The Ruler Of All Chapter 88

89 Avoiding Conflic

"What the hell is happening here?" A voice roared from the top of the arena. A young man, around the age of 20 stood, holding a sword in his hand. He looked handsome, wore a black robe, it seemed like he was a lady killer. Zhu Long looked at the man with a hint of surprise, 'Something feels off about him' Those words were his first reacting to seeing the man. Hui Sheng's face looked worse, he looked a bit scared but also angry. It seemed as if he had a history with that man. " Xiang Yue! Just because you've won a battle against me doesn't mean that you can get involved with anything that is going on" Sheng Gui seemed to be angry and scared at the same moment. The man seemed to be called Xiang Yeu, he smiled when he heard Sheng Gui's words. "Sheng Gui, I have yet to know anything about you, why must you overreact to everything? I swear, these np people really don't know anything, assuming things completely. I was just curious on what was happening, I'm sure that elder can tell me" Xiang Yue said as he smiled and looked towards the elder. At this moment, many people were confused, "What is actually happening here? I'm sure that it has to be related to That Gui Sheng trying to get Zhao Chuntao to be his fiance once again.. But why cause such a scene?" A man said in a confused manner, another man looked towards the first guy and said, "Those guys that Miss Zhao are the problem that Gui Sheng has, I saw Miss Zhao Blushing when she spoke with one of them and it looked like Gui Sheng noticed that and now he wants to battle to the death with him." Another voice came among the crowd, "Well, Gui Sheng did give a challenge to fight a death battle and surprisingly, they guy seemed to be agreeing with him but It seems like the Arena Elder wants to prevent from that happening, It must mean two things.." Someone else interrupted, "That guy is more powerful than Gui Sheng and Arena Elder wants to prevent the death of Gui Sheng, or The guy is someone from a very powerful sect and is a very important guest to our sect and Arena Elder doesn't want there to be any enmity between his sect and ours.." A man nodded when he heard the reasoning, "I feel like the second reason makes a lot of sense, Arena elder did call those guys guests and said that they didn't know the rules, he also sounded very kind to them. If there is a new sect that we have an enmity with, we all know whose fault it is.." The audience was rowdy, they all gave their own personal opinions on the event that was happening at the moment. Xiang Yue listened to these people and got understood a bit more about the situation in the arena. He smiled when he looked towards Zhu Long and Ku Wang, it seemed like he was thinking about something. Gui Sheng heard the crowd's talks and finally seemed to realise something, 'Father would forgive me if I kill that guy.. But if he is someone from a powerful clan, He would be very angry and even punish me.. I'll have to take care of him when he leaves the sect.. I should have realised this when I saw Zhao was their guide in the Sect, the Arena elder also seemed to be very careful and was trying to resolve the situation without it escalating. I will go for now but as soon as those two leave the sect, I'll get a few people and we will kill them after they reach a good distance from the sect so that the Sect cannot be suspected and I won't be punished..' His mind seemed to be running at a quick pace, trying to find a plan on killing Zhu Long. After a few seconds of thinking, Gui Sheng started to walk away, slowly exiting the arena. The arena Elder smiled when he saw Gui Sheng's reaction and looked towards Zhu Long and Ku Wang, "It seems like he was smart enough to realise his own situation.." Zhu Long nodded and smiled, Ku Wang also did the same. Zhao Chuntao seemed to be relieved, her eyes were still teary but it seemed like she had calmed down. However, it still seemed like she didn't want to leave Zhu Long's arms, causing many of the disciples watching the two be very jealous. Zhu Long sighed when he saw the reactions of the disciples, he felt a chill by their gazes. Zhao Chuntao suddenly realised what she was doing and quickly let Zhu Long go. Ku Wang smiled when he saw Zhao Chuntao's reactions, "Sister Zhao, Let not stay here, The arena wasn't that much interesting to begin with, plus because of that Gui Sheng, the fun is all gone, plus more and more people will be staring at us I'd say that we should go somewhere else, somewhere where there aren't many people around.." Zhao Chuntao nodded when she heard Ku Wang's words, she still had a small blush on her face when she looked towards Zhu Long. "There is no need for you to go to some other place, please, follow me.. You two are the guests of the Sect so it would only be right if I also gave you two something on my behalf of the sect. Miss Zhao is also invited.." Xiang Yue smiled as he looked towards the three. The arena elder smiled when he heard Xiang Yue's voice, "Everyone, return to what you were doing, If there is another disturbance today, you will be punished severely!" He said in a loud voice, telling everyone to go back to what they were doing. Zhu Long looked towards Zhao Chuntao, looking for confirmation. Zhao Chuntao thought for a while and then looked towards the arena elder and nodded. She then looked towards Zhu Long and Ku Wang and nodded, telling them that they could accept the proposal from Xiang Yue. Zhu Long nodded and then looked towards Xiang Yue, "If you say so.." Ku Wang sighed, 'Why can't he just reply kindly, and not seem like a rude person I hope that this Xiang Yue won't be holding any grudges from Brother Lin's method of speaking' Zhao Chuntao was also a bit taken aback from Zhu Long's words but then seemed to remember something, 'Brother Lin speaks in a harsh and rude tone but he is the opposite in real life I guess that Brother Yue can understand that much..' She smiled when she thought that Zhu Long was a cold and rude person at first but then found out that he was a really kind and caring man. A sudden blush came on her face. The arena elder watched what was happening and laughed. As soon as others could hear his laugh, he disappeared from his original position. "Please follow me then.." Xiang Yue said with a smile on his face, no one could know what was in his mind. for visiting.


"Sooo, The notorious Black Mamba has finally entered my domain Tell me, how is my place?" Mr Nitti's voice was high pitched and eerie. Well, that's to be expected of a short and fat guy. Well doesn't matter, I think this guy is trying to test my background by asking what I think of his place"I'd have to say, This place is pretty good, Everything here looks good, maybe too much gold for my liking but everything else is good." I sound like an idiot, saying good three times in a single sentence but I guess that he was trying to guess my background and my thoughts on money by seeing my reaction to his place. "Ahh thank you, In my opinion, this isn't enough gold though! I'll be happy when the entire restro is coated in gold.. Well.. it doesn't matter what I do with the restro, You're here after I called you for a good job.." He said with a creepy smile on his chubby face. I smiled back at him, "Tell me what I'll get for this job If it's money, I'm not interested at all."


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