The Strongest System Chapter 1125

Heavenly River Mountains

When the Old Master arrived there and caught sight of everything before him, his heart wrenched up in pain. These were all disciples of the Heaven and Earth Sect! And to think that even his very own junior brother would have fallen to the hands of the enemy! For the Old Master who had never once felt sad about anything, he could not help but let out a drop of tear at this moment.

Lin Fan stepped forward. “Old Master, the only thing we can do right now is to gather our strongest powers and go against those Master Gods of the Moon Shadow Mainland. We’re going to make them pay a terrible price for this.”

Geng Yangtian nodded his head and swept his robes. An Immortal Weapon floated gently up in the void, and he kept all those corpses of his disciples within it. Turning around to look at Lin Fan, he continued, “Alright! We’ll head back first.”

The might of the Endless Mainland was not weaker than the Moon Shadow Mainland on the whole. The issue lay with the upper tiers of the Immortal King state beings in that regard, the Endless Mainland was quite a bit weaker than the Moon Shadow Mainland. This was especially the case now that the Boundless Future Buddha Lord had chosen to work together with the Master Gods. Not only that, those few other Ancient Immortal Kings had chosen to just sit by idly and ignore secular events while committing all their energy toward the Heavenly Lord state. If those Ancient Immortal Kings of the Endless Mainland could stand with them, in terms of the highest tiers of power, the Endless Mainland would be able to win against the Moon Shadow Mainland.

But of course, even right now, Lin Fan did not feel as though the Endless Mainland was weaker than the Moon Shadow Mainland. Right now, there were only sixty nine out of those seventy two Master Gods left.

As long as he were to work on it slowly and start by killing the weakest ones first before moving up layer by layer, he would definitely be able to have all of those Master Gods slain.

As for that fella, the Boundless Future Buddha Lord, killing that guy would be more difficult of a task still. However, Lin Fan was leaving that soap all for him.

Heaven and Earth Sect

Upon hearing the news of everyone at the Heavenly River Mountains falling, Han Juntian was just completely dumbstruck. That was thousands of their disciples! And the loss of Old Master Yu Ling was an exceptionally grave loss for the Heaven and Earth Sect.

“Lin Fan, what are your thoughts on this?” Geng Yangtian asked.

Lin Fan went silent for a moment. “Gather every single Immortal King we have and fight with the Moon Shadow Mainland for a duel to the death.”

This was Lin Fan’s plan, the plan he had the most confidence in. If they were to engage in a group fight, Lin Fan would have the greatest confidence of getting those Master Gods killed. By then, his experience points would skyrocket, and his own strength would be raised, allowing him to completely exert control over the tides of the battle.

But of course, those were just the thoughts that he had. Who knew what might happen exactly by then?

When Geng Yangtian heard that, he let out a slightly troubled look. “I’m afraid that it might not be too easy to accomplish.”

Lin Fan was taken aback. “Why?”

“Who is going to take the frontline?” Geng Yangtian returned the question.

“Why do we need anyone to take the frontline? Given the current situation, if we’re just going to continue and let ourselves be scattered out like sand, the eventual outcome is clear. Naturally, every single place will start being breached. All of those Master Gods of the Moon Shadow Mainland are extremely united. With the Boundless Future Buddha Lord adding to the mess right now, it’s very hard to tell what’s going to happen later on. By the time the strength of the Endless Mainland diminishes down to a certain extent, it’s going to be useless even if we group up.”

And indeed, there was nothing wrong with the way that Lin Fan had described things. The reason why the Moon Shadow Mainland had not launched a full frontal assault was that they knew that the strength of the Endless Mainland might not be weaker than theirs.

Even after taking off the Good and Evil Buddha Sect of the Boundless Future Buddha Lord, the number of Immortal King state beings in the other remaining eight sects was nowhere lesser than the Master Gods of the Moon Shadow Mainland.

At the same time, there were quite a number of Master Gods from the Moon Shadow Mainland who did not possess much strength. If they were to fall into Lin Fan’s hands, their fates would definitely involve getting chopped to death.

While Geng Yangtian was definitely approving of Lin Fan’s point of view, things were never that simple. “Your thinking is wonderful indeed. However, you have to know that the forces are divided out into the Nine Sects, Six Residences, Three Holes, and the seventy two Gangs. How could they possibly be united that easily? You have to know that every single Immortal King represents a paramount importance to their individual sects.”

Lin Fan sighed out. This was bloody mother*cking annoying! All of those fellas were really people who would not drop a single tear till they saw the coffin. Unless they were at the most critical moment, they wouldn’t know of true fear.

Leaving the depths of the sect, Lin Fan returned to his mountain peak. He then started contemplating about the issues that he was going to face.

Right now, his strength could no longer be considered weak. However, he still did not have that much of a shot at victory when it came to dealing with the Boundless Future Buddha Lord. If he could reach the same state the Boundless Future Buddha Lord was in, there was a high possibility that he could have the latter slain.

Even though the various sects out there were already coming forth to fight against the Moon Shadow Mainland, every single individual sect was still retaining some strength. There was no way the Old Masters of those sects would be that foolish.

Some of the sects that were in the deeper areas of the Endless Mainland were even just sitting by idly. After all, by the time the Moon Shadow Mainland were to come invade, those sects at the front would have no other choice but to defend even if they didn’t want to.

As for those sects, Lin Fan truly did not wish to say anything more to them.

They were really f*cked up pieces of sh*t.

And at that moment in the Oceanic Region Hollows

This place used to be a secret ground. However, after going through the invasion of the Moon Shadow Mainland, this entire secret ground had long been trampled over.

One of the nine sects, the Emperor Dao Sect had their disciples come and protect the Oceanic Region Hollows to prevent the invasion of the Moon Shadow Mainland.

Some of the Senior Old Masters of the Emperor Dao Sect were feeling an extremely huge headache over the current situation. The location of their sect wasn’t all that great, and was somewhat close to where the Moon Shadow Mainland was invading from. As long as the Moon Shadow Mainland were to invade it, they would definitely collide and meet with the Emperor Dao Sect.

And, it wasn’t as though those Old Masters could just uproot the entire sect and move it. Therefore, they had no other choice but to defend.

For the past period of time, there had been countless of deaths among their disciples. But, that was something they could do nothing about.

At this moment in that Oceanic Region Hollows, the disciples of the Emperor Dao Sect were resting while some of them were out patrolling.

“I wonder when those outsiders from the Moon Shadow Mainland will come attacking us.” One of those disciples claimed worriedly.

“I don’t think they’ll be coming anytime soon. The previous time around, our Old Master came forth personally and chased back those living beings from the Moon Shadow Mainland. Naturally, they must know about the prowess of our Old Master. How could they dare to come and continue invading anymore?”

“That makes sense as well”

As the disciples conversed amongst themselves, they were still feeling rather on the edge. The main reason for that was that the methods of those living beings from the Moon Shadow Mainland were way too crafty.

All of a sudden, one of the disciples sneezed out.

“It’s so cold! Why did the weather just turn so frosty all of a sudden?”

“Eh? Check it out! There’s a figure heading over from the distance!”

One of the disciples focused his gaze over. “It doesn’t seem like it’s the invasion from the Moon Shadow Mainland. It looks to be a lone woman!”


The masses were stumped, evidently fraught with disbelief. How could there be a woman who would make her way over to a place as such?

“I’ll go and check it out” A disciple wearing green robes remarked before heading over for the woman.

“Lady, who are you? This is an extremely dangerous place. You had better leave quickly.” The green robed disciple commented. But the closer he got to the woman, the more he felt the temperature dipping.

At that moment, that woman said nothing at all; she was just walking ever so silently and quietly. Every single step she took, she would leave a frosty imprint as a trail beneath her foot.

The green robed disciple was extremely bewildered why wasn’t this woman talking at all? He then headed up to touch her, wanting to stop her in her tracks.

But all of a sudden, he felt a frosty chill surging into his body!

In fact, he didn’t even manage to say a single word more before he was frozen solid, turning into an ice sculpture.

All of the disciples of the Emperor Dao Sect were just laughing out merrily, “What’s junior brother doing? Why isn’t he moving at all?”

“I’ve got no idea. The moment he saw that it was a woman, he could not help it but be the first one to rush up!”


The masses were roaring out in laughter. But all of a sudden, one of the disciples who was sharper realized that something was not right. The ground was frozen by a single layer of frost; not only that, the frost was extending out!

“Watch out!” A disciple exclaimed out. But in the blink of an eye, he was frozen as well.

When the other disciples caught sight of this, they went all frantic. “Hurry and fly up into the void! There’s something wrong with the ground!”



One by one, those disciples flew up into the void. But suddenly, they realized that the void was extremely frosty as well, and in a flash, they were all turned into ice sculptures that fell onto the ground from way up high.


And just like that, they all broke into pieces.

As the woman moved forward step by step, the surrounding Heaven and Earth were slowly turning into a World of Frost.

Out in the Heaven and Earth, layers of frost floated gently.

The Frost Master God had arrived.

Looking at everything around her, she curled out into a smile. “Ice sculptures are still the best at the end of the day.”

At that moment, some of the Senior Old Masters of the Emperor Dao Sect who were stationed here realized that something was going on outside, so they floated out into the void. Narrowing their gazes, they looked into the distance. “Just who are you?”

The Frost Master God raised her head before giving a gentle smile. As she raised her finger, the frost turned berserk.

The expression of the Senior Old Master was horrified to think that both of his arms were covered instantly by a layer of ice! Not only that, the powers within his body were all completely frozen up, and were unable to be channeled!

In the blink of an eye, he was turned into an ice sculpture without even having a single chance of fighting back at all.

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