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  • The Ruler Of All

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The Ruler Of All summary:

Dragon Empire, the empire where the strong rule and the weak follow.The story is about Zhe Long a normal member of The Mighty Zhe family and his path to becoming the Almighty Ruler of All.

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The Ruler Of All Chapters

Time uploaded
169 Heaa week ago
168 Gaze2 weeks ago
167 Curry2 weeks ago
166 Goal2 weeks ago
165 Nothing2 weeks ago
164 Go2 weeks ago
163 Mission2 weeks ago
162 Adventure2 weeks ago
161 Famous3 weeks ago
160 Broken Back3 weeks ago
159 Success3 weeks ago
158 Failure3 weeks ago
157 Trus3 weeks ago
156 Touched3 weeks ago
155 Small Talka month ago
151 Actiona month ago
150 Attacksa month ago
149 High Demonsa month ago
148 Reuniona month ago
147 Tearsa month ago
146 Wang Lua month ago
145 Nephewa month ago
146 The Emperora month ago
145 Go Awaya month ago
144 Worlda month ago
143 Ragea month ago
142 The Emperora month ago
140 Zhu Seca month ago
136 Keep Movinga month ago
134 Traininga month ago
133 Mo Wena month ago
132 Han Qianga month ago
127 Lossa month ago
125 Provokeda month ago
123 Wrong Placea month ago
121 Come Ina month ago
120 Plana month ago
119 Thoerya month ago
118 Trackeda month ago
116 Leave Hima month ago
112 Looksa month ago
110 Screama month ago
108 Challengea month ago
106 Timea month ago
105 Feasa month ago
103 Laugha month ago
102 Near Deatha month ago
96 Nakeda month ago
95 Maid Haua month ago
93 Tesa month ago
92 Interesa month ago
88 Gui Shenga month ago
84 Pasa month ago
83 Followeda month ago
82 Fifth Eldera month ago
81 City Centera month ago
80 Sword Seca month ago
79 Pride Inna month ago
78 Devil Auraa month ago
77 Embarrasseda month ago
76 Devila month ago
75 Evil Auraa month ago
73 Pay The Tolla month ago
67 Reasonsa month ago
64 Injureda month ago
63 Plana month ago
62 Fiery Plungea month ago
61 Rock Beasa month ago
59 Sourcea month ago
58 Aggressiona month ago
57 Flamea month ago
55 Snowa month ago
52 Infoa month ago
51 Noble Aura.a month ago
49 Teasinga month ago
48 Infoa month ago
45 Impossiblea month ago
44 Brother Lina month ago
41 Eagernessa month ago
39 Demonic Bulla month ago
37 Heading Oua month ago
36 Talismana month ago
34 Phoenix Crya month ago
29 Drunka month ago
27 Spatial Ringa month ago
26 Portraia month ago
24 Zithera month ago
23 The Beasa month ago
22 Answersa month ago
21 Cluesa month ago
20 Regrea month ago
19 Be Wearya month ago
18 The Spya month ago
17 I Am.a month ago
16 Anticipationa month ago
15 High Demona month ago
14 Awakeneda month ago
13 Dreama month ago
12 Demona month ago
9 Traininga month ago
8 Hella month ago
4 The Mark Pt 2a month ago
3 The Marka month ago
2 Zhu Longa month ago
1 Prologuea month ago
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