The Ruler Of All Chapter 91

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"I heard of a story when I was younger, back in the years of the Demon King, There was a special human, someone whose origins were of the unknown, even their powers were unknown. They somehow didn't follow the rules of the word and had cultivations different from that of ours. It was said that the Demon King himself, even when he was at the peak of his strength wouldn't fight with that man.. Here were some documented things written in my library about that man, the main thing was that the man was able to use qi differently than what we could ever do, his speech was also a bit weird, and also, he was able to enhance his own weapons, not needing to use enhanced weapons It was said that he defeated the human alliance leader with less than 20 strikes, his weapon of choice being a random sword used by the low cultivation layer troops on the army, some of those swords weren't even sharp enough to cut flesh but that man had somehow defeated a man at the cultivation layer at the Immortal stage by using a crude sword... " Ku Wang said slowly as he looked towards Xiang Yue with a sly smile, no one could even guess what he was thinking. Zhu Long also listened to what Ku Wang had said and was in surprise, 'How powerful was that man if he was able to defeat the human alliance leader that also with a crude weapon while the leader probably had a weapon enhanced to the max, something that can probably even slice the current sword i'm using that I took from the guard into many pieces.. But let's not think about that at this moment, from what Brother Ku was implying, it seems like he is relating those facts to what we've heard about Brother Yue, even something that Brother Yue said so himself' Zhao Chuntao also had similar thoughts with Zhu Long, she also was in a state of surprise and curiosity, she then remembered how the sect had invited Xiang Yue and treated him well, ifor her, it was confirmed that Xiang Yue was the same guy or at least related to that man, maybe coming from the same origin place. Xiang Yue smiled when he heard Ku Wang's words, he looked amused, "I will be honest, that was the first time that I have heard of the story, so I don't think we are related in any sense But I guess I can understand why Brother Ku stated those things, even though I find the things about that man similar to mine.." Xiang Yue had a hint of interest by Ku Wang words but no one knew why he showed such an interest. "Say, Brother Ku, Where is this individual now, even if hundreds of thousands have passed since that period, Someone of that power can probably survive for a million years or so Shouldn't that mean that the man is still alive or am I mistaken?" Xiang Yue said with curiosity in his eyes. Ku Wang smiled mysteriously when he heard Xaing Yue's words, "Brother Yue said that you didn't know this man or even heard about him but now you are asking about him I wonder.." Xiang Yue looked annoyed, "can't a man be a little curious.. You know, if we want to talk about things being hidden or secrets, you can't speak for yourself But i don't have any secrets regarding that man, it was an interesting story and anyone would want to know where such a powerful man is at this moment, is he alive or was he killed. Many questions came to my mind, it's probably the same for Sister Zhao and even Brother Lin.." Ku Wang looked shocked, he never expected such a reaction from Xiang yue, but the thing he was the most surprised about was when Xiang Yue mentioned his 'Secret', Ku Wang felt fear, it seemed like this 'secret' was something that people weren't supposed to know at all. "I apologize brother Ku, I might have said too much, but back to the topic, would you like to answer my question.." His voice seemed very apologetic. Ku Wang was still in shock but he shook his head, 'I don't know how this man knows my secret, he is a dangerous individual, he even knew that Brother Lin couldn't use qi he has even more mysteries than what I had initially thought I think that even if he doesn't know it, he must be related to that man.. If he truly is, this may be a reason for human calamity or a blessing but that is for the people at the higher cultivation layer to decide.. Well, as it doesn't concern me and also, he looks like he is truly sorry, I will forgive him and tell him what he wants to know Lets just hope he doesn't say a word regarding my secret' Ku Wang looked towards Zhu Long and Zhao Chuntao, it seemed like they respected him and decided no to ask him about the secret. He smiled and then looked towards Xiang Yue, "Brother yue, I hope you won't speak of this to anyone Let's not get back to topic, That man was very discrete, even the leaders of the Human Alliance didn't know where his location was, he would just appear out of nowhere when called for and when he needed something. That may be the main reason that no one knows what happened to him. The book that I read on him went blank after this, there were only empty pages on him so I don't know.." Xiang Yue looked a bit disappointed, he seemed to be very interested by the man's story. Zhu Long also looked disappointed, it seemed like he was interested in the story as well. "Well, i guess some things get lost in history It doesn't matter, for now, I think our little talk will be over. First Elder will probably come to meet with you two soon, until then why not enjoy the tea?" Xiang Yue laughed as he drank the tea, even if he was laughing, one could see that there was a hint of disappointment in his face.


"So.. What does the notorious "black Mamba" no, The spy, James Carter think of this situations, you really didn't think that I wouldn't have known who you were, my intelligence is comparable to the WEA, HAHAHA" His laugh was deafening, i wanted to puke as soon as i heard it. It's something that no man should live after hearing. But at this moment, i couldn't do anything, i was still looking around, trying to find a way to escape. The only thing that i could think of was the huge window that was behind nitti but looking at his money, i'm sure that the window is bullet proof, someone like me cannot even put a dent on it with a punch or a kick. This was a moment that i would brag about if i escaped but the situation seemed like it wouldn't let me. The guy's barrel slowly moved from my back to my head, the guard also seemed very trigger happy and it looked like he could kill me any second now. This was a shitty situation no matter how I looked at it. Well, it was until i hear the sound of glass shattering, suddenly, I heard a huge thump behind me, I looked back and to my surprise, the guy who was holding the gun against my head was dead! He had a huge bullet hole between his eyebrows. Only one thought came in my mind when I saw the dead guard, One name, "Jesicca" I said that name as I took the guard's gun and ran towrads the window, "You Fuck!" I heard Nitti's voice screaming, as soon as the guard was shot, the bastard hid under the table, trying to save his life. As soon as I was about to jump out of the window, he pointed a gun to my head, "See this? This is a 50 caliber desert eagle, something that will blow your head into smithereens!" This guy seemed like an idiot, he saw one of his guards being shot through a window, the same window that he is standing in front of, without even moving. And as i had expected, all I heard was a scream, "ARGHHHH!!" The guy's left area was blown off, most likely by a sniper's bullet. This would be the best time to pick this guy up and take him as a hostage but I could hear the guard's speaking, they were about to bust in the room in any second. I had to make a run for it!


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