The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 112

Chapter 112 Feng Xiupei Is So Perfect She Doesnt Seem Real

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She did have a Spirit Stabilizing Pill on hand, but her Master had given it to her so that she could advance one level. Furthermore, it was a Grade 5 Spirit Stabilizing Pill, and she was confident that it could help her attain the Spiritual Grandmaster level. But now

Feng Tianlan smiled as she looked at Feng Xiupei. "So, did my Second Sister never intend to give me a Spirit Stabilizing Pill, or was there no such pill in the first place?"

"Thats not it"

Feng Tianlan continued smiling and interrupted her response, not giving her a chance to explain. "Ohhhhh. So, if there was no intention of giving me a Spirit Stabilizing Pill, then whatever Feng Xiuyu said about snatching the Feng family treasure cant be true either. In which case, I want to know what it is that you want from me so badly that you would frame me like this and not care about our family ties."

Feng Xiupei had sharp mind. If given a chance, she could turn lies into truth.

"Feng Tianlan" Feng Xiang boldly shouted out. Then, he saw Feng Tianlan give him a warning glare. If he wanted the token, he knew hed better not say anything stupid, so he shut his mouth.

"My Second Sister just came back, and you blame me for not being there to welcome her at the gate. After that, she gave me a Marrow Cleansing Pill in public that was capable of exploding a cinnabar field and ended up killing somebody. So, you quickly labelled me a murderer and sent me to court. After that, you started hinting that Id snatched away the Spirit Stabilizing Pill, which youd meant to give to Feng Xiuyu."

Feng Tianlan narrowed her eyes and looked at Feng Xiupei mockingly. "My Second Sister is really a gentle and kind super genius!"


Feng Tianlan turned away and looked at Feng Xiang. Her lips curled into a beautiful smile. "Father has said before that you are willing to give up kinship for justice. So, now that Doctor Su has already provided evidence to prove that the man was not poisoned to death, you have to look at the bigger picture."

"My dear, dont believe anything she says. She and" Xu Jiayi wanted to say that she was in cahoots with Su Ji, but she was not as stupid as Feng Xiuyu, so she managed to stop herself. She could only glare at Feng Tianlan with hatred in her eyes.

Since when had this girl become so sharp-tongued?

Feng Tianlan laughed then finally said, "Mrs. Tu, I thought that you said that, regardless of the outcome, you were willing to take the rap? So, now that the blame has fallen on my Second Sister, youre not willing anymore? Isnt she your biological daughter? Or, could it be that you didnt mean anything you said, and you were just putting on a show for the public?"

"Feng Tianlan, stop trying to drive a wedge between us!" Xu Jiayi was furious. She had said that to build a better image for herself since, this time, Feng Tianlan seemed doomed. Who knew it would backfire?

Feng Tianlan nodded very seriously. "I get it. You were confident that I would be found guilty, so you said these things to sound like a good stepmother, but it completely backfired. So, when Second Sister was found guilty, you couldnt believe that she, not I, was the killer."

The moment Feng Tianlan finished saying this, the crowd couldnt help but murmur among themselves again.

"There are too many holes in this case. When I think about it harder, it doesnt seem as simple."

"How can Su Ji be in cahoots with Feng Tianlan? Su Ji is the royal familys doctor. If anyone is in cahoots with him, it has to be the rest of the family. The Third Prince is in love with Feng Xiuyu."

"Dont you think that Feng Xiupei is too perfect to be real? Shes pretty, gentle, kind, and generousbut, then again, she could have lied about that Spirit Stabilizing Pill and pretended that she wanted to take the blame."

"Why dont you think about how Feng Xiang managed to obtain his current position. His children cant be any good."


Feng Xiupei quietly watched the hired people struggle to control the crowds clamoring. She lowered her eyes, bit her lips, clenched her fists, and made a decision.

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