The Strongest System Chapter 998

Chapter 998: SuppressSuppress!

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Elder Huo’s face changed; he had not expected that this lad would be able to sniff him out!

This fist of Lin Fan possessed the Doomsday Calamity and the Source of Power. The moment it was deployed, it triggered an extremely mysterious power trying to search for a path within the unknowns.

When the disciples outside caught sight of the scene, they could only gasp out in endless exclamations. They had not expected that this disciple would be so formidable that he could duel with Elder Huo to such an extent!

This was just absolutely inconceivable!

When Elder Huo’s figure appeared out of the void, his fingers were like a claw that grabbed out towards Lin Fan’s head.


The two opposing forces burst out and caused a river to form up in the void. This caused the void to be compressed to a state where it was even deformed.

This was because the opposing forces were way too tremendous, that one could not even defend against them. Everything would vanish like smoke and disappear from the face of this world in the face of this collision.

“Lad, is this the strength that you are so proud of?” A voice of contempt trawled out as Elder Huo grabbed Lin Fan’s fist with his vice-like claw grip. Those cold eyes of his seemed as though they were watching a pathetic worm.

Lin Fan’s brows furrowed. This Elder Huo did have some tricks up his sleeves. But, if this Elder Huo thought that this was enough to take him down, he would really be overestimating his own abilities.

“Extremely arrogant and smug Time to teach you a lesson today!”

Elder Huo snorted out coldly as his body shuddered, causing a burst of raging flames to soar up. Lin Fan could feel the temperature of that grip Elder Huo had on him rising. It then burst forth into flames that blazed more and more furiously with time before turning into a ball of scorching fire.

“Not good!” When Qing Yangzi caught sight of this, the color of his face turned pale.

“This is the Heaven and Earth Spirit Fire of that Fire Mixed Breed! This can incinerate everything! If that lad does not break free in time, something big is going to happen!” Qing Yangzi remarked.

Li Qing looked at Senior Brother Lin nervously as well. He did not know how this matter was going to turn out.

The might of Elder Huo’s flames was something that he had once witnessed himself. There was one time when Elder Huo had burned a powerful being into ashes entirely in a secret ground with just this Gifted God Flames of his alone. That guy disappeared from the face of the world ever since.

“Lad, if you do not wish to die, sever your own arm right now!” Elder Huo’s eyes shone with a savage look. When the Remnants caught sight of this, they were in ecstasy. This feeling was pure pleasure!

This was the kind of outcome they wanted to see! This cocky and smug fella definitely had to be taught a lesson!

In fact, in their eyes, it would be for the best if that fella were to be burned into ashes.

None of the elders on the elevated platform made any movement at all. They were all waiting; of things were to really head south, they would then intervene to stop the duel.

They would definitely not allow a disciple as such to die in the hands of Elder Huo.

Even if Lin Fan had a single arm of his burnt off, it was no biggie. He could always just regrow it.

“These Heaven and Earth God Flames are far from ordinary! I’m not sure how that lad is going to defend against this!” An elder said.


Another elder exclaimed out, feeling that there was something off about this situation.

Feeling the burn of this Heaven and Earth Spirit Fire, Lin Fan did not wail or anything. In fact, his lips had curled into a smirk.

‘DingEternal Ancient Imperishable Body Experience Points +200,000.’

The raging flames that were burning on Lin Fan’s arm brought for him a relentless amount of experience points. This was something that had him exhilarated!

But at this moment, Lin Fan did not want to depend on Elder Huo to level up. Against an Old Mixed Breed as such, he had to finish it swiftly and quickly. He had to take this guy down in an instant so that he would not dare to act so insolently ever again.

“Competing with me in terms of fire? We’ll see if you’ve got the capabilities then!” Lin Fan scoffed out coldly before the fiery flames of Pills Through Thought surged out.

This flame was something that was gifted by the System to be used to cultivate pills. Even though it wasn’t meant to be used against opponents, this Old Mixed Breed was the one who was gripping onto his fist tightly right now. Even though Lin Fan could not attack him directly with it, he could still burn this guy into crying.

A tiny flame appeared on top of Lin Fan’s fist. Even though it seemed to be extremely ordinary, at this moment, Elder Huo’s face changed entirely.

Elder Huo was someone who manifested from the Heaven and Earth Spirit Fire. His sensitivity towards fire was something that was way sharper than anyone else could ever have.

At the moment when he felt the flames burning from Lin Fan, his heart surged with an infinite amount of fear.

“WHAT ARE THOSE FLAMES? HOW COULD THIS BE?” Elder Huo screamed out as though he had just seen a ghost.

Even though the flames were small, they had caused the powers and Astral Qi within his body to start burning up! There was no room for resistance at all!

These were flames that were used for cultivating pills. Any form of materials, even if it were God Metals, could be refined and burnt with it, let alone the mere arm of a True Immortal state being.

“If you do not wish to be burnt into ashes, sever your own arm then.” Lin Fan’s voice was frosty as he returned the same requirements to Elder Huo.


Elder Huo glared at Lin Fan in rage. Momentarily, those long, red hair of his that were burning like the scorching sun rose up into the air as his face got more menacing than ever, “YOU’RE LOOKING TO DIE HERE!”


At this moment, Elder Huo roared out as he spat out a mouthful of Essence Blood. His Essence Blood shone with a golden brilliance and possessed the Power of the Spirit Fire. Thereafter, it pitter-pattered down onto his arm just like raindrops.

“To think that this lad would be this powerful that that Old Mixed Breed would even sacrifice his Essence Blood to make use of the Dao of the Spirit Fire!” When Qing Yangzi caught sight of this, he was entirely astounded.

This drop of Essence Blood from Elder Huo was not something from his from his Essence Energy, but something that directly originated from his true body where the essence of the Heaven and Earth Spirit Fire belonged!

If he were to lose a single drop, that would cause Elder Huo to turn much weaker. But now that he was losing an entire mouthful of it, this was practically going at it with his life!

Sizzle, sizzle!

When the Essence Blood sprayed down onto Elder Huo’s arm, it flushed even redder than ever. At the same time, there were circles of crimson red imprints that appeared on his arm like connate runes.

However, even if that were the case, it could not prevent the arm from being eaten up by the flames of Lin Fan.


A tragic wail rang out across the world.

Elder Huo’s eyes were bloodshot red as he looked at everything with utmost horror. In the blink of an eye, he jerked and destroyed that arm of his.

The flames surged and flared. In that single fraction of a second, that severed arm was incinerated into ashes entirely.

“DAMN IT! YOU’VE REALLY TRIGGERED YOUR ELDER’S KILLING INTENT!” Elder Huo howled out in rage. To think that the lad would really be thinking about killing him!

If he had hesitated for even a split second more, it wouldn’t have been just that single arm that was turned into ashes He would have turned into ashes entirely as well.

He was the Heaven and Earth Spirit Fire! How in the world could there be a flame that was more tyrannical than him?

This was impossible!

Lin Fan’s eyes shone with a wild look. Seizing the single moment of opportunity when Elder Huo was still caught in his stupor, Lin Fan moved his body and appeared in front of the latter in a flash.

Slapping out with a single palm strike, he suppressed down.


A berserk power surged out and slapped Elder Huo to the ground immediately as his body sank deep into the ground.

“Hmph! Elder Huo? And that’s all he amounts to.” Lin Fan stomped down on him with his foot before surveying the crowd and declaring with a tyrannical disposition.

At this moment, the entire place fell dead silent.

Everyone was just completely frozen solid by what they had just witnessed.

Elder Huo had lost.

And it was such a clean loss that he didn’t even have a chance to fight back!

Even after expending his Essence Blood, he could not turn the tides around! This was something that left not only the disciples astounded, but the elders were equally alarmed.

Just what sort of a background did this disciple come from? How in the world could he be this formidable?

At this moment, Lin Fan looked over at those Remnants.


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