The Ruler Of All Chapter 89

90 Xiang Yues Invitation

"Then please follow me.." Xiang Yue said with a smile on his face. The others at this point were scared by the arena elder's words and had gone back to what they were originally doing. Some were still looking at Zhu Long and Ku Wang but it was only because of pure curiosity of who those two were. Zhu Long and Ku Wang ignored those gazes, they looked towards Zhao Chuntao with a hint of surprise in their eyes. They were expecting Zhao Chuntao to reject Xaing Yue's request but she had actually accepted, they wanted to know why she thought that Xiang yue was trustworthy. Zhao Chuntao had already noticed their gazes, she looked towards the two and said, "He is the prodigy of the sword sect, one of the few people I'd trust within the sect, he shows no lust, but he is a bit weird" Zhu Long and Ku Wang looked even more confused by Zhao Cuntao's words, "How is he weird?" Zhu Long asked as he looked towards Xiang Yue with a hint of suspicion. "Well He is new to the sect.. Only a few days to be exact The elders accepted him without much consideration but I guess it must be because of his power, that man has powers different to ours He also speaks weirdly, using terms I've never heard before and he is also very lazy from what I've heard A genius, not.. A powerful genius who speaks weirdly and is really lazy But he does have a lot of pride in him, is someone calls him weak, or a coward, that man will defeat them easily The same thing happened to Gui SHeng, the reason that Gui Sheng left was probably due to him seeing Brother Yue.." Zhao Chuntao explained trying not to miss anything. Zhu Long and Ku Wang nodded along Zhao Chuntao's words, it seemed as if they understood a bit more about the person who had randomly invited them. for visiting.

After following Xiang yue for a while, Ku Wang and Zhu Long noticed that they were in a very different atmosphere from before, they could see that they were in the sword sect but it just felt different for them. Zhao Cuntao also felt the same, 'I only know this much about Brother Yue as I've heard them by master but he never told me why Brother Yue was chosen as the prodigy of the sect At Least he told me that brother Yue is someone I can trust with my life Even if I have to lose my life, my trust in my master will never waver' Xiang Yue stopped walking and looked towards a nig building. Zhu Long seemed to notice something when he saw the building.. Xiang Yue smiled as he seemed to catch a glimpse of Zhu Long's reaction in noticing something about the building. He looked towards Zhu Long and smiled, "I haven't introduced my self have I? My name is Xiang Yue.. What are your names?" Zhu Long nodded and replied, "Lin Feng..""And my name is Ku Wang, I hope brother Yue doesn't mind brother Lin's actions, he is really tired, well both of us are really tired, it was a very exhausting day for both of us and we aren't in our best right now.." Xiang Yue smiled one again. Zhu Long was currently in deep thought, 'There is something different about this guy.. He seems to be familiar But I cannot put my finger on why it is so this guy probably knows something that I don't..' Zhu Long had a weird feeling about Xiang Yue, he felt as if the aura surrounding the man was familiar but he couldn't guess how or why.

"Please, I understand, you don't have to explain.. We all become like that once in a while.." Xiang Yue laughed as he looked towards Zhu Long. No one knew what he was thinking. "Please, Brother Ku, Sister Zhao and Tsundere Brother Lin, Follow me to my place" Xiang yue said as he walked towards the entrance of the building. ," What did he call me?" Zhu Long was in a small state of shock when he heard Xiang Yue. Zhao Cuntao shook her head when she heard Xiang Yue's words, "My master told me that Brother Yue says some weird things. It's like he comes from an entirely different place and has little to no knowledge to our's." Ku Wang was also surprised by the man's behaviour. The main question that was in ZHu Long's mind was what was he called. 'What does this tsundere mean? And why did he call me by that name?" Zhu Long was in a weird state of shock as well as confusion. He then looked up and walked towards the direction that Xiang Yue had gone.

"Brother Yue.. What did you call me, what does it mean?" Zhu Long wanted answers. Xiang Yue smiled wryly, "Brother Lin, I called you something weird by accident I hope you don't mind that" Zhu Long looked even more confused as it seemed as if Xiang Yue was telling the truth and that he didn't mean to call Zhu Long that. 'Damn, Why is this guy so aggressive when I called him that? Well, I don't think I can mess with these guys and just let them do what they were doing.. I am here only to do one thing but I need to be more powerful for that.. This guy also needs more power..' Xiang Yue looked towards Zhu Long and said, "Brother Lin. This is out of nowhere but I have to tell you to be more powerful.. Power is what you need to achieve the most You may not know why at this moment but I know what you will find out why later on." Xiang yue sounded mysterious but Zhu Long could see that Xiang Yue was telling the truth and was actually trying to help him. Zhu Long looked confused, 'I think he knows a lot more than me If only Old Yang would reply to my calls I have to wait until I get a reply from him, I will then ask him everything.. Many things seem to be hidden from me.' While Zhu Long was in deep thought, Xiang you called a maid to get them some tea. "Brother Lin.. have some tea, and Brother Ku as well as Sister ZHao, please join in instead of hiding, I won't bite HAHA" Ku Wang looked shocked, 'How did he notice us?' It was true, the two were hiding behind a door, trying to listen in between the conversation between Xiang Yue and Zhu Long. Ku Wang smiled wryly, Zhao Chuntao also did the same. At this moment, Zhu Long and Xiang Yue seem to be sitting on a table, having some tea, a different scenario than what Ku Wang had expected it to be.


"You see Mr. Nitti, If it's money that you offer me, I am not interested.." I had to sound confident, else, he could see that I was bluffing. But what I said was true, I really didn't need money, I was sent here because of the mission. What I needed was information, something I am positive that this man has what I'm looking for. "Ohohohho, What do we have here? Tell me Black Mamba What do you need inreturn of the mission?" A smile gre on the man's face. I couldn't help but cringe at the sight of that guy's smile, it was too creepy for me. "Well, I need information, but before that.. Tell me the mission." I couldn't act suspicious, I needed to act like I was interested in the mission. "Well.. I need you to kill someone for me." I smiled at his words, "You do know that my job is killing, don't you? What I meant was who should I kill.." I replied with a smug smile, Damn I'm one hell of an actor. But I need to focus on this first. "Well, I need you to kill a detective for me, Someone who had been meddling with our operations.." The smile of Mr Nitti's face grew wider and wider as he continued to speak, by now, I had a really bad feeling on what was happening. "Who is that person?" I replied calmly. "Well, I think that the infamous "Black Mamba" Knows about this man His name is James Carter.."


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