The Ruler Of All Chapter 83

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"Brother Lin, we were being followed so I had to act as if nothing was happening. After figuring out where the person was following me from, I just looked towards him which was good enough to spook him. Now, we are in the clear.." Zhu Long said as he looked towards Ku Wang with a small smile. Ku Wang looked shocked and confused, "What.. How did you know that we were being followed?" That was the first thought that came into Ku Wang's mind. Zhu Long smiled and thought for a while, "It's just a feeling.." Ku Wang looked infuriated by Zhu Long's words, "Brother Lin, don't joke with me.. If you had guessed then why did you look towards the direction of the man and then suddenly tell me that we were now safe?" Zhu Long smiled wryly when he heard Ku Wang's questions, but he couldn't reveal that he had someone powerful in his spiritual word and that the person had told him the direction of the man who was following them. "Brother Lin.. It's a secret." Zhu Long smiled, Ku Wang didn't smile. He looked even more angry than before but then took a deep breath, "I guess what Brother Lin said is true, we all have secrets that we don't want others to find out.. I apologize to Brother Lin for acting like that.." Ku Wang was in fact correct, even though he had secrets that we wouldn't have told Zhu Long now. Everyone had those secrets. "Thank you brother Ku for understanding, I promise that when the situation is right, maybe in the future, I will tell you.. Who knows, You might also have some secrets that you could tell me as well.." Zhu Long smiled widely. Ku Wang looked confused for a while, "Brother Lin, who do you think was tailing us? A person who was related to that guard we fought earlier?" Ku Wang thought that an acquaintance of the guard that was killed just before he killed Zhu Long would have been the most reasonable reason that someone was following them. Zhu Long however shook his head when he heard Ku Wang's reasoning, "I would have also thought something similar but After meeting that fifth elder.. I'm starting to have other thoughts.. I'm around 90% sure that the man following us was the Fifth Elder of the Sword sect.." Ku Wang listened to Zhu Long's words and thought for a while, "Brother Lin.. That could be a possibility, We could have been sent to observe you.. That reminds me.. I wonder why the Sword Sect was so interested in you that they invited you.." Ku Wang said with a slight hint of confusion in his voice. "Brother Ku.. I don't think that I was invited.. I think that they were also interested in you as well. If I'd have to make a wild guess.. They might have wanted to recruit us.. Or attract us in joining their sect. Even where I come from, Brother Ku would be the most talented disciple.. So there is no wonder that they'd want to recruit you.. I guess it would be the same case for me.." Zhu Long said after putting some thought into the reason for invitation. Ku Wang nodded when he heard Zhu Long's reasoning, "Brother Lin.. Now that you took out the topic about your sect.. Don't forget it.. Brother Lin, I want to ask you a question.. I hope you don't mind.." Ku Wang said with a serious expression. Zhu Long nodded, "Brother Lin.. Who was that other woman you were talking about.. I might have touched an insensitive topic but I feel like you will also feel better when you share it with someone.. I'm sure that I am trustworthy enough.. If you don't want to , It's completely understandable, You can just ignore this question.. " Ku Wang felt that the person that Zhu Long was talking about was someone very important to him.. So he couldn't help but ask the question. He did feel a bit bad about it as he knew that this topic was something sensitive to him. After a few seconds, Ku Wang didn't get a reply, 'I had expected this.. I guess I was being a bit insensitive.. I have to apologize.' Ku Wang looked towards Zhu Long deep into his eyes, "Brother Lin.. I am sorr.." Before he could finish the alocozy, Zhu Long spoke up, "I was talking about two people, One was my childhood friend, I only had two friends, One who I treat as my own blood brother, the other being the girl who I bought the first necklace for. I would get into a lot of fights with her but at the end, we were close friends. My grandfather knew her father and this we got introduced to each other.. I was happy being her friend, As brother Ku knows, I cannot use qi, everyone would tease me for it.. But she would always stay with me, never made fun of that. That's why I'm thankful for having her in my life. But.. She was very annoying at times.. I guess that is kind of understandable, her being a princess.. Brother Lin, I will introduce you to her in the future Who knows, You might come to like it here." Zhu Long laughed when he remembered Wang Shu. Ku Wang furrowed his eyebrows, "Brother Lin.. Lets not joke about this.. Can you tell me about the second person..?" Ku Wang seemed to be more interested about the second person who Zhu Long talked about. Zhu Long thought for a long while, He then took a deep breath, "I trust Brother KU so I am sharing this with you.. I'm sure that Brother Ku will tell me some of his secrets in return, Haha" Zhu Long laughed. Ku Wang shook his head and waited for Zhu Long's actual answer. "Brother Ku.. The woman I was talking about was someone who was never in my life, Someone who I've only heard about but never saw, not even her portrait. Even my father didn't say much, sometimes it felt like he didn't even know her. My grandfather seemed to know about her more than my father, ironic But I think when I find out about her.. I might find out about myself.. The person who I call father might not be who I think he is.. Although I never thought about it this deeply.. It's a possibility. But that never meant that I didn't treat him like someone else.. He will always be my father.. Even if my assumptions were incorrect.. I have so many questions myself.. All leads to one person, one woman, someone who I've always wanted to meet as a child My mother.." Zhu Long's heart welled up in emotions but he kept a cold face as if nothing could affect him. Ku Wang looked towards Zhu Long with the eyes of sadness, "Brother Lin.. I'm sorry that I brought up such a subject.." The next thing that Zhu Long felt was warmth, Ku Wang suddenly hugged Zhu Long, "Brother Lin, I promise that in the future, I will help you find your mother.. I also want to meet the woman who gave birth to such a powerful and genius person!" Zhu Long looked surprised by Ku Wang's actions, "Brother Ku.. You know that I don't wing that way.." He smiled wryly. Ku Wang's face turned red, He pushed Zhu Long away, "Forget this ever happened!" He was infuriated. People in the stalls watched and laughed at Ku Wang, causing him to feel embarrassed, "But.. Brother Ku, I thank you for your words.. I hope that in the future, you will be with me when I search for My mother." Ku Wang smiled. "Now Brother Ku, Let's continue to roam, I'm sure that you wanted to explore the city." Zhu Long changed the topic. Ku Wang shook his head, "Brother Lin.. I think that we should return.. I've had my fill. There was something That I saw and wanted to buy but someone bought it before I could.."


Detective Carter


"Sure, Please Enter.. Please Don't mind our rudeness We are jus." Before the brute could finish his word, I said, "Just doing your job, I know I know.. Don't worry, I've heard so many stories about your boss that I wouldn't want to wish my enemies to get the treatment he does to those who anger him. Let's just forget about this. I'm in a hurry so I will meet your boss now." I patted the brute's shoulders, Damn those things were huge! I go to the gym on a daily basis but I'm not even confident on reaching even half of that.. Just what did That bastard Nitti feed his guard?! Anyways, I walked into the restro and not to my surprise, it was absolutely amazing! This was like a 5 star hotel.. No, a 7 star! Everything that should be metal was made out of gold, or atleast coated in it. The ceiling was very tall and the stairs looked like it took millions of dollars to make. I can't imagine the amount of money that the entire restro could cost to make.

I stopped drooling at the interior and walked towards the stairs, I remember Nitti telling me to meet him upstairs in the restro. The upper floor was even more amazing, I didn't think that something that amazing could be made even more amazing to look at. There were even gold Statues! I once again controlled myself to stop drooling on the interior and walked up to a huge door, Conveniently named NITTI. The guard stopped me and asked, "Are you The Mamba?" I sighed once more and nodded. "Yes, I am the one who you call "Mamba"" Seriously, what did I do for everyone to call me Mamba? I have such a good alias name but noooooo, Mamba is what everyone wants to call me. It was frustrating at times, I took over an hour to think of the Name Mark Jones. I guess It cannot be helped, I did a lot of the dirty jobs just by The use of Black Mamba venom.
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