The Ruler Of All Chapter 87

88 Gui Sheng

"MY LOVE ZHAO! WHY ARE YOU IN THE ARENA, THAT ALSO WITH ANOTHER MAN, NO TWO MEN! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME? YOU ARE MY FIANCE, I WILL KILL THOSE TWO!" A deep and harsh voice came into Zhu Longs' ears. Zhao Chuntao looked shocked and annoyed, "Bastard Gui! I've never accepted your proposal! Don't get over your head!" She shouted in a harsh tone. Ku Wang looked as if he had already understood the circumstances, Zhu Long also understood what was happening, 'Soo.. I guess Sister Zhao doesn't come to places like this for another reason.. I guess that I am partly to blame here so I should be involved here.. I can't let Sister Zhao handle this alone, although she does seem to have similar prowess to that guy.. Their aura is similar in power at least..' Zhu Long watched for now, He had planned to come in if things got out of hand, He believed that Zhao Chuntao was more than enough for this guy but he still felt that he should get involved if things went out of hand. Ku Wang had similar thoughts to Zhu Long, he also felt like getting involved as he was partially the reason for the guy getting angry. But none of the two felt like they were in the wrong, why would they? They did absolutely nothing wrong, the guy came out of nowhere and started to yell. The man looked towards Zhu Long and smiled, killing intent in his eyes, Zhu Long noticed the killing intent and showed some of his own prowess, His body began to emit the demonic pressure, Those weak cultivators near him couldn't even breathe properly, But before the pressure could completely be felt by the man, Ku Wang stopped Zhu Long, he stood before Zhu Long and shook his head, Zhu Long smiled and nodded in agreement. Ku Wang then looked towards Zhao Chuntao, "Sister Zhao.. Should we help you.. No.. The real question is.. How far can we get involved?" Before Zhao Chuntao could answer, The man once again yelled, "Zhao, Don't give me that shit! There is no way that anyone else in this continent could be fit for you except for me so you being my fiance is just fate, The sooner you accept it, the better.." The man smiled coldly, there was not lust in his eyes. The women in the stadium all shivered when they saw his lust, Ku Wang felt like vomiting after he saw the man's lust, "Such filth!" He roared as his qi started to rise, The Man finally felt the qi from Ku Wang, he wasn't able to feel Zhu Long's aura as he stopped as soon as Ku Wang told him to but this time, Ku Wang was the one who showed aggression, His qi was flowing all over his body, rage in his eyes, "You treat her as an object.. You are no man, just a spoiled brat, lusting after women just because they 'Look Good', There is no reason for you to live!" Ku Wang jumped towards the man, a sword in his hand, the same sword he used against Zhu Long and the rock demonic beast. He swung with his might, a fiery tail followed behind his sword, it seemed like if anything got in his sword's path, it would instantly burn. SWOOSH! Just before Ku Wang could strike the man, someone instantly appeared in front of him and caught the sword with their bare hand. 'HOW?!' Ku Wang was in shock. He didn't expect someone to have the ability to completely stop his attack, that also with their bare hands. Ku Wang looked towards the man who caught the attack, it was an old man. "You're the Elder!" Ku Wang said as he remembered that the person who just caught his attack was actually the elder of the arena. 'With Brother Ku's powers.. Even those at the Void stage would be injured if they tried that stunt this elder is atleast at the mid levels of The Void Stage! Such a powerful person is a mere elder who looks after the arena..' Ku Wang had similar thoughts, it was true, with Ku Wang's attack, someone of the beginning of the void stage would get hurt if they tried to catch it bare handed but this elder had just caught the attack with his bare hands, it didn't even cut his arm, it seemed like the strike didn't even phase him. The man who was harassing Zhao Chuntao gulped some saliva, 'That attack could have killed me I wasn't even ready for that guy to show this level of power, else , I would have taken my sword out to protect myself, at least the arena's rules saved me But this man.. His power is amazing.. He should be the more powerful one among the two as he stopped the second one, probably saying that he wasn't my enemy Doesn't matter, I will kill that guy first! He dared make Zhao Blush in front of me!' The man seemed to be confident in battling Ku Wang if he were ready, but his main focus was on Zhu Long, the person who Zhao Chuntao seemed to be more fond of, the other reason being that he thought that Zhu Long was say weaker than Ku Wang after he saw Ku Wang stop Zhu Long. "Battles should only happen in the arena, not where the audience are as you are a dear guest of the sect and it is your first time in the sect, You will be forgiven for breaking the rules, but I hope that dear guest will follow the rules from now on as I've informed it.. Even guests won't be tolerated when rules are broken.." The Elder smiled. Ku Wang was still in a shocked state but he nodded when he heard the elder's words, "I apologize for that elder, I shall follow the rules.. You, The bastard, Choose the arena, I WANT TO BATTLE TO THE DEATH WITH YOU!" Ku Wang's anger rose as he saw the man's face. "Gui Sheng Think carefully.. I'm not sure that your father would be happy if you went with a death battle with a dear guest of the sect I think that little brother will also understand this, How about a small friendly competition.. It will help you improve." The elder spoke up, It seemed like he didn't want Gui Sheng, the man who called Zhao Chuntao to accept the death battle with Zhu Long. But it didn't seem like he was trying to take sides with anyone, just trying to end it without any casualty. "No, I will battle this one later, I Challenge that Bitch over there, That one's even hiding behind Zhao! How about it, A battle to the death, no one will say no, HAAHAHHA" Gui Sheng laughed, trying to provoke Zhu Long into accepting his proposal. The elder's face froze, 'This idiot..' He looked towards Zhu Long, 'Little brother, don't accept his battle, i wouldn't be trying to stop this but his father is someone that you cannot contend with, he won't hurt you in the sect but he will try to kill you as soon as you two exit the sect, that is tomorrow.. I hope that little brother understands his circumstances..' the elder's voice came into Zhu Long's ears. Zhu Long wasn't an idiot, he nodded when he heard the elder's words, "i refuse, You are no match to me, A trash is what you are! Not even worth dirtying my clothes with your filthy blood!" Zhu Long said harshly. Zhao Chuntao watched all of this happen quietly, she was in a state of shock of what was happening at the moment, as she always stayed in her room, practising, she was never good at communication so she couldn't adapt to the situation unfolding before her. She looked towards Zhu Long and grabbed his arm and pulled him towards her, "Brother Lin, you don't need to fight anyone for me.. Please, I don't want to stay here anymore, lets just leave.." her eyes were red, teary. It seemed like she couldn't handle the situation anymore. Ku Wang sighed when she saw Zhao Chuntao's actions. Gui Sheng was about to say something but a voice entered the arena before he could open his mouth, "What the hell is happening here?"


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