The Ruler Of All Chapter 147

145 Nephew

"Halt! Don't come any closer or else, the results will be death!" A voice came from within the castle gates. Zhu Long and Han Qiang stopped and looked at each other after they heard the voice. Zhu Long looked at the gate for a few seconds and said, "I am here to meet Uncle Tiantang... Just inform him that his nephew is here, He'll know who I am.." Zhu Long didn't want to say who he was to the guards. "I don't think they would have believed me if I had told them I was Zhu Long.. At the time of the attack, I was supposed to be inside the sect, plus, I'm sure that no one remembers me anyways." Zhu Long smiled wryly.

Han Qiang shook her head and said, "Now, I'm sure everyone will remember you., Prince Zhu Long." She laughed, waiting to see Zhu Long's reaction. Zhu Long smiled and replied playfully, "The princess of Pride will also be the princess of Wrath." Han Qiang blushed after hearing his words. As the two were flirting, The man's voice once again came, "Hmmm... I don't think that devils would play like this, it would just be a waste of time for them. I shall send someone to inform the emperor... And If I find that this is some type of ruse, Our captain will personally come and kill you two!" The man replied harshly.

-Inside the Castle-

*Cough* *Cough* A man laid on a bed, he looked tired and hurt. Next to him was a young woman, her beauty was exquisite, it looked like she could entrance any man with just her looks. But she looked worried when she saw the man, "Father, just rest, you don't need to worry about the empire, uncles will take care of the empire as you recover, all you need is rest, Please." She was worried and concerned about the man. "*Cough*... Little Lu, you need not worry, I am fine enough to still be the emperor... There is no need to fret, I will need to address those who still haven't lost hope in me and haven't deserted the empire during these times. Go, rest in your room. I promise to rest for today, for my sweet child." The man was the emperor of the Dragon Empire, Wang Tiantang! He was talking to his daughter, Wang Lu, the princess.

Before Wang Lu could reply to her father, a man's voice entered the room. "Emperor, I am here to report about someone at the gate." Wang Lu looked towards the door and rushed to open it, "This isn't something that you should disturb my father with, it's your job!" She was angry, very angry. The man shook in his feet and spoke, "I spoke to the general... He was the one who told me to inform the emperor.." Wang Lu looked surprised, she glanced towards Wang Tiantang, waiting for him to reply. Wang Tiantang nodded and told Wang Lu to step aside, "Tell me." He said.

"Emperor, A man claiming to be your nephew is outside of the castle..."

*Just increasing words..*

"Kid, go away before you get hurt. This isn't something that someone your age should be doing. Have fun? The only thing that will happen if you continue won't be your death but your inability to 'Have Fun' in the future. So go and run to your parents and leave us alone." Han Qiang warned the kid in a harsh tone. She wasn't worried about any consequences as there was no need to worry, Zhu Long and Herself combined to take on someone at the peak of the Void stage, but this empire's strongest cultivator would be around the late void stage, not even peak. The two wouldn't need to go all out if they worked together to deal with them. Han Qiang could see that the two people behind the kid were at the void stage, but they were only at the early stages.

The Kid's face turned red with anger, it looked like this was the first time someone talked to him in that manner. He looked towards his bodyguards and then smirked blissfully. "You two don't know who you are messing with, I don't care what you say, but I will hear you scream in pleasure tonight and it will be for me. HAAHAH" The kid laughed. Han Qiang looked disgusted when she heard The Kid's words, she could have never guessed that someone so young would have thoughts that disgusting.

But as soon as the spoilt brat said those words, his body suddenly started to feel heavy. Not only the brat but everyone in the restaurant felt as if something heavy was pressing them down. Even the two void stage cultivators behind the brat felt the pressure. The pressure increased without stop, the brat was already lying on the ground, he couldn't even lift a finger, the void stage cultivators were on their knees, they cried, "Master please leave us, Our prince made a mistake, please forgive him. We plead to you!" But as they spoke, the pressure became even more overwhelming. Now, to the point of pressing down on the brat's bones and muscles. Suddenly, a crunching sound was heard from the brat's body. Han Qiang could do nothing but watch all of this happen, she was strong enough to withstand the pressure, it was even easier to withstand it as the pressure was more concentrated towards the child. "Don't kill him." She said as she looked towards Zhu Long with a serious face. Zhu Long didn't answer, the pressure increased, even more, more crunching sounds were heard, all coming from the brat's body. Until all of the pressure just disappeared.

ards Zhu Long with a serious face. Zhu Long didn't answer, the pressure increased, even more, more crunching sounds were heard, all coming from the brat's body. Until all of the pressure just disappeared.

ards Zhu Long with a serious face. Zhu Long didn't answer, the pressure increased, even more, more crunching sounds were heard, all coming from the brat's body. Until all of the pressure just disappeared.

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