The Ruler Of All Chapter 80

81 City Center

Zhu Long looked surprised and nodded, "Yes Brother Lin, I did notice that Sister Song had two horns but it looked like she was trying to hide it.." Ku Wang smiled when he heard Zhu Long's words, "Brother Lin, There might be a small reason that Ms Song was hiding her horns.." Ku Wang said mysteriously. Zhu Long shook his head, "Brother Ku, If you want to tell me, just say it, please stop trying to sound all mysterious all the time." Zhu Long sounded a bit irritated. Ku Wang pouted, "Brother Lin, you suck the fun out of it!" Ku Wang's face had a small tint of red. Zhu Long once again shook his head, "Okay, I'm sorry Brother Ku, please tell me what you were about to.." Ku Wang nodded and continued, "Brother Lin, Have you head of the demon race succubus?" Zhu Long was surprised by Ku Wang's words, he looked like he was struck by lightning, "That exquisite beauty, soft and entrancing voice, that figure that makes one keep glancing towards her.. And the main thing, the cherry on the top.. Two small horns on her head.. Sister Song had all of it.." Ku Wang smiled once again, "Yes Brother Lin, Ms Song was in fact a succubus. I guess she found you rather attractive so she wanted to get closer to you.. But you have heard about the main thing about succubuses right?" Zhu Long nodded, he wasn't a person who lived under a rock, he had many information about the Demon's in the north, and one thing that his grandfather taught him about was the dangerous sides of succubuses.. Their life essence stealing ability. Not all of them would use that power but there have been many cases of those happening that many men fear the succubuses. But some went past that fear and still tried to mate with those successes, some would come out unharmed, a small amount would disappear. What made those men ignore their fear? It was the succubus's innate ability to attract those of the opposite gender into a deep trance of lust. Nothing on their mind would be lust, and that hunger would cause those men to try to mate with succubus, allowing them to suck the men's life essence, killing them and improving their own powers and abilities. "That would make some sense, Sister Song did try to get close to me and all these times, I wasn't able to connect the dots and figure out her reasons.." Zhu Long had the look of disappointment, "After all that oldie taught me, I'm still not able to remember keen information from time to time.. This was one of those If this had been a life threatening situation, I would have been killed just because I didn't remember my training.." Zhu Long was thinking out loud, Ku Wang listened quietly, 'Brother Lin must have come from some type of assasination sect, or must have been trained in the army for something related to espionage.. I don't think that normal clans or sects would train people in such a way.. But It also seems like Brother Lin's training was incomplete, he didn't have the information about the demons of this continent.. That means that he might come from another continent.. I'm finding out a lot of things about brother Lin' Ku Wang felt happy, he really wanted to find out about the person who was with him, he was shrouded in mystery so it made Ku Wang want to find out everything about Zhu Long, with just curiosity.

"Brother Lin, let's continue our path to the center, From what Ms Song said, this inn is pretty close to the center of the City so we are only a few minutes walk from the sect.." Ku Wang said, trying to change the topic. Zhu Long nodded and looked towards the sky, it was only a small amount of time before it would be night. "Brother Ku is right, we have to hurry up, I'm feeling really tired. After talking to that elder of the Sword Sect, Let's have dinner, and go back to sleep. I really need to sleep, we do need to wake up early so we can get to the Qiang Village Head's mansion as early as we can." Zhu Long was serious, Ku Wang nodded in reply, "Brother Lin is correct, Village Head was pretty injured.. I do feel bad that we weren't able to get to his mansion by now but After all that we've gone through, I still feel like my qi hasn't replenished so if something were to happen on our way, we wouldn't be able to go all out without full power.. It would just be careless and stupid.. " Zhu Long nodded in agreement when he heard Ku Wang's words. The Both continued on their way to the center, On their way, they saw many stalls, selling many things. Ku Wang did get a bit distracted by the stalls, especially the ones that sold clothes and ornaments. As they walked, Ku Wang stopped and walked towards a stall and looked towards something in the corner then suddenly looked away, "Let's go brother Lin.." He said with a slight bit of emotion in his voice. Zhu Long didn't say anything. After a few minutes, Ku Wang looked backwards, searching for Zhu LOng but Ku Wang didn't see him. Ku Wang looked around and spotted Zhu Long, who rushed towards him. Ku Wang looked confused, "Brother Lin, what slowed you down?" Zhu Long smiled, "Nothing Brother Ku, I just saw something among the stalls, there are some really good things here, don't you think?" Ku Wang looked towards Zhu Long with a skeptic look and nodded, "There are many things that look amazing among the stalls but we can't get distracted, can we?" Ku Wang said to Zhu Long. "Let's continue!" He said as he started to walk. Zhu Long nodded and followed Ku Wang. After another few minutes of walking, It seemed like Ku Wang and Zhu LOng had reached the center. "This looks amazing!" Ku Wang exclaimed as he looked towards the center, where a huge statue stood, holding a huge sword, a certain aura came from the statue which caused people to feel like something was pressing them but it was by such an insignificant amount that it didn't affect their activities. Zhu Long was also amazed by this statue. "Brother Lin, we should search for the Sword sect, maybe asking people would be faster.." Zhu Long said as he looked around, searching for a gate that took others to the Sword sect. Ku Wang nodded and continued to walk towards the statue, on his way, he called out for some people, asking for some directions to the Sword Sect but they all looked scared and avoided him. After asking a few other people, the people started to avoid crossing Ku Wang's path. "Brother Lin, something strange is going on here, why are all the people scared when I ask them about the sword sect. They have even started to avoid me.." Ku Wang felt angry and disappointed. Zhu Long nodded, "Something must have happened for those people to feel this fear.." The two continued to walk around the center until a voice came into their ears, "You Two, I heard that you were looking for the way to the Sword Sect.."



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Here is a small part from his first chapter:

n a war filled world where only hate and enimity exist among the nations. only bloodshed and violence was the way of life. Or so, was belived. Among the hostile countries there was a country which was more dominant than the others both in the battle field and wealth. The countey was ruled by a powerful king and his two wives Anna and Umma. Anna being the younger wife was more prefered and taken care of by the king. But Umma in the other hand was about to be sent out of the palace in exile for the accusations of cheating on him. she was sent to exile in a forest dense and dark called the forest of demise. she was cast out to the forest and left there.

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