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  • The Sharingan Hyuga

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The Sharingan Hyuga summary:

A boy who was born from a Hyuga father and an Uchiha mother. But will the clans who don't see each other in the eyes able to accept his existence when they discover his birth secret? On the other side, there are numerous members of his clan hate him because of his father. then, there's a whole clan who was eager to execute him because of his mother. then, there are two old fogeys waiting for a chance to brainwash him. and finally, there are even villages who are either planning to kidnap him or get rid of him. with these many problems outside of his house, can he even live a normal life? Author's note: While the story follows the timeline overall, it doesn't follow the original plot completely.Some of the ages of people and timeline will be slightly alteredMy English Grammar is only so-so. There might be grammar mistakes like improper formatting or word choices etc..I hope you understand. Other than that, if there are spelling mistakes or plot holes like such, please comment. I will try my best to correct them

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The Sharingan Hyuga Chapters

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