The Ruler Of All Chapter 90

91 How Does He Know?

Haha, We didn't want to disturb you two thinking that you two might be discussing something important" Zhao Cuntao said as she smiled wryly. Ku Wang also smiled wryly and walked towards Zhu Long, taking a seat beside him. Zhao Chuntao also followed Ku Wang and took a seat next to Zhu Long. In a circular table, three people were sitting close to each other, on one side, leaving a gap and then there was one person on the other side. Xiang Yue smiled when he saw the seating arrangement, 'It seems as if Sister Zhao is a bit interested in Brother Lin I wonder if I can hook them up? Hmm, Sounds Like I can be a wingman..' Xiang Yue laughed as a thought came into his mind. Zhu Long looked confused when he saw Xiang Yue laugh out of nowhere, "Brother Yue, why is it that you are laughing?" Ku Wang also nodded to Zhu Long's question, he was also curious when he saw Xiang Yue laugh out of nowhere. Zhao Cuntao however had an idea why Xiang Yue was laughing as she had noticed his slight glance on her just before Xiang Yue started to laugh. At this moment, a small blush had already covered her face, making Zhao Chuntao look like a ripe tomato.

Xiang Yue shook his head and looked towards Zhu Long, "Brother Lin, I will be your wingman, well It's not you who needs help but I will hook you up with you know who.. So just relax.." Zhu Long was confused by Xiang Yue's words, "Brother Yue really uses different words.. It's really different yet similar to that of ours.. I wonder where brother yue comes from?" Zhu Long knew that even if he asked the meaning of the words that Xiang Yue was using, He wouldn't get a definitive answer. "Brother Lin, these are common terms used from where Come from well, It's true that people from this era. I mean, the country wouldn't understand it properly.. I come from a pretty far away place I'm sure that no one has heard of it so there is no point of telling anyone about it.. Brother Lin, I do have a question from you.." Xiang Yue seemed to be trying to change the subject. Zhu Long nodded as he heard Xiang Yue's words, 'So brother Yue is from a far away place But why do I feel familiar with his aura' Ku Wang wanted to say something but he kept quiet as Zhu Long and Xiang Yue were in the middle of a conversation, Zhao Cuntao also felt the same, so the two of them said nothing and kept sipping their tea. Zhu Long smiled, "Brother Yue, I don't specialize in any specific weapons" Those words were filled with mystery and confidence. Xiang yue was filled with curiosity when he heard Zhu Long's words, "Specifically you say. So Brother Lin must have trained in many weapons Then Let me rephrase the question, what would brother Lin's favourite weapons be?" Zhu Long smiled, "Brother yue, I do have some favourites, The one I like the most being my own fists and legs, I like hand to hand combat the most.. When it comes to weapons, I'd have to say a single edged sword, longbow and the halberd" Xiang Yue seemed interested in Zhu Long's favourite weapons. He smiled, "Brother Lin's weapon choices are pretty cool, You are an all rounder, maybe more stats towards strength and speed but I'd have to say intelligence as well But i guess qi manipulations must be difficult for brother Lin But having good strength stats is good brother lin can ignore the inability to use qi because of that itself.." Xiang Yue seemed to be reading Zhu Long like a book, it seemed as if he was reading something on Zhu Long's body. Everyone there was shocked by Xiang Yue's words. Although they didn't understand the terms that Xiang Yue had used, they could get the gist of what he was speaking. Zhu Long and Ku Wang were especially surprised by Xiang Yue's words as they knew what he was talking about, they knew that Zhu Long couldn't manipulate qi. The fact that they were the most surprised by was that Zhu Long hadn't told Xiang Yue about his inability of manipulating qi. Zhao Chuntao was also very surprised, "What is Brother Xiang talking about? How can Brother Lin not manipulate qi? From what I've heard from master, Brother Lin's power is at the peak of the nascent stage, nearing the void! How can brother Xiang joke about Brother Lin not being able to manipulate qi?" Xiang Yue smiled when he heard Zhao Chuntao's words, "Sister Zhao doesn't believe me, does she? Well, Sister can ask Brother Lin himself, I'm sure that this isn't that much of a secret to Brother Lin.." Zhu Long looked even more surprised, 'This guy.. He knows a lot.' He looked towards Zhao Chuntao and nodded, "Sister Zhao, It is in fact true, I cannot use qi. Until now, I have replied to my physical strength and some power that even I don't know of.. You could call it an aura of sorts but the maximum that it does is boost my physical powers even more." Zhao Chuntao was extremely surprised by Zhu Long's words, it seemed like the fact that Zhu Long couldn't control or use qi was true, confirmed by Zhu Long himself. 'From what I've heard from First elder, Brother Lin's power is something that should not be meddled with for those under the void stage.. Even those at the void stage could get damaged by his attacks.. Even when Sheng Gui was threatening me, The pressure that came from Brother Lin's body was something that I'm sure many at the nascent stage cannot compete with' Xiang Yue smiled when he saw Zhao Chuntao's reactions. "Well, I am similar to Brother Lin in that part I cannot use qi in the conventional way that cultivators in this country can, you can say that it's the way of control of my origin, it's similar to the point that many might not even notice but it is also very different.." Zhu Long nodded when he heard Xaign Yue's words, when he had first seen Xiang Yue, Zhu Long felt that the aura emanating from Xiang Yue was very different, it also felt similar to the qi of demons, yet it was different. It also felt very familiar to me, but i can't put my finger on why.' Zhao Chuntao looked towards Ku Wang, 'I guess he already knew about that.. But Now that I think about it, the master did say that Brother Lin's powers are a bit weird which caused him to get interested in Brother Lin and thus invite him to the sect' Ku Wang at this moment was intrigued by Xiang Yue's words, "Brother Yue, since brother Lin hasn't asked, I shall ask you, What is Brother Yue's weapon of choice.." Zhu Long nodded when he heard Ku Wang's words, he was also about to ask the same thing to Xiang Yue but Ku Wang had beat him. Xiang Yue shook his head, "Compared to Brother Lin, my weapon of choice is boring, It's just a double edged sword" Ku Wang nodded and asked, "I wonder if Brother Yue's methods of manipulating qi can help enhance weapons from will instead of using an already enchanted weapon like we do.." This question seemed to be very specific, causing a hint of confusion on Both Zhu Long as well as Zhao Chuntao's interests. Xiang Yue nodded, "Indeed, Brother Ku, I have the ability to enhance my weapons with qi instead of using those weapons that were enhanced since creation I wonder, why does Brother Ku ask this question.." Ku Wang smiled, "Well, I've heard of this story when I was younger"


"Well, I think the infamous "Black Mamba" Knows of this man, his name is James Carter, one of the best spies of the WEA he is the target, HAHAAHA" As soon as I heard those erie laughs, i felt something solit touch my back, It was a gun barrel. I was in shock, how did this short fuck know my identity? I was in a corner now, I looked around, searching for something that could help me escape this place. As I looked around, I heard the bastard nitti's voice, "So.. What does the notorious "black Mamba" no, The spy, James Carter think of this situations, you really didn't think that I wouldn't have known who you were, my intelligence is comparable to the WEA, HAHAHA"


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