The Ruler Of All Chapter 84

85 Entering The Sword Sec

Zhu Long nodded, "Then, I guess we can go and meet with the fifth elder and enter the Sword sect." Zhu Long said as he started to walk towards the center of the city. Zhu Long nodded in agreement and followed behind Zhu Long. "Brother Lin, I was serious about your mother.. In the future, I will help you find her.." Ku Wang said as he followed Zhu Long to the center. Zhu Long smiled warmly, "Brother Lin, I thank you for this.. I know that in the future, with Brother Ku's help, I will be successful and will find my mother.. At least found out who she was and why I was never able to meet her.. I'm sure that many questions that I have about myself will be answered from finding out about my mother.. For now, Brother Ku, we should continue on our path and head inside the Sword Sect.. We need to go to the Qiang Village head's mansion after that, in the morning.. That was also early morning.." Zhu Long said as his face became more serious. Ku Wang nodded when he heard Zhu Long's words. After a few minutes of walking through many roads, The two could finally see the statue once more. Ku Wang was still amazed by the aura emanating from the statue, he had never felt something that powerful yet harmless to the normal people. Zhu Long however didn't have his eyes on the statue, he was deep in thought, 'Old Yang.. You help me in many places yet I don't know the reason you did so.. Because of you, I was able to be this powerful but you never told me why you helped me like this.. I have even more questions but I'm sure that you aren't listening, As you said before.. You were going to sleep.. I hope that you have a good sleep, and be well rested.. My questions will exhaust you once more.' Zhu Long was trying to talk to Old Yang but after a bit more thought, he had confirmed that Old Yang was once again sleeping. He couldn't help but feel a bit annoyed by this but he knew that the time would come in the future when all of his questions would be answered, he had a feeling that what he required right now was more power and more time. Zhu Long then remembered his plans to training with Ku Wang but he decided to to tell him at the moment, Life was unpredictable and many things have to be taken into account before making a decision, Zhu Long knew this and wasn't sure if he would be with Ku Wang after meeting with the Village head be did need to have some plan if Ku Wang was staying. Before Zhu Long could know it, He realised that the two of them were about to meet with the Fifth Elder. After a few seconds of walking, They stood once again before the fifth elder. "Have you finished shopping and touring?" The fifth elder smiled widely as he looked at Ku Wang and Zhu Long. Zhu Long nodded, "Yes, we have finished with our shopping, let's continue and head towards the Sword Sect.." The Fifth Elder smiled and turned around, "Then, Follow me" he said as he walked towards a small building at the corner of the center area. Ku Wang and Zhu Long followed silently behind the fifth elder. After a few minutes, they reached the house, The fifth elder stopped walking and turned around, a wide smile on his face, "Now, I will walk as slowly as I can, follow my footsteps exactly or it could lead to a serious injury or even.. Death." Zhu Long and Ku Wang's faces were filled with a hint of shock, 'It seems like the way that thesect kept so secret from the outside world might have been this.. The entrance of the Sword Sect seems to be more complex than I had imagined.. But that leads to the question.. Why were so many void cultivators of the Sect outside.. That also near the entrance from the Demon continent That much void cultivators could have been 70% of the void cultivators in their Sect yet they were outside.. Maybe.. I might be overthinking this but it's something to question..' Zhu Long thought as he saw The fifth elder turn around and open the door of the small building. Ku Wang also seemed to think the same thing. The two carefully observed the exact path taken by the fifth elder. Zhu Long then slowly followed the exact path, Ku Wang continued to follow Zhu Long. Time seemed to pass on it's own, it felt like they were in this building, following the fifth elder carefully for an hour. Every now and then the fifth elder would look behind towards the Two and smile, he would also ask if the two required a break for some time but the two both would reject the idea completely. "If I'm unable to do this simple task of following exact steps then I am not qualified enough to be a cultivator!" Ku Wang said in a serious tone, Zhu Long agreed with Ku Wang's words. The fifth elder would smile like always and continue on the path, Followed by Zhu Long and Ku Wang. Another hour seemed to pass by, the three were still on the same path. Ku Wang seemed to annoyed by his current situation, it wasn't because they were tired, in fact, Ku Wang felt nothing from walking this much, It was because the had to follow the exact same steps as the Fifth elder and this would be a big load on their mind, especially taking into account that a misstep could lead to a serious injury or even death. "Fifth Elder.. This.. How long will we be going like this. By now, I should have already been dark.. We need to get up early tomorrow morning.." Zhu Long said to the fifth elder. The fifth elder looked backwards and smiled, "Junior Lin has perfect timing, We are about to reach the actual entrance of the Sect.." Zhu Long looked surprised and then smiled, 'At least we are about to reach the sect.. An hour more of walking like this, I would have probably gone crazy..' Zhu Long thought. Ku Wang, who was close behind Zhu Long also had similar thoughts, He was also going to ask how long it would take but Zhu Long had beat it to him. After a few minutes of walking, Zhu Long and Ku Wang saw some bright lights in front of them, "Now, you two can walk freely, The security formation has ended.." Fifth Elder's voice came into their ears. Zhu Long walked forward to the opening where the light came from, Ku Wang also followed with excitement. As soon as they exited the formation, The two saw a Gate, only a bit smaller than the entrance of the city. The gate was made out of Wood and there was an engraving on the gate, Two Words were written in a bold font, "SWORD SECT". Zhu Long smiled, "Finally we have reached the sect.. Brother Ku, I guess that we are lucky to be invited into the Sect as guests, I sure that it would have been even more annoying if we had to go back out of the sect through the same path, we would have probably gone crazy." Zhu Long laughed. Ku Wang also nodded, "I agree, we are lucky that we are given the opportunity to stay the night here.. Brother Lin, now Let's enter the sect.." Ku Wang said as he walked towards the gate. As soon as the two had exited the formation, The fifth elder had disappeared, Zhu Long had guessed that it was probably to inform the higher ups about their arrival. The two walked towards the Gate. At the front of the gate, two cultivators at the cultivation of Early nascent stage stood, holding a sword each. "Stop! Please identify yourself, The fact that you have arrived at the gate means that you are probably guests.." One of the guard's said with a superior tone. Zhu Long kept a cold face and replied, "Yes, We were escorted here by your Fifth Elder... My name is Lin Feng and he is Ku Wang." The guard's face was filled with shock, "The fifth elder? No.. You are lying! Our fifth elder would never escort anyone, His pride would never let him do that! You two.. Who are you? If you don't speak up, We will have to take action!" The guard seemed shocked as well as enraged. Before Zhu Long could speak, Another voice came into his ear, "Stop you two! You dare to even try to attack two of our esteemed Guests? Even if you had tried to attack, you two would just have been defeated in no time"

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