The Strongest Uchiha Book 1 Chapter 19

Volume 1 Chapter 19 Intel Leak

R.O.O.T Headquarters

Danzo was deep in thought, he was thinking of a way he could deal with Itsu Uchiha, the child that defies all logic when it comes to the shinobi world, not only does he have high chakra reserves but he also has the sharingan and wood style, an extremely dangerous combination, Danzo wanted to get him under his control but didn't know how. 'I've tried approaching him and trying to manipulate him by offering power but he refused, I can't just abduct him since many would notice and he is strong so his abduction might not even be a success, I've seen the way he looks at me with disgust hatred and anger in his eyes there is a chance he is aware of my secret dealings outside the village, he is a threat to all I have tried to achive so there is only one option, elimination'.

Once Danzo made up his mind he needed to eliminate Itsu outside the village and he needed to do it quickly before he had the chance to grow stronger, Danzo tapped his cane on the ground three times and in response a R.O.O.T anbu operative appeared in front of him "Have you completed the mission I've given you?", the operative responded in a emotionless tone, "Yes sir, I've found out that the hokage plans to send Itsu on an A rank mission soon to eliminate a group of rouge shinobi that have been spotted near the capital of the land of fire, the fire Daimyo was the one who issued the mission as he felt uncomfortable having missing nin so close to his living residence"

Danzo nodded, this could be the opportunity he needed, "I want you to leak the information about this mission to Iwagakure's spies, they are still very angry at the loss they suffered in the third shinobi war from the hidden leaf village and the Tsuchikage would definitely take the opportunity of killing a ninja with such high potential from konoha, after all a ninja with such high potential and skill at such a young age could be potentially be a large threat to them"

The anbu operative nodded before disappearing, if all goes to plan Itsu would be eliminated and Danzo would be a step closer to becoming hokage, but unfortunately for Danzo Itsu isn't someone you mess with and he will discover that the hard way.

A few days later

(Tsuchikage office)

The Tsuchikage was in his office completing paperwork before he was interrupted by the a squad of anbu specialised in infiltration, "If your here I assume you have something to report?" all members of the squad nodded before the squad leader stepped up, "Yes sir, we have caught word of a konoha shinobi that is rumoured to be a threat similar to the level of the yellow flash of the leaf as he is able to use the teleportation technique to the same level as the fourth hokage himself"

The Tsuchikage froze at that statement, one of his worst fears has come to life, he still remembered the day where Minato Namikaze forced the retreat of 1 thousand of his shinobi by himself using his teleportation technique in the third great ninja war and now he was being told that another shinobi could also use his signature jutsu, "That's impossible, the yellow flash of the leaf died it can't be possible that he taught his technique to another shinobi otherwise we would have heard about it sooner"

"That is the intel we have gathered sir we wouldn't dare lie to you, but another piece of intel we have gathered sir is that the shinobi in question will soon be going to complete a mission outside his village alone, wouldn't this be the perfect opportunity to eliminate the threat?" The Tsuchikage stared at the anbu captain, he pondered over what he had just heard, it were true that such a shinobi existed than wouldn't he have heard about him sooner? And he found it hard to believe that any other shinobi would be able to use the fourth hokage's signature jutsu to the same level as the fourth himself, it just wasn't possible, "Hmmm, there is a possibility that the abilities of the mentioned shinobi might be over exaggerated and this definitely is a chance to take out a potential threat, I want 10 jounin level ninja to intercept and eliminate this ninja during this mission"

"Yes sir!" All the anbu operatives answered in unison before they all left, the Tsuchikage sat back in his chair and went deep into his thoughts, he didn't know if he made the correct decision or not, sending 10 jounin level ninja already decreases the strength of his village but sending more on the mission would leave the village with weakened defences but on the other hand if he didn't send enough shinobi on the mission then it may be unsuccessful and if the mentioned shinobi really is as skilled as the intel suggests the he has just sent all of those ninja to their deaths, he sighed before rubbing his forehead, he just hoped he made the right decision.

(Uchiha clan compound)

Itsu was in one of the training fields fighting against one of his wood clones using his sword, it had taken Itsu a while to create a unique fighting style for his blade as unlike any other sword Itsu's blade was harder to use as he had to concentrate on controlling each individual piece of the shattered blade, Itsu swung his sword at his clone, the clone put up a blade to block the strike, as soon as Itsu's blade connected with his clones Itsu's blade shattered and re-formed, the clone had no choice but to bend its neck backward to avoid getting its head cut off, but it wasn't enough as Itsu's blade extended itself and cleanly cut off the wood clones head leaving it headless.

Itsu sighed and put his blade on his back and sat down on the ground, he watched his wood clone loose its shape and sink down into the ground as if it was never there, Itsu thought back to what happened at the academy a few days ago, the way he antagonised Saskue might have been a little too much but Itsu didn't regret it, he needed to find a way to lower the arrogance and pride of not just Saskue but many other clan members whose egos were inflated due to them being born into the Uchiha clan.

The problem with Itsu's clan is that barely anyone trained properly as they believed that their sharingan makes them invincible, as soon as they see anyone use a fighting style or ninjutsu they instantly know it and know how to use it but the problem that they don't realise is just because their eyes can keep up with their opponents movements dosen't mean their body can, being able to see how your opponent is going to attack you next is useful but useless if your body isn't fast or strong enough to evade or block the attack.

Itsu may have prevented the Uchiha clan massacre but that dosen't mean the problems his clan has are over, he stood back up and dusted himself off, he was hungry and he had promised Naruto that he would take him for some ramen today and it was already close to lunch time, Itsu just teleported to the seal he left at Naruto's apartment and looked around, it was dark as the lights were off and the curtain was drawn, he looked around and saw Naruto sitting on his bed meditating, well it looked like he was meditating but really he was just in his mind scape talking to Kurama.

Itsu smile because of his influence Naruto and Kurama grew a close to each other a lot earlier than they would of in the original story line and not matter how much Kurama denied it Itsu knew he liked Naruto just as much as Naruto liked him, they had a very close and healthy friendship and Naruto would often let Kurama control his body sometimes when they were in a secluded area and no one else was around. Itsu remembered when Kurama found out he was a Uchiha, it was a ...interesting conversation.


(Flash back no jutsu)

Itsu sat across from Naruto in his apartment as they both playing poker, they were using instant ramen as their betting ch.i.p.s since both of them didn't want to play for money, Itsu had a royal flush and knew that he most likely had won, just before he was about to go all in Naruto spoke up, "Itsu Kurama wants to talk to you so I'm gonna swap places with him" Itsu nodded and Naruto closed his eyes, when he opened them his eyes looked different and they were narrowed to a slit."So tell me brat, what have you been hiding from me and don't try and lie your way out I can sense emotion remember"

Itsu sighed and put his cards down, he had been avoiding this conversation with the 9 tailed fox since he knew how much Kurama didn't like his clan, "Well I'm going to tell the truth since I can't get away with lying, I'm a Uchiha and I know you have bad history with my clan so I don't want to tell you" instead of the expected reaction of anger Kurama just laughed, "Hahah if it wasn't for the fact I could sense you weren't lying I wouldn't believe you" Itsu was very confused, this was not how he expected this conversation to go, "I'm confused why wouldn't you believe me?"

Kurama just looked at Itsu and shrugged, "Because every Uchiha I've ever met stunk of hatred and anger, I don't feel those emotions from you just calm and happiness and for a Uchiha calm and happy aren't emotions you would expect them to feel" Itsu understood what Kurama was taking about, his clan feels extreme love and extreme hatred so if they love they love with all the force they could muster and if they hate they hate with all the strength they have.

"Well you could say I'm unique" Itsu said while giving an awkward laugh, the talk had turned out so much better than he thought and honestly Itsu was scared Kurama would throw a tail beast bomb at him when he found out.

(End of flash back no justu)

Itsu sat down and decided to wait for when Naruto finished taking to Kurama, he didn't want to interrupt so he decided to patiently wait so they could get lunch together.

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