The Ruler Of All Chapter 81

82 Fifth Elder

"You two, I've heard that you are looking for the sword sect." A voice came into Zhu Long and Ku Wang's ears. Both of them looked towards the source, a young man, who had two others behind him. They had similar robes to the elders that created the barricade between the viewers of the battle between The Guard and the duo. Ku Wang smiled, but Zhu Long stayed vigilant, he could feel that something was off, especially when he saw that the people around the area had started to slowly walk away and watch from a distance. 'This.. This has to be the reason that the people were avoiding us when we asked them about the sword sect.' Ku Wang did feel that something was off but didn't give it much thought, he looked towards the young men, "Yes, do you people know where it is?" He asked in a friendly tone. Smiles came over the three men's faces, The man in the middle walked forward, it seemed like he was the leader of that small group. "Of course we can show you two the directions of the Sect, you know that we are the top three disciples, So why not show us some respect. We will tell you where it is.." The man's tone was evil, it seemed like he wanted to dominate Ku Wang and Zhu Long. He thought for another few seconds and added, "How about giving us some spirit stones as a compensation, HAHAHA" He laughed madly. Zhu Long and Ku Wang both furrowed their eyebrows. Ku Wang was about to speak but Zhu Long stopped him and spoke first, "If we don't?" His aura thickened, a deep murderous intent oozed from him, a fire in his eyes. Zhu Long looked extremely intimidating at this moment. The leader of the tree swallowed his saliva, a small bead of sweat flowed down his forehead. He tried to keep his calm, trying his hardest to not look intimidating. After a second, he seemed to get a hold on himself and smiled, "You will die!" There was confidence within his eyes as he said those three words, The two people behind him also roared when they heard his words. Ku Wang smiled when he heard and looked towards Zhu Long, Zhu Long looked back, they both nodded to each other. "Bring it on!" They said in union, with even more confidence in their eyes. Ku Wang took out a sword, but it wasn't the sword he used against the guard, it was a different sword, which had less aura around it, making it weaker, 'I don't need to waste much of my time or qi on these people, If I hadn't checked their cultivation, I might have been intimidated but when Brother Lin stopped me, I realised that the qi coming out from their bodies was far weaker than what I thought, These three rascals are at the Mid- Nascent stage! Me being at 6th layer, They are weaker than me by the minimum of two layers! Hell, It could be even more than two!' Ku Wang's confidence seemed to come from looking at the cultivation layers of the three people. Zhu Long had a similar opinion, He sensed that the aura from their body was weaker than Ku Wang's so he had complete confidence. After only a few seconds of time, The battle had ended, the three were severely injured, their meridians destroyed, completely disabling them forever using qi, they were entirely useless from this moment forward, a fate worse than death. Ku Wang walked to the three men and took their spital rings, he then kept one and gave the other two to Zhu Long, "Brother Lin, you defeated the two at once as they ganged up on you so you get their rings, I defeated the leader so I get his ring, is that fair for you?" Zhu Long smiled, "Brother Ku, did you really need to ask that question? It's more than fair." Ku Wang also smiled in response. He then looked towards the three people once more, "I wonder, are they really the 'Top Three' disciples of the Sword sect, considering that their leader is most likely a Saint Stage.. It's just too stupid to even say.." Zhu Long nodded and added, "Of course Brother Ku, I'm sure that these three were just using the name of the sword sect to get some soul stones from these innocent and less powerful people living here, That would explain why they avoided Brother ku when you asked them about the Sword Sect's ware abouts." Ku Wang nodded hearing Zhu Long's words, He sighed, "We wouldn't have wasted so much time if we knew this.. We would have just gone and beat these people up and then ask the people if they know the whereabouts of the sect."

"You two.. Follow me if you want to enter the sword sect." A voice came into Zhu Long as well as Ku Wang's ears. They both looked confused, "Spiritual Communication!" The same two words came into their minds when they heard the voice. 'Spiritual communication is an ability that a person obtains after they reach the void stage.. The person who called us must be a true member of the Sword Sect, I don't think that a void stage cultivator would try to mess with us for fun..' Zhu Long thought as he looked around. He caught a certain individual standing nearby the statue in the center. He had the robe similar to the elder that spoke to Zhu Long after the battle with the guard. Ku Wang had also noticed the individual and looked towards Zhu Long and nodded. Zhu Long nodded back and both of them started to walk towards the person. By now, many of the people who were watching Zhu Long and ku Wang fight the three men were surprised as well as relieved. From the look of their faces, it seemed like Zhu Long's guess of the three men was true and that they were harassing the people and getting spirit stones from them. Some cheered as they saw that Ku Wang and ZHu Long had won the match, and even thanked them. On their way to the man, Zhu Long and Ku Wang were flooded with people giving them some things, from bread to even clothes. Zhu Long refused most of them but due to their stubborness, Zhu Long gave in and accepted the gifts and gave them to Ku Wang. Ku Wang looked surprised by Zhu Long's actions but then remembered something, he took all the things given to Zhu Long and kept them in a separate spital ring. Zhu Long smiled when he saw that, "Thank you Brother Ku." The two finally made it out of the crowd of people and finally reached the man. They were finally close enough to get a good look at the man. He looked to be middle aged, a small stubble growing on his face, he was around 182 centimeters tall. The man's robe was dark blue in colour with the symbol of a sword on the chest. A small smile on the man's face when he saw Ku Wang and Zhu Long. "I sincerely thank you two for saving our sect this trouble, we had heard about some individuals causing some chaos in the center from time to time but before we were able to act, you two had already fixed it. But if they had been punished by us, let's just say that their fate would be worse than what they got from you two.." The man said with a sincere smile, but his words were the opposite. Zhu Long and Ku Wang smiled back, Zhu Long spoke up, "There is nothing to thank us about, My life was saved by an elder from the sword sect.. That reminds me, will you show us to the sword sect so we can thank that elder ourselves.." The man smiled wider when he heard Zhu Long's words, "Of course, I was sent here to escort you two. But before we go one our way, Let me introduce myself, I am the fifth elder of the Sword Sect, You can call me Fifth Elder as everyone calls me that. What might your names be?" Zhu Long nodded and replied, "Elder Fifth, My name is Lin Feng" He then turned towards Ku Wang. "And My name is Ku Wang, It's a pleasure to meet you, Elder Fifth." Both of them smiled as they introduced themselves to the man. "Great! Now, if you have to do anymore shopping then please complete it now. From what I've heard From Ms Song, you two will leave tomorrow morning.. The sword sect has invited you two as guests for the night, so you will get everything within the sect itself, from food to sleeping area. But I guess you two were probably planning to roam around and tour the city after coming to the sect. So I'd say that it would be better if you did so before coming with me so you two could tour the city and take in many parts of it. Our sect is a bit secretive and getting in and out is a bit difficult for anyone, including guests.." Fifth Elder said with a big smile. Zhu Long and Ku Wang looked confused, "Brother Ku, we should do some touring before we head in, might as well accept the Sword Sect's invitation.."
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