The Ruler Of All Chapter 156

154 Prince Of Wrath

"Kid, You have these powers, And you went missing for 15 years. Now, you speak of a mission and have a powerful genius with you, well looking at your powers, you yourself have turned into one, yet I still can't feel even an ounce of qi form your body. Tell me, what did you go through the past 15 years?" Wang Tiantang was curious, very curious about everything that Zhu Long went through.

He was feeling a myriad of emotions as he looked towards Zhu Long, waiting for his answer. Zhu Long looked more mature, he also was a bit more mature but that could be explained by his increase in age but what Wang Tiantang couldn't explain was that Zhu Long suddenly had such powers, it's origins seemed a bit sinister and demonic. He was more than sure that it was from Zhu Long's marks.

Zhu Long nodded as he heard Wang Tiantang's questions. He looked around the room and took a chair, and sat next to the bed. "Uncle, I can say that I haven't been through much, except for the first few days that I was teleported.."

Wang Tiantang furrowed his eyebrows when he heard Zhu Long's words, "Teleported?" Zhu Long shook his head, "I will explain... I'll try to keep it as short as I can..." and so, ZHu Long explained everything that had happened to him ever since his marks first started to burn and turn red, from walking in the Garden of gods in his own spiritual world to training in the space, Zhu Long explained everything, leaving out the minor details. Wang Tiantang showed many emotions as he listened to Zhu Long, he was surprised, angry and even happy at times, but some, he showed slight sadness, but those moments of sadness were as he thought about his daughter, Wang Lu, Wang Tiantang know how Zhu Long was, although polygamy was very common, especially among the Powerful, Zhu Long would probably only have his heart for Han Qiang, but he shook it off in his mind.

Wang Tiantang took a deep breath and looked deep into Zhu Long's eyes and smiled, "To think, you become a prince of Sin, the prince of Wrath. The old prince's stories were amazing! He was known for being the most vicious and powerful among the sins but he was particularly hated upon by the humans. There were some, like me who didn't hate him but some kept their ideals and hated demons, in turn hating him. Well, it looks like you will follow him in his footsteps, but I hope you do control that anger of yours, it's been your only problem since you were a child!"

*Just increasing words..*

"Kid, go away before you get hurt. This isn't something that someone your age should be doing. Have fun? The only thing that will happen if you continue won't be your death but your inability to 'Have Fun' in the future. So go and run to your parents and leave us alone." Han Qiang warned the kid in a harsh tone. She wasn't worried about any consequences as there was no need to worry, Zhu Long and Herself combined to take on someone at the peak of the Void stage, but this empire's strongest cultivator would be around the late void stage, not even peak. The two wouldn't need to go all out if they worked together to deal with them. Han Qiang could see that the two people behind the kid were at the void stage, but they were only at the early stages.

The Kid's face turned red with anger, it looked like this was the first time someone talked to him in that manner. He looked towards his bodyguards and then smirked blissfully. "You two don't know who you are messing with, I don't care what you say, but I will hear you screasm in pleasure tonight and it will be for me. HAAHAH" The kid laughed. Han Qiang looked disgusted when she heard The Kid's words, she could have never guessed that someone so young would have thoughts that disgusting.

But as soon as the spoilt brat s aid those words, his body suddenly started to feel heavy. Not only the brat but everyone in the r estaurant felt as if something heavy was pressing them down. Even the two void stage cultivator s behind the brat felt the pressure. The pressure increased without stop, the brat was already lyi ng on the ground, he couldn't even lift a finger, the void stage cultivators were on their kne es, they cried, "Master please leave us, Our prince made a mistake, please forgive him. We plea d to you!" But as they spok e, the pressu re became even more overwhelming. Now, to the point of pressing down on the brat's bone s and musc les. Suddenly, a crunching sound wa s hea rd from the brat's body. Han Qiang could do not hing b ut watch all of this happen, she was str ong enough to withstand the pressure, it was even ea sier to wit hstand it as the pressure was more con c entrated towards the child. "Don't kill him." She sa id as she l ooked towards Zhu Long with a serious face. Zhu Long didn't answer, the pressure increa sed, even m ore, more crunching sou nd s were heard, all coming from the brat's body. Until all of the pr essure justdisappear ed. ards Zhu L ong with a serious fac e. Zhu Long didn't answer, the pressur e increased, e v e n m o r e, mo r e c r u nchin g sounds were hear d, all coming from the brat's body. Until all of the pressure just dis ppea red. ards Zhu Long with a serious face. Zhu Long didn't answer, the pressure increased, even more, more crunc hing sound s were heard, all coming from the brat's body. Until all of the pressure just disappeared. ss

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