The Ruler Of All Chapter 86

87 Sword Sect Arena

"Then, Brother Ku and Brother Lin, Please follow me, I shall take you two to the arena directly.." Chao Chuntao said as he smiled wryly. 'These two must come from sects or families that are rich for them to be so unimpressed about the weapons stores or the medical stores.. They had even guessed the formations correctly and their uses.. But I still don't know why the Master would want me to entertain them while they were here.. But I don't mind it that much..' She thought to herself as Zhao Chuntao looked towards Zhu Long and blushed. She shook her head and started to walk down a path, "Please follow me.." Zhu Long hadn't payed much attention to Zhao Chuntao as he was still looking around the Sect but Ku Wang had noticed Zhao Chuntao's actions and was surprised, he bumped Zhu Long's arm and smiled, "Brother Lin is a popular person Ms Song.. Now Sister Zhao.." Zhu Long looked confused by Ku Wang's words, he furrowed his eyebrows, "Brother Ku, Did I do something?" He asked with a confused expression. Ku Wang shook his head, 'A dense person..' He wanted to say something but then thought of something. Soon, Ku Wang started to walk faster behind Zhao Chuuntao. Zhu Long looked confused and followed behind the two infront of him. As they walked, Zhu Long and Ku Wang noticed a huge building, "Is that the arena?" Ku Wang asked as he stared at the building. Zhu Long also had the same question in his mind. Zhao Chuntao nodded, " Indeed, That this is the arena of the Sword Sect, It's where most disciples will be found when they are not Training I'm sure that Brother Ku and Brother Lin will enjoy themselves at the arena, many disciples have friendly battles to enlighten each other.. Plus, if you two want to, Brother Lin and Brother Ku and more that welcome to join in battle, Even though there aren't much, the disciples at the peak of Nascent stage are all very powerful, they might even pose a challenge.." Zhao Chuntao said with pride. Zhu Long smiled and shook his head, "Lets see.." Ku Wang also smiled and followed Zhao Chuntao. After a few minutes of walking, The three reached a gate, There was a huge board on top of the gate, which looked similar of the board at the entrance, the only difference was that the board on this gate had different words on it, The words, "ARENA" were written on the board in big bold letters, it even carried a certain aura around it. "Hm? Disciple Zhao? And two others? It's a rare sight to see such a popular person here.." An old man said as he looked towards Zhao Chuntao, Ku Wang and Zhu Long. He then smiled, "if I remember correctly, these two must be the two guests.. I guess that would explain why Disciple Zhao would come here, well, for these guests, The entrance is free, it is the same with Disciple Zhao. Enjoy'' The old man laughed. Zhu Long and Ku Wang looked confused, Zhao Chuntao bowed, "Thank You Elder '' and continued to walk inside the arena, she looked back towards Zhu Long and KU Wang, indicating them to follow her. Zhu Long and Ku Wang nodded and followed Zhao Chuntao into the arena. "I hope that you two don't mind or think too much into that elder's words.. If he is a bit particular when it comes to communications with others.. But he is a very powerful man, he is also incharge of the arena, and takes care of everything that goes inside here, injured disciples, rule breaking, even the betting. Lets just say that he is everywhere within the arena, it's like the arena is his domain.." Zhu Long and Ku Wang nodded when they heard Zhao Chuntao's words. After some more walking, The three walked out of a door, being invited by huge roars, It seemed like a fierce fight was happening at the moment. "Tiger Will kill the Loin!""No! The Lion will be the victor!" It seemed the ones battling with each other were called tiger and lion, at least it must have been their nicknames. Ku Wang and Zhu Long looked curiously towards the arena where the roads were coming from. In the arena, two men, both carrying a sword stood. They both stood in similar stances, It seemed to be a fierce battle. Zhao Chuntao smiled as she saw the battle, "Those two really like to battle each other, From what I've heard, This must be their 41th battle, on the 40th battle, they had a tie, This would be a tie breaker" Zhu Long nodded, he was intrigued, he wanted to see how this battle would go. Ku Wang was also intrigued, "I guess this would be more fun than going to different shops around the sect.." He looked towards Zhao Chuntao. Zhao Chuntai smiled wryly, "Brother Ku is correct, but I am not that entertained by these fights, I'd rather train in my home where there is peace and quiet.. But i guess that sometimes these things could be fun.. There is another reason I don't like to go out that much. But That's another thing and brother Ku and Brother Lin don't have to worry about that now, I guess this would be fun every once in a while so let's just enjoy the match.." Zhu Long looked confused by Zhao Chuntao's words but he then looked towards his surroundings. 'I guess being such a beauty would also be a hassle, The amount of people staring at her is surprising.. Those eyes are those of lust..' Ku Wang also couldn't help but notice the gazes on Zhao Chuntao. "Sister Zhao.. If you don't feel comfortable, We could just roam around the other parts of the sect, There is no need to force yourself because of us.. We would be the ones who would feel bad.." Zhu Long said with an apologetic expression, he did feel bad when he saw the circumstances that were put on Zhao Chuntao when they reached the arena. The two had also realised why the elder of the arena said that it was a rarity to see Zhao Chuntao going to the arena. Zhao Chuntao smiled warmly, she turned towards Zhu Long, "Brother Zhu is really a nice man, But i've grown used to such grazes, I don't bat an eye to them so please don't worry about that, lets just watch the battle, by the roars of the spectators, it seems like the match is about to come to a conclusion, I'm sure that it wouldn't be something to miss, right?" Zhu Long warmly smiled back, he then looked towards Ku Wang and said, "I guess if Sister Zhao says so but if sister doesn't feel comfortable anymore, just tell us, we can exit the arena anytime, this isn't the first time we've been to someplace like this, so we wouldn't be missing anything." Ku Wang nodded in agreement, 'Brother Lin's warm side just showed itself, This man He becomes cold at many times, dense and idiot like at other places and even warm in places He really isn't consistent with his emotions but i guess this is a good thing as he is showing his true side.. I like this side of brother Lin too haha' Ku Wang smiled as he saw Zhu Long's warm smile. Zhao Chuntao blushed when she saw Zhu Long's smile, she had never felt this flustered before, before she could say anything, a voice came into her ears, "MY LOVE ZHAO! WHY ARE YOU WITH ANOTHER MAN! AND WHY ARE YOU BLUSHING? I WILL KILL HIM!!"


Damn, these stories are getting out of hand, I only used the black mamba venom as it was the easiest method to do these jobs but to be called the Black Mamba.. It's something that is entirely out of hand. I must talk to that asshole Nitti about this name, I came up with the name Mark Jones but.. Ah fuck it, I don't care anymore. "Please sir, Boss is waiting for you.." the guard said as he opened the door towards Nitti's office. Even before I entered the office, I was overwhelmed, This guy's office has more bling than all of those young rappers in america combined! The entire wall was coloured in liquid gold! It looked shit but damn, this is a huge flex. The more I see this guy's stuff, the more I get pissed off. My day was going so good especially when I met Ms Smith, but now, it's back to shittyness. I walked in to see a huge bulky man at the side of the door, An ar-15 on him. I entered the room completely and was introduced by a pretty high pitched voice, "So.. The notorious black mamba finally comes to my domain.. Tell me black Mamba, How is my place?"

Thank You for reading my novel and bearing with my weird uploads, I'm still sick but fell a bit better now.
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