge herself in self-doubt as she stood by the side of the bed and stared at the squishy little figure on the bed.

She turned around and took at Yu Yuehan, who was beside her.

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