The Strongest Uchiha Book 1 Chapter 20

Volume 1 Chapter 20 Day Out

Sorry for not realising chapters lately, I was feeling lazy

After waiting for about 15 minutes Naruto opened his eyes and saw Itsu siting on the floor balancing a kunai on his finger tip. Itsu seeing Naruto was finally done with his meeting with Kurama got up from the floor. "So what were you and the orange fur-ball talking about?" Naruto laughed at Itsu's name for Kurama and responded, "Nothing important just talking about the fact that because I'm Kurama's host I also get a natural affinity to fire style since that's his main affinity, also Kurama is complaining about the name again and saying that if he ever gets out the seal the first thing he'll do is teach you respect"

Itsu laughed, "Well that means you have 3 affinities now your natural affinity for wind then your secondary affinity for earth and now fire, quite impressive" Naruto nodded, happy he had a new affinity to use. "But coming from you Itsu it doesn't sound as flattering as it would from others since you have an affinity for all the elements even the first hokages wood style"

Itsu just smiled and walked out of Naruto's apartment followed by Naruto, as they walked through the village some of the village citizen's still glared at Naruto but with a lot less hate in their eyes than the past since the fact that Naruto was considered the second best of his generation, the first being his best friend Itsu Uchiha whose name had been spread through out the village and many villagers didn't want to offend Itsu by showing hostility to his closest friend. Many had tried to get into the young Uchiha's good graces by trying to get their children to become friends with him but Itsu's friend group was very limited and he was known to only spend time with a small amount of people his age.

As they walked through the village Naruto looked like he had just remembered something. "Oh by the way Itsu a few people are going to be joining us since Sakura asked me if I was doing anything on the weekend and I told her about going to get some ramen with you and she asked to come with us, Ino and Hinata overheard and also asked to come along I told them to meet us at ichiraku's ramen"

Itsu didn't mind the extra company since he likes spending time with Ino and Hinata and Sakura was only only coming to spend time with Naruto. As they were getting closer to the ramen shop Itsu spotted Ino, Hinata and Sakura all standing in front of the ramen shop, Ino was looking at her reflection in the mirror to make sure she was looking good, Sakura was looking slightly nervous and was trying to tell herself that there was nothing to worry about and Hinata was standing on the stop looking around trying to see if she could see Itsu approaching.

Naruto was the first to speak as he called out the the three girls, "Hey, sorry were a bit late" Sakura was the first to react as she quickly made her way to Naruto's side and locked arms with him, "It's okay Naruto-Kun we didn't wait long" she smiled at him with a slight blush on her face, she could feel the muscle on Naruto's arm and she was very pleased by it, Itsu smiled at the sight of the love-struck Sakura and the clueless Naruto, because of Itsu's influence Sakura's huge and almost borderline obsessive crush was directed at Naruto instead at Saskue and plus the fact that unlike Saskue Naruto doesn't ignore her only made the crush she has on him increase greatly.

The same was for Ino and Hinata, since Itsu interacted a lot with both of them the crush they had on Itsu was greater than the crush Ino would of had on Saskue or the one Hinata would of had on Naruto. It had gotten to the point where about a year ago Ino and Hinata would sometimes follow Itsu around secretly and Sakura would also follow Naruto around secretly, well they thought it was secret but both Itsu and Naruto knew about it but decided to say nothing, they also regularly liked to watch Itsu and Naruto when they trained inside the village hiding in the bushes and trees.

All four of them walked into the ramen stand with Sakura glued to Naruto's side and Ino and Himata glued to Itsu's side, they all sat down on the seats and Ichiraku and Ayame came out to greet them, "Well if it isn't my two best customers what can I do for you" Ichiraku said with a smile on his face, "I'll have four miso ramen to start with" Naruto announced with a smile, Itsu also ordered miso ramen and Hinata was looking at the menu deciding what to get, Itsu saw the hesitant faces of Ino and Sakura and remembered that in the anime both of them had an unhealthy diet so they could keep their bodies slime to look attractive and Itsu needed to change that unhealthy diet.

"Sakura, Ino you can order as much as you'd like it's on me" Ino looked at Itsu with a slightly sad and worried expression, "But if I eat too much I might gain weight" Itsu shook his head, "With the training that you do in the academy the only way your going to gain any fat is if you eat like Choji and he's basically a black hole for food" Ino giggled a little at that but Sakura still looked a bit hesitant and was about to say something before Naruto soke up, "Yeah and if you don't eat then you can't become strong and no one wants a weak teammate on their squad when they graduate, I hope I get strong teammates, I would love to have someone strong on my team to rely on" Itsu nodded agreeing with him and decided to add the final blow to seal the deal. "Yeah I agree with Naruto and it's not just teammates, both me and Naruto prefer strong woman rather than damsels in distress that always need rescuing"

And that was the final nail in the coffin, both Ino and Sakura immediately dropped all plans about continuing their diet, both immediately ordered food and ate it, Ino was thinking of ways to get stronger and fast 'I should ask dad to train me harder so I can get stronger and win Itsu-kun's heart', Sakura was having a similar though process, her inner self was screaming 'We will train so hard Naruto-Kun will have no choice but to love us' Sakura agreed with her inner self and continued to eat her ramen until she was full. Hinata heard what Itsu said and it only increased her determination to become stronger 'I will become the best kunoichi for Itsu-kun'

Itsu smiled seeing his plan to change the mindset of the two girls was a success and hopefully Ino and Sakura would be stronger than they were in cannon since in cannon Naruto in the beginning they were both practically useless since they spent most of their time dieting and trying to look their best.

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