The Ruler Of All Chapter 145

146 The Emperor

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Zhu Long was in a rush to reach the Zhu Sect, maybe his grandfather, someone at the Saint Stage was alive, someone at that power wouldn't die that easily. Zhu Long felt a bit more hopeful when he listened to Han Qiang, his mind wasn't thinking straight, he was still trying to process everything to Han Qiang's words helped him calm down a lot. Zhu Long felt grateful for having her in his time of need. It was still a mystery for Zhu Long, it felt like everything that happened till now was scripted, something felt amiss, but it was only a gut feeling, ZHu Long had no basis for that feeling. 'I'm just overthinking now.' Zhu Long said to himself.

The two rushed towards the Zhu Sect, Han Qiang flew into the air, however, Zhu Long, due to his inability to use qi like Han Qiang couldn't fly but there was no disadvantage for him anyways. ZHu Long would run and leap across the way, his speed as fast as Han Qiang so there was no problem. After a few hours of nonstop running and flying, the two decided to take a small break, "Brother Zhu, we should take a small break, if we go on like this, by the time we reach the sect, the both of us will be tired so let's take a break for half an hour in the next big city and then let's continue." Han Qiang's words made Zhu Long furrow his eyebrows for a split second but then Zhu Long nodded in agreement, "I guess sister Han is correct, no point in getting tired the second we reach the sect."

The two walked in the next city they found and explored it. The city they entered was the capital of a small empire in the continent, it's power was not equivalent to that of the Dragon Empire but it was only by a small fragment. Meaning that there were some at the Void stage among the citizens in the city. The two explored for a few minutes until they found a good looking restaurant to have some tea. Han Qiang pulled Zhu Long inside the restaurant to see that it was filled with people in very expensive clothing, well, expensive for the city. "Brother Zhu, I think this is the main goto place for the nobles of the city. We might even soo those who are as powerful as ourselves in here, it's been so long since I've had a chance to battle someone else." Han QInag said in an excited tone.

ZHu Long shook his head, "Sister Han, I understand your feelings, but we shouldn't focus on that, well, at least for now. I need to know if my family is alive or not." ZHu Long replied as his face turned sour. Han Qiang grasped Zhu Long's hands and led him to the second floor of the restaurant. The guards tried to stop her but she gave them some spirit stones and entered the room. "Brother Zhu, I was only trying to distract you from that topic. I know how you feel but I couldn't help but try to change the topic form your mind." Han Qiang said in a sweet tone. Zhu Long smiled when he heard Han Qiang held her hand softly. He then called for a waiter to come but before the waiter could respond, another man approached the two, "Who the fuck are you two? Get the fuck off of my table but leave this little lady behind, I'll be having fun with her tonight."

The man's voice was high-pitched and nasally, he sounded smug. Han Qiang looked up towards the source of the voice and was shocked, the man was younger than them, it was a teenager maybe around 16 year of age. Behind the kid were two men. The kid didn't phase Han Qiang as he was only at the Soul Forming stage but the words he spiked anger within her. But she was more concerned about the kid than angry as she slowly looked towards Zhu Long, who looked down, and it seemed like he was clenching his teeth.

"Kid, go away before you get hurt. This isn't something that someone your age should be doing. Have fun? The only thing that will happen if you continue won't be your death but your inability to 'Have Fun' in the future. So go and run to your parents and leave us alone." Han Qiang warned the kid in a harsh tone. She wasn't worried for any consequences as there was no need to worry, Zhu Long and Herself combined to take on someone at the peak of the Void stage, but this empire's strongest cultivator would be around the late void stage, not even peak. The two wouldn't need to go all out if they worked together to deal with them. Han Qiang could see that the two people behind the kid were at the void stage, but they were only at the early stages.

The Kid's face turned red with anger, it looked like this was the first time someone talked to him in that manner. He looked towards his bodyguards and then smirked blissfully. "You two don't know who you are messing with, I don't care what you say, but I will hear you scream in pleasure tonight and it will be for me. HAAHAH" The kid laughed. Han Qiang looked disgusted when she heard The Kid's words, she could have never guessed that someone so young would have thoughts that disgusting.

But as soon as the spoilt brat said those words, his body suddenly started to feel heavy. Not only the brat but everyone in the restaurant felt as if something heavy was pressing them down. Even the two void stage cultivators behind the brat felt the pressure. The pressure increased without stop, the brat was already lying on the ground, he couldn't even lift a finger, the void stage cultivators were on their knees, they cried, "Master please leave us, Our prince made a mistake, please forgive him. We plead to you!" But as they spoke, the pressure became even more overwhelming. Now, to the point of pressing down on the brat's bones and muscles. Suddenly, a crunching sound was heard from the brat's body. Han Qiang could do nothing but watch all of this happen, she was strong enough to withstand the pressure, it was even easier to withstand it as the pressure was more concentrated towards the child. "Don't kill him." She said as she looked towards Zhu Long with a serious face. Zhu Long didn't answer, the pressure increased, even more, more crunching sounds were heard, all coming from the brat's body. Until all of the pressure just disappeared.

ards Zhu

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