The Ruler Of All Chapter 140

141 Reaching The Zhu Sec

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The two meditated for some amount of time, but they didn't know how long. "Kid, Wait for that lass to break through, then battle with her. I'm sure you will have a good battle, you will lose to her but you will gain experience. After that, I will help you increase your power." Old Yang's voice was finally heard by Zhu Long. Zhu Long was excited and agreed with old yang. He was still playing that battle in his mind, learning his own mistakes, and finding methods to avoid it so he can learn from his mistakes.

Time passed, Zhu Long had already woken up from his meditation and was practicing sword attacks. Han Qiang was still meditating but her qi was growing at a rapid rate, it seemed like she was at the peak of reaching another layer and breaking through. POP! A popping sound came from Han Qiang, it was her breaking through. Han Qiang quickly woke up after breaking through, an excited smile on her face. She looked around and saw that Zhu Long was also looked at her, with a slight smile. "Congratulations Sister Han. You have now reached the void stage, now you will have even more ways to use qi, spirit transmission, even flying!" Zhu Long congratulate Han Qiang.

Han Qiang blushed and nodded, "Thank You, Brother Zhu. How long has it been?" She asked curiously. Zhu Long shook his head in reply, even he didn't know how long it had been since they were here. "It's almost impossible to get the track of time in this place, so I don't know. Sister Han let's not worry about time, I wanted to as you a favor.." Zhu Long said as he looked towards Han Qiang with battle intent.sss

Han Qiang felt Zhu Long's battle intent and understood what he wanted to say. "Brother Zhu, I also want to spar and find how much I have improved after breaking through. Maybe now I can defeat you. So go all out, but try not to lose control!" Han Qiang's battle intent also grew, she was excited about a spar. Zhu Long nodded and drew his sword, his face was as cold as ever and his gaze stern, His aura increased to be more demonic.

Han Qiang did the same, she took out her sword and her hair started to flow in the air, they change colors from midnight black to be as bright as the sun. Her body also looked like it was on fire, even her sword. Zhu Long looked concerned by Han Qiang's transformation, "Going all out from the start!" He said as he ran towards Han Qiang. Han Qiang didn't run towards Zhu Long, she waited for his strike. "Lotus strike!" Zhu Long would strike towards all of Han Qiang's weak points. But all of those strikes were blocked and then pushed back by Han Qiang.

"Hmm, more power and speed." Zhu Long said to himself as his aura grew, even more, it seemed like Zhu Long was trying to check how powerful Han Qiang currently was and was trying to match his strength to hers. Zhu Long soon realized that if he wanted to gain more strength, he would start to lose control. So with how much strength he could have while still being in control of himself, Zhu Long once again attacked, this time, strike towards Han Qiang's feet then he planned to strike towards the chest and finally the neck, a powerful and deadly combination of attack but to him, disappointment, even before Zhu Long's attack could land, Han Qiang had disappeared from his sight. Zhu Long then felt something very hot on the back of his throat, it was Han Qiang's fiery sword!.

Zhu Long shook his head, smiled, and then kept his sword in his hilt, "It's my defeat. Sister Han is truly more powerful than before. If you were to battle against that guard with this strength, the battle would have ended in a few seconds." Han Qiang shook her head, "Brother Zhu is truly humble, But I know that next time Brother Zhu will probably have more power than before, maybe you will even be able to control that power of yours and be able to keep calm when you use it in battle." Han Qiang's optimism made Zhu Long feel happy.

Zhu Long nodded and sat down, "I thank sister Han for that battle. I will now meditate, and hopefully, it will be successful." Zhu Long said as he quickly fell into a deep meditative state. Han Qiang smiled when she saw Zhu Long. She put her sword in her hilt and transformed back to her original form, "I should also work hard. For now, I will practice the technique master gave me for when I breakthrough"

Meanwhile, in Zhu Long's spirit world, "Lad, I feel much better now so I can talk properly. But we aren't here to talk, quite the opposite. My training will be even harsher than before, it will be dead but the positive effects will be that you will grow in power to battle with that lass even if she goes all out."


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"So.. What does the notorious "black Mamba" no, The spy, James Carter think of this situations, you really didn't think that I wouldn't have known who you were, my intelligence is comparable to the WEA, HAHAHA" His laugh was deafening, i wanted to puke as soon as i heard it. It's something that no man should live after hearing. But at this moment, i couldn't do anything, i was still looking around, trying to find a way to escape. The only thing that i could think of was the huge window that was behind nitti but looking at his money, i'm sure that the window is bullet proof, someone like me cannot even put a dent on it with a punch or a kick. This was a moment that i would brag about if i escaped but the situation seemed like it wouldn't let me. The guy's barrel slowly moved from my back to my head, the guard also seemed very trigger happy and it looked like he could kill me any second now. This was a shitty situation no matter how I looked at it. Well, it was until i hear the sound of glass shattering, suddenly, I heard a huge thump behind me, I looked back and to my surprise, the guy who was holding the gun against my head was dead! He had a huge bullet hole between his eyebrows. Only one thought came in my mind when I saw the dead guard, One name, "Jesicca" I said that name as I took the guard's gun and ran towrads the window, "You Fuck!" I heard Nitti's voice screaming, as soon as the guard was shot, the bastard hid under the table, trying to save his life. As soon as I was about to jump out of the window, he pointed a gun to my head, "See this? This is a 50 caliber desert eagle, something that will blow your head into smithereens!" This guy seemed like an idiot, he saw one of his guards being shot through ad's speaking, they were about to bust in the room in any second. I had to make a run for it!am, "ARGHHHH!!" The guy's left area was blown off, most likely by a sniper's bullet. This would be the best time to pick this guy up and take him as a hostage but I could hear the guard's speaking, they were about to bust in the room in any second. I had to make a run for it! pick this guy up and take him as a hostage but I could hearn as the guard was shot, the bastard hid under the table, trying to save his life. As soon as I was about to jump out of the window, he pointed a gun to my head, "See this? This is a 50 caliber desert eagle, something that will blow your head into smithereens!" This guy seemed like an idiot, he saw one of his guass


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