The Ruler Of All Chapter 82

83 Followed

"Brother Ku, we should accept the Sword Sect's invitation. So Let's go and tour around a bit, you really wanted to do so right?" Zhu Long said to Ku Wang, who was at the moment extremely surprised. 'I thought.. I thought that Brother Lin would decline this man's invitation but he accepted it in a heartbeat.. Is there another meaning? Or am I overthinking? Well, whatever, I get to tour the city anyways so hell with it, I'll just follow Brother Lin..' Ku Wang thought for a while and nodded. Fifth Elder smiled and said, "Okay, You two go have some fun, tour around the City, I will be here waiting for you.. Come to this exact place after roaming around, I will guide you two to the Sword Sect." Zhu Long smiled back and pulled Ku Wang's arm, he wanted Ku Wang to follow him. As the two walked away, the smile of Fifth Elder's face grew wider as he looked at the figures of Zhu Long and Ku Wang became smaller and smaller until they disappeared among a crowd. "Brother Lin, What's happening, Is something wrong?" Ku Wang looked a bit distressed as he saw Zhu Long's actions. Zhu Long shook his head and walked quietly, still pulling Ku Wang behind him. Ku Wang looked towards Zhu Long with a complicated gaze, 'This is a really weird person..' Ku Wang thought as he followed behind Zhu Long. After walking for a few minutes, The two had reached the corner of the center of the City, "Brother Ku, There is nothing, It's just that you wanted to roam around the city so I was in a hurry as well. Now we can just relax and tour the city.. If we hadn't hurried out of that place, Who Knows, maybe those people would have flooded us once again.. It would have been a hassle." Zhu Long said as he smiled sweetly. Ku Wang furrowed his eyebrows, but after giving it some thought, he nodded and smiled, "Brother Lin, shall we tour the City?" Zhu Long nodded when he heard Ku Wang's words. Ku Wang laughed with excitement and took the lead, walking to many stalls and looked at many items. Zhu Long followed along, looking for a few things but it wasn't for him, He looked towards an ornament stall and smiled, It seemed like something interesting came into Zhu Long's vision. Zhu Long walked towards the store and looked at something, Ku Wang looked surprised when he saw Zhu Long's actions, 'I didn't think that brother Lin would buy something Wait He is looking at necklaces! Who is he buying those for?' Ku Wang became more and more curious when he saw Zhu Long. It seemed like Zhu Long had wanted to buy a necklace. In the stall, Zhu Long pointed towards a small necklace, it had a small green pearl attached to it, it looked very simple yet elegant. "Miss, how much are these?" Zhu Long asked politely to the woman in the stall. "That.. It's a good green pearl, very rare to find that colour, It's price is 5 Mid grade, it's a good price son, I'm sure that the person who you are buying this to will be very happy." The woman smiled when she saw Zhu Long's handsome features. Zhu Long smiled and looked towards Ku Wang, who still had confused looks, "Brother Ku, could you lend me some Spirit stones, I'd also like to buy some.." Ku Wang nodded slowly and took out 10 mid grade spirit stones, "Brother Lin, I'm not lending them to you, These are yours from the start.. But I want to ask Brother Lin.. Who is the special person that you are buying this beautiful necklace for?" Zhu Long smiled wryly when he heard Ku Wang's question. He took the ten spirit stones and looked towards the woman in the stall, He pointed to another necklace, "Miss, I would like that one as well, How much would these two be if sold together?" The woman smiled, "Ahh, Many people in this young man's life, These young people sure do have a lot of energy!" The woman was around her late 40's and smiled when she looked towards Zhu Long, who was around the same age as her son. "For you, These two are 8 Mid grade spirit stones.." The woman said the price. Zhu Long nodded and paid for the two necklaces and kept the remaining two stones. Ku Wang looked towards Zhu Long, his face red with anger. Zhu Long smiled and looked towards the second necklace he bought, it was a small blue gem, it would catch many people's eyes in the street if one were to wear it. Ku Wang also looked at the second necklace and sighed. "It's for someone I know, someone I've known since childhood, a childhood friend if you will. She used to ask me to buy many things when me And My Grandfather went out of the town to train, but I would rarely bring her gifts as my grandfather was strict when it came to training and would only let me buy things on a rare occasion. I'm sure that she would be happy with this necklace, happy enough to never nag me about any other gifts.." Zhu Long said with a warm smile on his face. He remembers some memories of playing with a girl the same age as him, the princess of the Dragon Empire, Wang Shu. Ku Wang looked towards Zhu Long with shock, he smiled bitterly, "It seems like Brother Lin has a special connection with that person, but I want to ask why did Brother Lin buy that second necklace, is it another childhood friend?" Bitterness in Ku Wang's heart, he looked towards Zhu Long and smiled. Zhu Long shook his head, "This.. This one is for someone who I've never met, Someone that I will meet in the future, I'm sure that She would like it.. I would have picked another one which would have fit her appearance but I've never seen her before, Only heard of her appearance.. I don't even know her name.." Emotion filled up in Zhu Long's heart, his face looked saddened. "Brother Lin" Ku Wang wanted to say something but he stopped himself, he let Zhu Long calm down. Only after some time, Zhu Long looked to be a bit more calm, "Brother Lin, You don't need to tell me if you don't want to, Let's continue.." Zhu Long smiled and nodded. Ku Wang also smiled and started to walk towards other stalls, Zhu Long followed along. After looking through some stalls, Ku Wang paused and started towards a certain thing, but there was a hint of shock and sadness in his eyes, "Brother Ku, What's the matter?" Zhu Long asked when he saw Ku Wang's shock. Ku Wang shook his head and smiled, "It's nothing, I saw something interesting in that stall but it's not there anymore, It doesn't matter though." A small smile came on Zhu Long's face when he heard Ku Wang's words but no one noticed it. Zhu Long said, "Brother Lin, I wanted to say something.." But before Zhu Long could say a word, a voice came into his mind, 'Lad, I'm sure that you had expected this, but you are being followed..' Zhu Long smiled when he heard The voice. 'Old Young, sound a lot more energetic, I'm glad that you are better, but for now, please tell me where that person is hiding? I'm sure that a small glance will scare them enough to stop following me.' Zhu Long replied. 'Lad, You're smart haha! Look at the top of that small building the north-west of where you are facing, Behind that pillar, the person is watching you from there. Do what you must, I shall go back to sleep.' Zhu Long smiled when he heard Old Yang's words. Ku Wang was looking at Zhu Long's random change in facial expressions in shock, 'He was about to tell me something important but hasn't said a thing and is just smiling creepily.. What is wrong with him? Brother Lin can be very weird at times..' Zhu Long suddenly looked towards the direction of the man and smiled. 'I guess that was enough to spook him.' He thought as he walked like nothing had happened. Behind the pillar, The man's face broke in cold sweat, "This kid is something.. I guess I will stop tailing them.. He could be dangerous, maybe someone is protecting him from the shadows but doesn't want to be seen so he must have told the kid to look towards me to scare me off. Well, it worked, I don't want to anger anyone behind him.""Brother Lin!" A loud voice came into Zhu Long's ears, "Brother Lin, I shall explain, We were being followed and I think I have spooked the man so we are finally safe, I think.."


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