The Ruler Of All Chapter 137

138 I Cant Believe I


After some time walking, Maid Hau showed Zhu Long his room, well it was more of a mansion. "I've already cleaned up the room and there is a bath ready as well as some fresh clothes ready for you if you need it. I will be in the maid quarters so please call me if Brother Lin needs anything, for now, I will get going, please call me if you need anything, I will be there right away!" she said with a huge smile on her face as she walked to her maid quarters next to Zhu Long's mansion. Zhu Long shook his head and walked in his given mansion. He knew why Maid Hau was excited to go back to her quarters, she was the one who said that this area was close to a qi origin vein, so there is an abundance of qi found here. It would be the most beneficial for any cultivator to cultivate here, the same would go for Maid Hau, she would be able to cultivate at a faster pace if she cultivated in this area. Zhu Long, however, couldn't feel this excitement, he had no use of living in this area, it was completely useless for him. Never the less, Zhu Long shook his head and walked towards the Bathroom of the Mansion and was stunned to see the bath, the fragrance of the medicinal herbs used in the bath was potent, the bath was huge, it was big enough to fit at least 4 people. Zhu Long smiled wryly and took off his robe and entered the bath, his body filled with small scars, all made by the stone-like Demonic Beast he had come against as soon as he had entered the Demonic Continent.

Zhu Long relaxed in the tub filled with medicinal herbs which were slowly rejuvenating Zhu Long's energy. "These seem to be some potent and high-quality herbs to start working as soon as I lay in the tub I wonder what importance we are to this Sect to be called like this but if I think even harder, and try to connect some dots, If there was someone who had predicted Brother Ku and me to come to the city, they must also know about the details of the person they were searching for I would have suspected that They were looking for me because of the mysterious things that were happening to me but from the way, the First elder talked to me and how surprised he was by my body, I don't think they were looking for me.. That means they were looking for Brother Ku but something probably didn't match up so they want to confirm it I might be overthinking here but the reason that they separated me from Brother Ku in different mansions, in different directions is to probably figure it out I don't know I should stop thinking about this, I'm probably overthinking this. Zhu Long, Just relax, you won't get this opportunity many times!" Zhu Long said to himself, It seemed like Zhu Long had been thinking about this the moment the First Elder gave tole them about the reason why they were called. Zhu Long shook his head and tried to empty his mind, trying to relax.

It was unknown how much time had passed but Zhu Long was woken up by Maid Hau's callings. "Brother Lin!" Zhu Long jolted awake from the bath. It seemed like Maid Hau's calls surprised Zhu Long. Zhu Long smiled and shook his head, "I'm in the bath, I'll come out after changing, please wait till then.." Zhu Long replied as he got out of the bath. By this time, Zhu Long realized that the medicinal bath's aroma had already passed and it looked like a plain bath. It seemed as if Zhu Long's body had greedily absorbed all the medical properties, this was further confirmed by the fact that the scars that were on Zhu Long's body had disappeared, Zhu Long's body looked smooth, his muscles looked even more ripped, like that of the Greek gods. Zhu Long walked out of the bathing room, "It seems like I left the towel in the bedroom." Zhu Long said to himself, as he smiled wryly, The reason for his smile was that Maid Hau was waiting in his bedroom, for Zhu Long to exit the bathing room. It took her some time to process for what was happening but after a second, Zhu Long was greeted with a huge cry, "KYAAA!" Maid Hau's face turned red and she squealed as she ran out of the room. Zhu Long laughed when he saw her reaction, he did feel some embarrassment but it seemed like he was immune to it. "Grandfather's training really killed of my emotion of embarrassment, can't say if it's for the good or the bad but I'll have to keep my clothes on, I don't want something like this happening again, haha" Zhu Long laughed as he dried himself off and put on a fresh set of clothes. Zhu Long looked satisfied with the clothes that were given to him, they were black robes, with red linings, and some grey. Zhu Long's favorite color combination.

After getting dressed, Zhu Long walked out of his bedroom and entered the living room, it was filled with paintings, many seating places, and cultivation spots. Maid Hau was standing in the corner, her face as red as a ripe tomato. Zhu Long laughed when he saw her expression which weirded out Maid Hau, 'Is he even human? He shows the weirdest emotions at the wrong time, he laughs when he is supposed to be embarrassed, he shows no emotion when told of something as huge as his mansion being nearby a qi vein What's wrong with him?' Maid Hau felt that Zhu Long was a weird individual but just shook her head, everyone is different, she said to herself as she looked towards Zhu Long, who seemed to be waiting for her. Maid Hau Smiled wryly, "I apologize for what that, I shouldn't have entered your bedroom and should have just stayed here" She said, her face still red as she couldn't get that encounter out of her mind, Zhu Long's figure kept coming to her mind and Maid Hau kept glancing at Zhu Long crotch region. "Tell me, Why did you call me so urgently? Did the First Elder finish his job and called me or the Sect Leader called?" Zhu Long's voice surprised Maid Hau's thoughts, 'What am I doing?!' She yelled at herself as she took a big breath and composed herself. "Brother Lin, I don't know why you're called, but all I know is that I am supposed to escort you to the Middle Hall But I don't think its the Hall Master No one has ever seen the hall master, don't get me wrong but even the top genius haven't seen the hall master, let alone some guests"

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two were probably planning to roam around and tour the city after coming to the sect. So I'd say that it would be better if you did so before coming with me so you two could tour the city and take in many parts of it. Our sect is a bit secretive and getting in and out is a bit difficult for anyone, including guests.." Fifth Elder said with a big smile. Zhu Long and Ku Wang looked confused, "Brother Ku, we should do some touring before we head in, might as well accept the Sord Sect's invitation..s s"

Our sect is a bit secretive and getting in and out is a bit difficult for anyone, including guests.." Fifth Elder said with a big smile. Zhu Long and Ku Wang looked confused, "Brother Ku, we should do some touring before we head in, might as well accept the Sword Sect's invitation.."

ang looked confused, "Brother Ku, we should do some touring before we head in, might as well accept the Sword Sect's invitation.."

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