The Strongest System Chapter 1129

Even though he had already said it out as such, the Frost Master God still seemed as though she was looking down at him with a gaze similar to how she would view an ant; she was filled with an endless disdain.

Lin Fan did not say anything more as he furrowed his brows, bursting forth with all his powers. He then roared out before grabbing at the Frost Master God, exuding an immense power of Yin and Yang. Right now, Lin Fan’s powers were already at the Immortal King state, and Twisting Heaven and Earth was already at its pinnacle. As he deployed that move, the might sent forth was absolutely supernatural and far from ordinary.

Spreading his fingers open, every single finger of his was wrapped with the Power of Interchanging Yin and Yang. No matter who it was, as long as they were to be struck by this move, they would definitely find the Yin and Yang within their bodies swapping instantly and going chaotic from its very core.

While the strength of the Frost Master God might be extraordinary, even someone like her would have her sex forcefully changed if she were struck by this move.

Against this boundless Power of Yin and Yang, the Frost Master God knitted her brows; she could sense that it was far from ordinary. To think that an ant-like Indigenous Being could actually possess strength of this level.

However, when she thought about her oath, she could only bear with it for now.

A layer of ice shrouded the Frost Master God entirely, blocking Lin Fan outside without any chance of penetrating through at all.


When that single punch of his landed onto the ice shell, it was shut out without any chance of pushing even the slightest bit in.

Lin Fan knew that the might of the Frost Master God was extraordinary, but he had not expected for it to be THIS formidable. However, there was no way he could just let this get him down. The Power of Yin and Yang rippled tremendously and surged through the entire void. With that, the entire voids went into a state of chaos.

However, the Frost Master God just retained her cold expression while looking at Lin Fan. After a long time later, she finally spoke up, “Just give it up. There’s no way you can break through my defenses.”

“Hmph! Don’t you get cocky now!” Lin Fan hollered out before casting Pills Through Thought, filling his palm with a ball of flames. These were the flames of Pills Through Thought, something that could burn all existences

Using that, he slammed out onto the ice shell of the Frost Master God with it.

Sizzle, sizzle!

When that unyielding ice shell of hers actually showed signs of being melted, the Frost Master God could not help but frown and step back furiously. She narrowed her gaze and stared at Lin Fan; to think that this Indigenous Being could actually have such capabilities!

Even though the Frost Master God was one of the Master Gods of the Moon Shadow Mainland, she was someone with a broad knowledge of things. But even then, she had never ever encountered a flame as such! “Just what in the world is that flame? To think that it would be even stronger than that of the Flame Master God.”

Lin Fan chuckled out, “You’ve haven’t seen this before, have you? I’ve got more things that are even more incredible than this. All I can say is that if you insist on staying by me, your eventual outcome would definitely be extremely tragic.”

The Frost Master God gave a single cold laugh as she stood her ground, choosing to merely increase the intensity of her frost from before.

Lin Fan slammed down onto the ground with a single palm. Even though he was melting the ice, he discovered that it was just regenerating at a crazy speed, that had him blocked out entirely!

This Frost Master God was truly far from ordinary with an astounding might. Even though the flames from Pills Through Thought were able to defrost the ice of the Frost Master God, the speed at which the ice was freezing back was simply way too fast, such that he could not break through at all.

Seeing this, Lin Fan came to a stop. Right now, he could not help but be convinced that this Frost Master God was truly incredible; he could not help but acknowledge her might.

“Are you going to leave or not?” Lin Fan looked at the Frost Master God. He realized that he truly had no way about this at all. Even when this Frost Master God was just standing there for him to attack as he’d like to, he had no way to deal with her! If word of this were to get out, wouldn’t it bloody scare people to death?

The Frost Master God looked at Lin Fan icily. “You killed the Water Master God. Do you really think that you can get out of this alive?”

Lin Fan returned the gaze. Without saying anything more, he started stripping his clothes.

He refused to believe that this Frost Master God could actually be this shameless. If a man such as himself were to strip right before her and she could just continue to stand by and watch, he would really just have to be convinced of her tenacity.

Looking at Lin Fan, the Frost Master God broke out into asking, “What are you trying to do?”

Lin Fan peered at the Frost Master God without stopping his hands. “It’s too hot. I’m going to strip myself nude. If it doesn’t bother you, then you can continue watching by all means.”

In Lin Fan’s mind, he presumed that the Frost Master God would definitely shut her eyes in embarrassment while saying out in a huff, “You’re so naughty! How can you be this shameless?”

Well, at least that was what would happen back in his past life. Since the opportunity presented itself today, he could give it a try as well and strip entirely clean. Based on his plan, this chick would definitely be caught at a huge loss for words. By then, he would just capitalize on the opportunity and f*ck her over. That was the plan alright!

But at that moment, the words of the Frost Master God had Lin Fan flabbergasted entirely and even stopping his movements. This mother*cker was way too shameless, wasn’t she? As a woman, how could she be even lewder than a man?

“Nopes, I don’t mind. You can go ahead and strip. Honestly, I’ve never really seen the body of an Indigenous Being just yet. If you can satisfy me, I can allow you to become an ice sculpture tomorrow”

Lin Fan heaved out, “Frost Master God, just what in the world do you want? Well, of course, other than killing me, if you have any other requests, you can just lay them out. As long as I can fulfill them, I’ll definitely have you pleased.”

Looking at Lin Fan, the Frost Master God just chuckled out coldly, “I only want you dead.”

“Then that’s a no deal!” Lin Fan waved it off with his hand.

This was truly a grave situation. There was no way he could bring this Frost Master God over to the Heaven and Earth Sect. If he were to head there, those normal disciples of the Heaven and Earth Sect would definitely not be able to defend against this monstrous being here.

And this was especially the case for these Ice Seals of hers that extended out for thousands of miles, seeming extremely horrifying. Anyone with a low cultivation state would be turned into ice sculptures right away by these Ice Seals. Even Geng Yangtian and the others should not be able to do anything much against this Frost Master God.

How could there be a powerful being as such from the Moon Shadow Mainland? This just didn’t make any sense at all!

And with that, time was slipping by gradually.

Lin Fan had been contemplating hard about what he should do. Using her ice shell to protect herself, this Frost Master God was absolutely impenetrable. Even his attacks had no impact on her at all.

“Frost Master God, don’t you get overboard with your bullying now!” Lin Fan roared out.

Frost Master God, “Even if I’m bullying you, what can you do about that?”

Motherf*cker, this woman!

Right now, Lin Fan was truly admitting defeat. “Good, very good! You were the one who forced me to do this.”

At that moment, Lin Fan’s entire body jerked out furiously. While maintaining a fixed distance from the Frost Master God, his eyes were shining with an endless glint.

‘Since that’s how things are going to be, come on then!’

Lin Fan lowered his head. Back before he had arrived in the Xuanhuang World, Lin Fan had learned a Kung Fu skill that was the most tyrannical out of everything in the world. After all these years, he had never once used it because he looked down on it.

But now that he was pushed to this extent by the Frost Master God, he could not be bothered to think about it too much anymore.

“Frost Master God, you were the one who asked for this yourself.” Lin Fan roared out, his eyes sparkling brightly.

The Frost Master God’s gaze at Lin Fan was cold and icy, as though she was waiting for this monkey to perform its acrobatics.


At that moment, a long howl arose.

The place where Lin Fan stood exploded as a boundless power erupted forth from beneath his feet. Raising his speed to its maximum, he used his body as a sharp object and rammed straight at the ice shell of the Frost Master God.


There wasn’t a single crack on the ice shell of the Frost Master God.

“What are you doing?” The Frost Master God laughed out coldly. But all of a sudden, she realized that the body of this Indigenous Being before her was actually exploding out, with fresh blood bursting from every single place!

Lin Fan wobbled out wildly as a series of long, deep cuts tore across his body. His scream howled out through the entire Heaven and Earth. “ARGHHHH! IT HURTS! IT HURTS SO BADLY! I’M GOING TO DIE!”

The Frost Master God was stunned. Just what in the world was going on here?

Right now, Lin Fan was rolling about in the void as his body began to break down repeatedly.

“HOW DARE YOU USE YOUR ICE SHELL TO RAM AT ME! RIGHT NOW, I’M GRAVELY INJURED ALL BECAUSE OF YOU! I’M GOING TO DIE! I’M REALLY GOING TO DIE!” Lin Fan yelled out tragically while his eyes shone with a vicious glint.

This was a trial attempt. He refused to believe that it would not work.

Based on the oath of the Frost Master God she could not kill him today. But, if he were to die because of this ice shell, that would be considered as a kill by the Frost Master God as well.

Lin Fan’s aura was dipping lower as though he was about to dissipate at any moment now.

“You!” The Frost Master God was completely stumped. She had not expected that this Indigenous Being could actually be this bloody shameless!!!

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