The Rise Of The White Lotus Book 2 Chapter 246

Volume 2 Chapter 246 Who Are You..?

When all the baby stuff was all cleared by the maids, Lexi and Ethan Lu sat beside each other, Frederick Yang on the head seat still had the baby costume on his lap, and Lillian Yang across her daughter and future son-in-law. 

Lexi still had this displeased frown on her lips as she altered her gloomy gaze from her mother to her father with her arms crossed. 

"I really can't believe you two, Mom, Dad. How can you buy so much baby stuff— I haven't even said anything. How can you be so sure that Ethan and I—" Like a scolding mother sitting her children down, Lexi grumbled alas, just when she was about to say that Ethan and her did the deed, Lexi abruptly stopped. 

"Lexi, don't be like that. We were just preparing, right honey?" Justifying their actions, Lillian Yang explained and then turned to her husband for back up. Upon seeing the deadly glare from his wife, Frederick Yang lightly coughed and cleared his throat. 

"Yes, your mother is right. We were just thinking that you're already in the right age to start a family of your own and if that happens, we just want to be prepared." Doing a good job, Lillian Yang smiled and averted her soft gaze back across to her daughter. 

"See? We just want to be prepared." Once again, Lillian Yang repeated to affirm their reason behind their shopping spree of baby equipment and clothes. 

"Anyway, since that's already settled, baby, did the both of you visit Morris?" Lillian Yang smoothly diverted their discussion and didn't let Lexi retort from their unconvincing reasonings. Hence, she asked. Lillian Yang wasn't being inconsiderate of Ethan Lu for asking such a question as she believed that Ethan Lu was mature enough to understand. 

The actual question was, if Lexi indeed grew up a little and had moved forward just like she had claimed. It was also a good opportunity to test if Lexi should lessen her therapy just like she requested from them weeks ago. 

"Yes, Mom. We dropped by there before I drove Lexi home." Ethan Lu gently responded with a smile that made the yang parents nod in satisfaction. Just like they expected, Ethan Lu was kind enough not to let the past be a hindrance in their relationship and was still concerned with Morris Liu, as he was still his friend. 

They knew that Ethan Lu was friends with Morris Liu as he admitted it before in one of his visits. He also told them he was ashamed for what his friend caused them and apologized. Therefore, both Frederick and Lillian Yang admired Ethan Lu's honesty and sincerity, not just for their daughter but his respect towards them. 

Also, they were somehow moved because finally, someone actually bothered to apologize for what Morris Liu did to their daughter even though it didn't personally came from his mouth. Still, they appreciated Ethan Lu's thoughts and for giving them ease for that matter. 

"That's good to hear then," Nodding lightly, Lillian Yang gently responded before reaching for a cup of tea on the small table. 

"Actually, Mom, Dad, I am here because I want to tell you something." Clearing his throat, Ethan Lu straightened his posture as he placed both his palms on top of her palm.

"Lexi's pregnant?" Out of nowhere, Lillian Yang immediately asked as she stopped herself from taking a sip of her tea. In her mind, this sentence, normally, was the first sentence being uttered before the 'I am pregnant' part. 

"Mom!" In disbelief, Lexi bellowed as she could not believe her mother having such ridiculousness! 

"Hehe, no, Mom but Lexi and I decided that she would move into my place." Ethan Lu slightly chuckled and didn't go in circles as he bluntly dived to the main topic. 

Upon hearing Ethan Lu's short and clear explanation, a momentary silence was dawned on the whole living area. Neither of them talked for a while as Lillian and Frederick Yang processed this sudden decision. On the other hand, Lexi already gave up from talking as she was still embarrassed and actually nervous once again thinking if she was pregnant or not. Meanwhile, Ethan Lu gave them a moment to absorb his news. 

"Dear, did you really agreed to this?" After getting a clear comprehension of Ethan Lu's words, Lillian Yang directly stared at Lexi with an unreadable thought beneath her pair of eyes. 

"Mhmm, we calculated my travel time from here to my class and it would be a hassle, so if I live temporarily at Ethan's, my travel time will be reduced by half." Nonchalantly shrugging, Lexi explained yet, her mood hadn't changed one bit. 

Since her parents were too excited to have grandchildren, Lexi already guessed that they would gladly understand the idea. They might even personally pack her things and drive her to Ethan Lu's place. 

"Is that so?" Solemnly nodded in understanding, Frederick Yang's expression turned stern as if he was contemplating whether or not he should let his daughter live under the same roof with a man.

"Right… we haven't considered this before." Just like Father Yang, Lillian Yang modestly rubbed her chin as she also pondered about Lexi's explanation. 

Seeing the pretentious act of her parents, Lexi's face almost literally distorted. Why do they act as if they were considering the wellness of the world? She knew her parents and seeing them doing this, Lexi was certain that they were just stalling so they wouldn't look like as if they were irresponsible parents before agreeing without a second thought. 

"Oh gosh…" Rolling her eyes, Lexi let out a heavy exhale as she massaged her temple. Just as she leaned her back against the soft backrest of the sofa, her brows arched hearing Ethan Lu's voice. 

"Dad, can you spare me a minute to talk?" Meekly smiling, Ethan Lu seriously peered at Frederick Yang which made the other party furrowed his brows. Frederick Yang scrutinized Ethan Lu's unusual formality and sensed an aura he had never showed before. 

Slowly nodding his head, Frederick Yang responded. "Sure, come to my study." With that said note, Ethan Lu and Frederick Yang left the living area and headed to his study room. 

On the other hand, when Lexi heard Ethan Lu wanted to privately talk to her father, she didn't give much thought about it as she assumed that Ethan Lu would just convince her already convinced father for her to move into his place. Therefore, after staring at her mother for a while, Lexi excused herself to prepare her things so she would not leave anything behind later when Ethan Lu pick her up. 

When Lexi arrived at her room, she stopped the moment she stepped her foot inside as a sudden loneliness struck her. She scanned her room and for some reason, her room felt empty. 

Her hand unconsciously clenched her chest as her breathing turned ragged and her vision started to cloud. 

"Why…?" She whispered as Lexi knew this familiar pain— it was the same pain she felt that night. Out of the blue, why does her heart ache so much?

What was it that her mind doesn't know but her heart remembered and wept?

Lexi tried to stabilize her breathing as she convinced herself that it was probably a panic attack. She dragged her feet no matter how heavy they were and headed to her walk-in closet. 

She slowly but surely prepared the clothes she needed— emptying almost half of her closet. Since Lexi managed to preoccupy herself and her pace hastened a little bit, she was about to get the last batch of accessories she would want to bring. 

However, just when Lexi was about to get the box of accessories, something in the corner caught her eyes. For some reason, Lexi placed the box of accessories on top of the vanity mirror on the side and headed to the thing that seemed to beg her to notice. 

Squatting down, Lexi dragged the things that were under the shoe corner. When she saw it was a small sewing machine, some sewing materials, and her old clothes and new fabric, Lexi knitted her brows. 

"Huh…? Why were these things here again?" Confused, Lexi recalled her memories and fragments of memories of her, happily making small dresses but... the reason why, she didn't know. 

Lexi, one after another checked her sewing kit. There were old clothes that she scissored and butchered as if she never valued them. As she checked her favorite dress that was mercilessly butchered, Lexi noticed her sketchbook. Thus, she put down the dress and picked up the sketchbook. 

Flipping it open, Lexi's brows creased even more reading the first page of the sketchbook. It says: "To the prettiest little madam <3"

Lexi swallowed a mouthful of saliva as her heart yearned the moment she read those words. Still, she continued to flip each page and by the next second, her vision started to blur and tears uncontrollably fell down, staining her cheeks and dropping onto the sketchbook. 

On the page Lexi had stopped, a hand drawn beautiful dress that was supposed to be her masterpiece and had a model of an adorable dumpling with small hands and feet. 

She didn't know what got into her to have such a muse but, for some reason, her heart throbbed as if it was screaming 'I miss you'.

"Who are you…?" In between her hiccups, her hands traced the drawing as she wiped her tears as if she was subconsciously afraid that the drawing would be messed up by her tears. 

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