The Ruler Of All Chapter 85

86 Inside The Sword Sec

"Even if you had tried to attack our two guests, you two would have just been injured.." A woman walked out of the gate and scolded the two guards. She then looked towards Zhu Long and Ku Wang and smiled warmly. Zhu Long finally got a good look at the woman, she seemed to be around the same age as him or at least a few years older, based on her appearance. Her face was bright, her lips plump, and her body was something that others couldn't ignore. Zhu Long was pleasantly surprised, 'The amount of beautiful women I've seen till now is just amazing.' Zhu Long was a man after all and he knew to appreciate beauty. The woman looked towards Zhu Long and said, "Please excuse these two, It was partially my mistake as I wasn't quick enough to notify them about your arrival.. I hope that you two don't mind this.." Zhu Long coldly looked towards the two guards and looked towards the woman, "There is no problem, We understand that they were doing their jobs. But I think that we should hurry. It took us a lot of time getting here from that formation and we require some sleep after this exhausting day.. We do need to get up early as we have some things to do.." The Woman looked towards Zhu Long in surprise, she didn't expect him to reply so coldly. She still kept the smile and looked towards Ku Wang, in hopes of getting a less cold response, "Let me introduce myself, My name is Zhao Chuntao, I'm a disciple of the Sword Sect, I will be your guide in here so if there is any problem, Please tell me, I'll try to solve it.. May I know your names?" Zhao Chuntao smiled. Ku Wang smiled in reply and said, "Sister Zhao, My name is Ku Wang.." He then looked towards Zhu Long. Zhu Long nodded and smiled, 'Did i be too cold?' He realised that his expression and mannerism was a bit too cold so he tried to smile warmly, "My name is Lin Feng.." Zhao Chuntao smiled when she saw Zhu Long's smile, "Brother Lin, Brother ku.. Now that we have acquainted with each other, Please follow me, I shall take you two around the sect, First Elder will meet you after the small tour.. Also, PLease don't worry about the time wasted in the formation.." Zhao Chuntao said with a smile. Zhu Long and Ku Wang looked confused, "Don't worry about the time we wasted in the formation? What do you mean, Sister Zhao?" Zhao Chuntao smiled, she looked towards Zhu Long and Ku Wang, "The formation of our Sword Sect is very special.. It's a defensive mechanism and is very long so it takes a huge amount of time to cross it.. But the special part about it is that the formation contains time laws.." She wanted Ku Wang and Zhu Long to guess the reason for not worrying about the time themselves. Ku Wang realised something, "Is the time in the formation slowed down?" His face was filled with some shock., 'I didn't expect for something that valuable being used in a sect here in the CIty of Pride.. This sect is more special than i had expected..' Zhu Long also seemed to realise something but he didn't speak, He let Zhao Chuntao speak, "Brother Ku is correct, The time is slowed down by a ratio of 1:4 in the formation.. So If you two took two hours in the formation, It was only about 30 minutes in the outside world" She smiled as she looked towards Zhu Long. Zhu Long had another question pop in his mind, "Sister Zhao, Why would the sect keep such a valuable formation that slows time down along with the defensive formation?" Zhu Long's question made Zhao Chuntao smile, She looked towards the formation, " I don't know about that.. I'm only a disciple after all so it would be weird if the elders told me how the defensive formations worked.." Zhu Long nodded and smiled, 'I guess that I was asking a lot, she is a disciple after all. Ku Wang shook his head when he saw Zhu Long, "Please, Sister Zhao, Let's continue, We no longer have any questions.." Zhao Chuntao smiled and nodded, "Then Please follow, me.. I will show you two around the sect, First Elder is currently busy with somethings so I will entertain you two until he is free.. I hope that Brother Zhu and Brother Ku don't mind that.." Zhu Long shook his head when he heard Zhao Chuntao's words, Ku Wang also shook his head, "There is no problem, where will we go first? From what we've seen yet, The Sect is huge so there must be many places to visit.." Zhao Chuntao nodded, "Indeed Brother Ku, I shall take you two to the arena to have a look around, on the way, I will be able to show you many places as the arena is the furthest from the front gate.." Zhao Chuntao said as she started walking in the gate. Zhu Long and Ku Wang followed Zhao Chuntao quietly into the Sect Doors. The two guard's looked at Zhu Long and Ku Wang with a hint of shock in their face, The two looked towards each other and sighed, "Brother, We are lucky.. Who would have known that those two were so important? Even The fifth Elder had escorted them to the Sect.. But I wonder, who are they?" The second guard looked in the gate towards Zhu Long and Ku Wang's backs, "I don't know.. I am a bit angry though.." The first one laughed, "Brother, I know, I know. Most of the disciples would have planned to kill that guy if they saw how coldly he looked towards Sister Zhao.. She is the princess of the Sect after all" The second guard nodded, "What.. What if we spread this to the stronger disciples.. Or" The first guard smiled, "Brother, I know where you are going with this.. Brother Gui has been after Sister Zhao for some time after all.. He even sends expensive gifts to her all the time so he is head over heels for her, the best part is that he is at the peak of the Nascent stage so I'm confident that brother Gui can beat those two easily.. We would even get some things from him by informing him about this." The two made a plan and went back to their posts, waiting for another two Guards to come and take their place. Zhu Long had no idea about this as he was following Zhao Chintao. "Here is our Weapons shop, Everything here is paid by a special credit system.." Zhu Long smiled when he heard about the use of a credit system, 'Reminds me of the Zhu Sect, We had to do many activities to gain credits.. Those credits were used to buy manuals, weapons and even healing pellets.. I guess that many sects work on similar principles." Zhao Chuntao looked towards Zhu Long and KU Wang's expression and realised that the two weren't that interested in the weapon shop, "I guess that we can continue to the arena it self, There are many places like the medical place, manual library but Brother Lin and Brother Ku probably aren't interested in those The arena would at least be the most entertaining thing.." Zhu Long and Ku Wang smiled wryly, it was true, the two of them weren't interested in the shops or the library at all, they would rather go to the arena and watch some ongoing battles.


I don't have anything to do tomorrow so I will be writing the missed chapters tomorrow. Thank you for reading my novel..

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Novel Name: Legend Of The 2 Swords

Author : king_of_emptiness

Chapters : 3

This is the first chapter:

In a war filled world where only hate and enmity exist among the nations. only bloodshed and violence was the way of life. Or so, was believed. Among the hostile countries there was a country which was more dominant than the others both in the battle field and wealth. The country was ruled by a powerful king and his two wives Anna and Umma. Anna being the younger wife was more prefered and taken care of by the king. But Umma on the other hand was about to be sent out of the palace in exile for the accusations of cheating on him. she was sent to exile in a dense and dark place called the forest of demise. She was cast out to the forest and left there after being sentenced by the king.

she walked into the forest slowly counting all her steps in the hope of returning out. But alas she did not know about what was about to come after.

Suddenly the surrounding got hazy and misty, even then she continued to walk in. Then it was like the ground suddenly disappeared and she fell into the darkness ,into great depth. She lost consciousness and after some time when she woke up. she tried to stand but she was tied to a giant rock with something stronger than a diamond yet flexible, she called out for help but no reply came back.

In the pitch dark a small flame came her way, holding the flame was a creature that was certainly not human .It then whispered into her ear "you are the new toy for the lord." The creature's voice caused her body to shake from fear. From there she was taken to the palace of the lord of the creatures of the darkness. In a carige that looked like a monster's mouth a snake's body , which was towed by a giant dragon.


His grammar isn't the best but his story writing skills are ten times better than mine. I'm also asking him on a daily basis to continue but he says that he just doesn't have the motivation but I'm sure that after reading some supportive comments from you guys, He will continue to write.

I hope you guys understand.

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