The Strongest Wingless Gargoyle Chapter 16

Chapter 16 Erogoyle (2)

Hihihi, I dont know why there is an elf in a forest like this, but this is lucky

As soon as we arrive at the village, Ill give you a lot of love

No, we have to do it here

Idiot! Wait a little, we are almost there!

E-eer, that elf is my

I play the weak

In order to create an opening

I have to show how scared I am in my face.

Ah! Why are you still here!? Well let you go so get lost at once

B-But that elf is my slave

Want to be killed?


Its fun, even if its a bit strange, since I usually dont play the weak.

T-Then, could you at least give me those two goblins behind you?


Its just like you see, Ive lost my wings in the last war, so I want slaves

I made a suggestion for the exchange of goblins and elves.

So far, its like planned.

So, what will the werewolves do?

Hey, what will we do?

The werewolves were at loss.

It cant be helped, we have to use the strategy, using Rizes appeal to show her worth to free the goblins.

Hey Rize, no matter what they tell you you have to hold it, okay?

Eh? Eh?

I whispered into Rizes ear.

Its the beginning of the presentation.

P-Please, in fact, this elf is as good as new, a virgin


Rize is startled.

Hey hey, dont move too much.

Forgive me but from now on its improvisation.

Oi! Come closer!

Pulling Rizes arm, I got her close.

I had planned to sell her as a slave when I arrived in the city Fara, so I didnt put my hands on her. I resisted from touching her using my iron will

I-I see

Provocative chest contrary to her innocent face. Beautiful curves capable of captivating any man, I even stopped myself from rubbing her butttocks


Please look more closely at each corner of her body!


I grabbed her from her handcuffs and raised her arms.

Currently she is in a state where both hands are sticked together like after doing banzai.

Now that there is no hand that obstructs the view, the cleavage and even the tight waist can be seen fully from the guys side.

Come on, come closer! Its obvious that you cant see well from there!

I can hear the grinding sound of teeths from somewhere.

But Im sure its definitely a hallucination.

From now on you will enjoy her body as much as you want, right? Im sure that just by looking at this beautiful and soft bowl shaped breast you can infer that its a top-quality article. Look what happens when you try shaking her shoulders! See? Look how her breasts stagger. If you do *** Im sure you will reach heaven. Not only that, you can poke at them and theyll push back, and as for her ass, you can ***, and if you are creative enough you can do things like ***. Im really envy you guys

The werewolves swallowed seeing Rizes body.

Does not it look like something is pumping out from Rizes body?

Maybe she is feeling cold.

It cant be helped, she only has a piece of cloth wrapped around her.

Hold a little more.

Im offering you this elf of the best quality! Im practically at the losing side wanting to exchange her for those two goblins behind you, dont you agree?

Um, about that, none of this will matter once I kill you, you know?

After all its impossible to scare them with a bluff.

If you dont listen to what Im saying Ill be blowing myself up


I will blow myself up and then we will all die together. Not one speck of dust will remain

Dont be bluffing, you hear me, huh!?

Im not joking, its the specialty of a gargoyle to self-detonate

Eh? Werewolves consult with each other about if such skill exist or not.

Though its a outright lie.

Of course its impossible, after all I dont believe I have something like that inside of mine.

I-its not okay? Its really cheap if we can get an elf in exchange for a goblin, isnt that right, guys?

After a while, one of the werewolves swallowed my proposal.

Youve heard it, grab them and go

Yes, its a success.

T-Thank you very much, then if you excuse me

I approached the two goblins and placed them successfully under my protection.

Now the werewolves cant hurt them.

With my body on the line Ill defend them.

Now we can start our counterattack.

Its safe now! You two, go over there so you dont get involved

I speak with the goblins.

Ah, eh


It seems that they are yet unable to believe what has happened.

I came to help you. Rize, everything is alright now! You can do whatever you want to do now!

Hihi, Ill touch her butt

Ah, damn you! Its unfair starting by yourself! We said we would do it once we get to the village

You lost at the janken(Rock Paper Scissors) so dont complain, baggage carrier

Only a touch! It should be fine that much

Then Ill choose her chest

Fufu, ufufufu


Alberto should be already a hundred meters away along with the goblins.

Its enough, its enough, right? Right?

Aaah! You endured it, you endure it well me!! You will remember this Albertooooo!!

Huh? Why the hell this woman shouted?

Isnt because she lost all hope and went crazy?

I went mad? Im a saint If I should say it, because if it werent one, you would have already died! Like this!

Ice Lance



The werewolf who tried to touch her breast fell to the ground with an ice spear penetrating his heart.

As everything was very sudden, none of the werewolves realized what has happened.

Oh my, I got blood on my clothes, I will never dress again this clothes that can not be called clothes, so its okay

Ha, ah, what has happened!

You havent realized yet? Im not something like that Erogoyles slave! This was just a trick just to get back those two goblins

I did as you wanted, you better be prepared for it later!

The things which the gargoyle did, that were not different to sexual harassment, comes to my mind.

Be prepared! Ill avenge the goblins you killed!

Why is there an elf with goblins?

Dont get too cocky, little girl

Though considering my age Im not a little girl.

But how could that gargoyle guess that I have no experience?

The remaining werewolves are now in combat mode.

Here I go!

The magic power that Rize had been hiding is now released, dense magic power spreads all over the place.

The werewolves falter sensing that unbelievable magic power.


Ah, what the heck is that

Although late, the werewolves finally realize the situation in which they fell into.

Water Cutter

Rock Bullet

Wind Cutter

Water, earth and wind level 2 magic are deployed.

In fact, high elves have aptitude for the four magic attributes(Fire Water, Earth and Wind).

Although the magic I have been using are low level ones and it has little destructive power, they are more effective in battles in this kind of places like forest.

Also, if you have magical power comparable to a high elf like me, then low level magic is enough to kill beings like werewolves.

Besides, I cant use large magic in space with many obstacles like a forest.

Although Im not good at close combat, but magic specialized in combat is one of the strong points of my race.

The blade of the water, the blade of the wind, and a large boulder that appeared in front of Rize are shot toward the werewolves.



Two werewolves collapsed on the ground.

Now two remain.

Parallel invocation of three attributes! I-It has to be a lie!

How can be an elf so strong?

Im not an elf, Im a high elf

The surviving werewolves cant hide the astonishment of their faces.

High elf, you said?

W-Why is that a member of such a race is dressing like a sex slave in such clothes and in a place like this!?

S-Sex slave!? Its because you guys made those goblins your slaves!

A large amount of magic power is being deployed.


Hey, its not a joke. Dont leave me behind!!

They understand that they do not have any chance of victory and with just a look between them they start their escape.

I wont let you escape!

Werewolves are a race that excel in agility, but even so, they dont have the means to escape these number of magic attacks.

A werewolf falls when receiving the impact of the magic attack on his back.

Please, forgive me

Oh my, there is still one alive?

That werewolf is barely clinging onto his life.

Its certain that he will die even if you leave him alone.

Im begging you

No, I cant. You have to receive the reward for playing with so many innocent lives until now

At least Ill give you a painless death

Since the battle was over, I took Rin and Asuta with me and joined Rize.

If you lower your line of vision you can see five werewolves corpses.

It seems that you have been able to finish it safely. A happy ending, a happy ending

No, no yet. There is still one man who must die first!

Hmm? As far as I know, there are only five werewolves, right?

What, theres still one hidden? Wh- uoooo! What the hell are you doing!!

I urgently evade the wind cuter that came to my way bending my back backwards.

Youre going to scratch my precious stone skin like that.

Tch, you evaded it. Yes, its you, Alberto!


This sexual harraser gargoyle! Now I know very well what you think of me! It gave me chills to hear such a detailed summary about the body of another person! This hummilation, how could you!

Its not like I touched your precious part either, so it should be okay, dont you agree?

I cant say that because I know what will happen once I do.

I can only apologize for the time being.


You think everything will be okay once you apologize!

Then what do you want?

I didnt expect to be treated as a s-sex slave. Even though I didnt do it with anybody yet

The last thing she said it with a voice like whispering but I think I have understood what she wanted to say somehow.

And I know what a man should say in a moment like this.

Ill take responsibility! Lets get married!

What! Its only losses for me that way!

Y-You dont have to say it like that.

Im a little shocked.

What it is that you say that is wrong with me?

Im a man who has no money, no status, no honor, and has bad looks, but if its love I can give you lots of it.

I could become the strongest sponge/pimp even in the earth.


You two are?

When I was taking Rizes anger seriously,

the two goblins timidly entered the conversation.

Thank you for interrupting the conversation.

I havent forgotten you two.

Sorry, lets leave this behind. Could you use healing magic on them for the time being?

These two were full of injuries all over their bodies.

Sigh~ Rize let out a big sigh.


Yes, I survived this difficult situation.

Fuu~ Close, too close.

Dont be wrong, Ill never forget this grudge

I managed to survive without recieving a fatal wound.

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